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AWB No. L.PH.COM.CC.09.2019.


Bepanthen Sensidaily

What is Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer?

The unique Derma Defense formula of Bepanthen SensiDaily moisturizer brings a new dimension in
sensitive skin protection. It contains a prebiotic which has been shown to stimulate the natural skin
microflora that forms part of your skin’s natural protection. It also contains glycerin and natural lipids
which help provide long-lasting moisturization. Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer also contains pro-
vitamin B5 (panthenol) that supports the skin regeneration and vitamin B3 which helps support long
term production of lamellar lipids.

Who should use Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer?

Bepanthen SensiDaily moisturizer is intended for those who have extra-dry skin and those who need
comprehensive skin barrier protection. It is clinically tested and suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone

Is Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer suitable for infants/children? Can it be used on

pregnant/lactating women?

Bepanthen SensiDaily is suitable for infants and children. It may also be used on pregnant and lactating

What are the skin barrier defense mechanisms?

Our skin is a very effective protective structure which comprises different protective layers. The first
line of defense for the skin is the skin’s microflora (bacteria) which stays on the very surface of the skin
and prevents unfriendly bacteria from colonizing and proliferating. The second line of defense is the
horny layer, also called skin barrier, whose role is to prevent the skin from drying out.

How does Bepanthen SensiDaily moisturizer improve skin barrier defense?

Thanks to its unique formula Bepanthen Sensidaily moisturizer helps your skin stay protected and
healthy in four ways.

1. It contains a prebiotic shown to support a healthy microflora that forms part of your skin’s
natural protection
2. Natural oils, vitamin B3 and panthenol in the formula has been shown to support the natural
skin barrier for long lasting protection
3. Lipid Lamellar Technology (LLT) helps provide lipids (e.g. ceramides) in lamellas similar to
naturally occurring lipids on our skin.
4. Physiologic humectants help provide long-lasting moisturization; they allow an efficient support
to the natural protective skin for a longer period without peaks of extreme skin dryness.

What precautions should be taken?

AWB No. L.PH.COM.CC.09.2019.0608

Bepanthen SensiDaily is hypoallergenic and has been tested to be suitable for babies with eczema-prone
skin. Do not use if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to any of the ingredients in the product. At first signs
of irritation, please discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Bepanthen SensiDaily contains seabuckthorn fruit extract that gives the product its yellowish color. The
natural properties in the extract may cause the color to fade over time. This does not alter the quality of
the finished product. The product is safe to use until the indicated expiry date stamped on the packaging
an when stored under recommended conditions.

For external use only. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

How do I store SensiDaily?

Please keep out of reach of children. Do not store above 25 C°.

How often should I apply Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer

Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer should be applied twice daily or as needed

Is this safe to use when I am experiencing eczema flare-ups?

Sensidaily is recommended to be used between flare ups of eczema and for care of non-lesional dry

Is this safe to use with other medications like topical steroids?

It may be used with other treatments like topical steroids.

Can it be used on the face?

Sensidaily may be used on the face.

Can Bepanthen help heal/moisturize scar tissue? Stretch marks?

Sensidaily is not indicated for the treatment of stretch marks or scar tissue.
AWB No. L.PH.COM.CC.09.2019.0608

Can I use Bepanthen SensiDaily as moisturizer even if I don’t suffer from dry skin or have been
diagnosed with eczema?

Bepanthen Sensidaily Moisturizer is a daily moisturizing cream that is specially-formulated for extra dry,
sensitive, and eczema-prone skin/or

Can you use Bepanthen on broken skin?

Bepanthen is not recommended for use on broken skin.

Does prebiotic have a function in addressing the recurrence of eczema or flare-ups?

Prebiotic encourages growth of beneficial microorganisms. The prebiotic in SensiDaily is Alpha-Glucan

oligosaccharide which stimulates growth of good bacteria on the skin and decreases the growth of
microrgansims that potentially trigger flare ups.

What is the significant advantage or beneficial effect of Bepanthen versus competitive brands?

Bepanthen Sensidaily helps keep skin flare free for at least 3 months. It has lamellar lipids, vitamin B3,
isostearyl isosterate and prebiotic. These ingredients actively help strengthen the skin barrier, help skin
make and densify new lipids and support the growth of healthy skin flora.

Can Bepanthen SensiDaily be used together with Elica? If yes, how many minutes should be the gap of
applying a corticosteroid and moisturizer?

Elica may be used on lesional skin while SensiDaily may be used on non-lesional skin.

Can Bepanthen also keep psoriasis patients flare-up free for 3 months

The article (Stettler H et al. A new topical panthenol-containing emollient for maintenance treatment of
atopic dermatitis: results from a multicenter prospective study. J Dermatological Treatment 2017) is
limited to the treatment of atopic dermatitis or eczema. There have been no studies for psoriasis.

What is the difference of Sensiderm vs Sensidaily?

AWB No. L.PH.COM.CC.09.2019.0608

What Is the role of Dexpanthenol in the formulations?

Dexpanthenol acts as a humectant (pure physical mode of action). Along with the lipid lamellar
technology it repairs/helps maintain the skin barrier. This indirectly leads to an improvement of the anti-
inflammatory stage.

Can a person without eczema use Sensidaily as moisturizer?

A person without eczema but with dry, sensitive skin may benefit from SensiDaily.