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A. Describe the 19th Century Philippines as represented in the film.

tradition, way of living/life, and the like]
-Philippines as shown in the film are decent, if you had a connection with the Spaniards
or of you are a part of a family of a Spaniards you are considered rich, as well as being
a servant of the church.

Convicted persons or prisoners are being taken to a parade and some are murdered
publicly, also the way of transportation are done by horses or “Kalesa”.

The way of entertainments are done by Theatres or “theatro” which is a drama done on
stage and some are done by singing similar to opera.

The language that are used during that time are mostly Spanish and some tagalogs are
very deep to understand
Trade are also done oversees, Philippines loves to trade to other countries such as food
and other consumables and materials.
Foods are also Spanish inspired during the day because most of the food during that
time are done by Spanish
Courting during that time is very interesting too, unlike today almost no courting is
happening like asking permissions to the parents of the female and doing chores for the
family of the one you are courting, some are still being done today yet, very rare to see
nowadays .
Schools are being done in the churches so the church can teach the child limited
knowledge, and punishment to the students back in the time are allowed.

B. Base on your reading and class discussion that we had, what can you say
about the film’s representation of the 19th century? Explain further.

Very accurate, they really studied the quality and the original way of living in the
Philippines during the 19th century, also the way of speaking, the dialects are very
accurate, they also portrayed the way of executing prisoners and imprisoning innocent
people without trial which is very common that time, because without money you have
no power at that time.

C. What is the main question that the film seeks to answer? What is your own
reflection based on the film and your understanding? Please elaborate by
giving evidence/es
In my own opinion, I think it show us how some things are better and bad before
than today, living during those times are very peaceful, assuming that there is no
war happening, also the culture and traditions are being used unlike today, we
are copying other countries traditions. Also some bad things during that time are
now fixed today, number one is the justice system, yet justice system today are
still corrupt, yet, we are now studying the cases better now , preventing innocent
people being thrown into jails and we have now eliminated the executions