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INTR 1020 Final Reflection Prompts

1. You began this course by exploring your future career and creating a Weebly page that

described the qualifications and skills necessary to be successful in that career. In 3-5, well written sentences tell us what career you chose and why you want to follow this

path. What is your motivation?

are you considering and why do you think this is a better match?

If your choice no longer attracts you, what alternative


I chose Zoology or Biology (aka Biology of Animals) because of my love for

animals. My motivation for this major is to help animals and to educate others about them. I am also interested in vet tech schooling here at UC Blue Ash, so I will be looking into that as well.

2. In the second week you brought a set of notes to class and reviewed them with a

partner. Afterwards you revised them to make them more useful for learning. In 3-5, well written sentences describe what changes you made to your notes and explain why you found this helpful.

I changed my notes by adding definitions of words I didn’t know the meaning.

I also went back through the article and add anything important that I missed. This will help me in future classes throughout my college career.


3. In week 3 you came up with a degree plan. In 3-5, well written sentences describe what you hope to achieve at UCBA and what plan to do after UCBA.

I hope to achieve an associate in Biological Sciences while I am here at UCBA. I then hope to transfer to main campus to acquire a bachelor or master’s degree at UC main campus. I hope to do so using the 4+1 program.


4. In the fourth week you started doing research on your chemical substance. In 3-5, well written sentences describe your compound and what you found out about it.


I had Nicotine, which is a very common chemical compound. It is most known

for being found in cigarettes and giving them their addictive property. It can

be poisoning in large quantities and is highly addictive.

5. In week 5, using Bloom’s Taxonomy levels as a guide, you wrote questions about the chapter you had read in the Poisoner’s Handbook. Share with us your two best questions and in 3-5, well written sentences say why you picked them.

a. Explain what was going on during the time period of the chapter.

b. Analyze how the government was involved in the outbreak of CH 3 OH. c. I chose these two questions because they show if the reader actually read the chapter. Asking about the time period further solidifies their understanding of what was going on. The government involvement was a big issue in chapter 7 so, asking for specifics is a good way to know the readers understanding of the chapter.

5. In week 6 you did an assessment of an exam and reviewed how you had prepared for it. In 3-5, well written sentences describe three study strategies you used that worked well and tell us why they worked well, or describe three study strategies that you are going to try for the next exam and tell us why you think they might help you prepare.

a. Non-Applicable

6. Threaded through the whole course has been the Poisoner’s Handbook. In 3-5, well written sentences tell us what you enjoyed most about your chapter. What made the case particularly interesting?

a. I enjoyed chapter 7 because it was about the Prohibition. I have always been interested in the prohibition, but never knew about the government involvement in poisoning the alcohol. I found it very weird that they were so involved in the outbreak of Methyl Alcohol.

7. Another piece of the course was creating an e-portfolio (Weebly) that allowed you to build a professional online image as a UCBA student. In 3-5 well written sentences tell us what pages you found particularly useful and why.

a. I like the my degree plan page because it gave me a bird’s eye view of what the next 2-4 years look like for me school wise. I like the my calendar page because it helped me to organize my tests and quizzes for the semester. I also like the study resources page because it introduced me to new resources at UCBA.

8. And finally, in 5-8 well written sentences tell us what things you really enjoyed in the course and why. What things should we definitely keep in for next semester?

a. In this course I enjoyed the speakers that came to visit. They were very informative and taught me about thing regard UC that I didn’t know beforehand. I like the snacks during class. It was very kind of the Professors to provide a little pick-me-up for the day. I liked the daily questions to get to know people around me. I like the opportunity to get to know people in my field as a science major.

Type your answers into the above document, save as a PDF and then upload as a Scribd Document.