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Monte Vista Elementary

1 st grade – Ms. Pryor

LITERACY focus standard MATH focus standard

CCSS: RL1.5 Students will explain the CCSS: Number and Operations in Base Ten
difference between books that tell stories 1.NBT.2 Understand that the two digits of a two-digit
and books that give information. number represent amounts of tens and ones.
Vocabulary: fiction, non-fiction, text features This week we will focus on counting strategies that
Strategy: students will identify the features of include making groups of ten. The tens place is the
fiction and non-fiction texts. number of groups and the ones place is the leftovers (not
in a group of 10).
This week’s focus text is: Bats
by Gail Gibbons

Phonics Focus:
a (sound in ball)
ball, father, talk
consonant digraphs
sh th
shop fish this with
Practice Makes Progress:
 Remember yellow folders every day.
Practice reading for 15 minutes each night, and
Important Information: 
fill-in star chart in back of yellow folder
 Butter Braid pick-up is this Wednesday. (write the date and color a star).
 Remember to send in doctor notes and/or  Practice phonics focus and high frequency words.
written excuses for absences and tardies.  Optional homework page is due Thursday.
 Fall Break is Friday, 10/11 and Monday, 10/14.  Unit 2 words are now in yellow folder. All
There is no school. students were tested on Unit 1 words last week.
 Fall Family Festival is Friday, 10/18. PTO is
selling tickets after school.
 October Scholastic Book order is due 10/28. Habit 2:
 Pink Month Fridays are themed for October.
Begin With the
Monte Vista is collecting quarters for cancer
research. Collection jars are in the library. End in Mind
Have a Plan
Words to Practice:

catch no put
said want good