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Assessment 1


Sim’s Hardware has been facing some serious problems recent years and find out the true
reason is lack of a competitive CEO to guide and lead this company into a right direction. As
far as my opinion, I would like to present me as a new CEO because I believe I have adequate
professional skills and knowledge to lead this company.

Main part

1: To communicate with stakeholders about the organizational mission and goals, objectives,
plans and strategies.

First, as a new CEO, I would like to make a paper works about the organization’s mission, goals,
short-term and medium objectives, plans and strategies. Then, set up a board meeting to
invite stakeholders, if some of them would not to attend the meeting, I will record the meeting
and send it to them. Through the meeting, I will present the mission about the company which
is provide the best quality and attractive price in the Australia market. Meanwhile, we also
make an agreement with our goals and objectives because as all you know, the funds from
our stakeholders, so we need them to support our goals and objectives. The following steps is
to introduce the plans come from our current goals and objectives, such as communication
plan and financial plan, how to allocate our resources when we achieve our objectives. The
last step is to present the strategies.

2: To establish linkage between organizational objectives, values and standards and the
responsibilities of team and individuals

As a new CEO in Sim’s Hard, I understand that the current objectives of this company is to
improve the poor relationship with our customers also set up attractive prices for our current
products, when we determine our future direction, we can fulfil our values when we achieve
our objectives. The most important part when we achieve our objective is to set up a series
standard about our objectives. Therefore, our internal employees must obey these standards
to improve their working performance.

As a CEO, my responsibilities of team and individuals in the following parts.

 Determine the team objectives

 Allocate resources
 Set up monitor system to check their results
 Review the working performance regularly
 Provide a healthy and friendly working environment
 Encourage individuals to speak out their ideas
 Add more training course to individuals.

3: Why do you think it is significant to address the expectations of the stakeholders in the

About this problem, I think I have to express the importance of stakeholders in an organization
first. Stakeholders give our business practical and financial support. A successful relationship
between a business and its stakeholders is built on working together towards common goals.
Furthermore, address the expectations of the stakeholders also bring the financial benefits,
to be more specific, if the stakeholders care about their work and realize this job would bring
profits, they would like to invest more money in our company and believe in our company, so
they would like to support us with long-term business. Engaged stakeholders’ investors will
help you out with working capital and funds for expansion projects.

4: What will be your investigation and communication strategy in case of major incidents?

As a CEO, when I need to investigate incidents because all incidents or near injury occurrence
should be investigated as soon as possible after the event. there are some investigations might
I need to perform, and I will explain it in the below part.

The first type of investigation is Finnish Model of accident investigation. This is a simple
investigation method only takes few hours and the steps about the processes included,
orientating the accident case to understand the details, victim, accident scene, etc. This
method is a practical and easy to use for incident investigation at workplaces even no experts
in this circumstance.

The second type is an advanced technique to investigate how the incident happened, which
name is The AcciMap. To be specific to explain about this method is to make up a cause-
consequence chart to represent what would cause accidents. This method is not focus on to
identify the “guilty person”, it is focus on the identification of people who working in the
company that can make decisions resulting these accidents, then, according to the
investigation result to improve risk management.

Communication Strategy

When I deal with a major incident, I think the priority is not to blame someone. The first thing
I need to do is to find out the cause. Therefore, I should host a meeting to collect the
information about this incident, then, communicate with everyone in privately to understand
how this happened.

5: How you would build and support your terms in the organization?

As a CEO, my role like a coach. A successful team leader needs a playbook. If you want to
improve the performance in your team or when you are leading a new team, the following
tips will help you to build and support a team.

To build a team

 Build trust among team members

Trust is one of most important fundamental bricks when you are building a team.
Team members will share their ideas and speak out their truly suggestions in trusty
 Emphasize common values and interests
A greater team leader will find ways to identify the same goals and need to explain to
your group member why cooperation is necessary. Meanwhile, encouraging team
members to share information and ideas to accelerate the progresses of the
To supporting teams

 Review working frequently

Set up regular team meeting to understand your team performance.
 Communicating Accountability
Make it easy for your team member when you delegate accountability to them.
Tell the team member they are accountable. Then tell the people they are
working with.
6: How will you develop and demonstrate the understanding of ever changing
environment in terms of technological advancement and globalization?
With the society and science development, humans have developed tools and
technology to assist in the pursuit of our goals. When we are doing business, the
advanced technologies also help us to improve the working performance such as long-
distance training course via computers or other electronic devices. As a CEO, my
priority thing is to introduce these kinds of tools into our company to let our staff know,
understand and learn how to operate with them to improve the efficient of works.
Globalization is the word used to describe the growing interdependence of the world’s
economies, cultures and populations, brought about by cross-border trade in goods,
services, technology, and flows of investment, people, and information. [1]
As a CEO, because we need to demonstrate the globalization in our company, so, we
need to set up relevant conference about globalization to our employees. Meanwhile,
we also can cooperate with some other foreign companies to into foreign market. The
best option is to cooperate with foreign companies to establish Joint Venture.
7: How you would support work teams through organizational change?
Through the organization change, the following steps can be used to support work

 Determine the change objectives

The priority thing to support our work teams is to make them understand the
objectives of organization change. Then, due to have a clearly thought about
organization change. They can adjust their strategies to suit for the
organization change
 Allocate resources wisely
Due to the organization change, therefore, we also consider about re-allocate
resources. During the changing process, the demand in some work teams are
increased to fulfil their needs. As a good CEO, I have to understand it and
allocate resources wisely.
 Set up more training course to team members to suit for the organization
Due to the organization change, so, some employees maybe feel they lack
professional skills and knowledge about the change. Therefore, set up training
courses are necessary and important.

8: As a positive role model, what steps will you take to portray a positive image of the
organization in media and community?

1: Get off the traditional leadership and walk into a community

It is important to understand that cooperation is key part in an effective leading, as a

positive role model, I must to respect our colleagues and their values. It is the
foundational in positive community leadership.
9: How you would demonstrate personal and professional competence?

10: Explain your strengths and capabilities by addressing the following points:

a. Your ability to build trust, confidence and respect

b. Your ability to positively role model behaviours such as, effective
communication and consultation
c. Your ability to be flexible and adaptable
d. Your ability to ensure consultation and participation in decision making in line
with risks management plans
e. Your ability to ensure decision making takes into account needs and
expectations of both internal and external groups
f. Your ability to empower the team and individuals
g. Your ability to create and maintain a positive work environment
h. Your ability to encourage teams and individuals to develop innovative
i. Your ability to model ethical conduct and encourage others to behave ethically
j. You ability to use appropriate interpersonal and leadership style
k. Your ability to embrace, resource and effectively implement improvements to
organizational and work culture