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Metasploit 4.5.0-dev.

15713 Cheat Sheet

by TerrorByte (huntereight) via

Database Commands Meterpreter Core and File System Meterpreter System Commands

Connect db_connect Background the Current background Clear the Event Log clearev
Disconnect db_disconnect Relinquishes Any Active Impers drop_token
Kill a Background Meterpreter bgkill onation Token
Export Database db_export
Script Execute a Command execute
Import Scan Result db_import
Displays Info About Active channel Get the Current Process Identifier getpid
Status of Database db_status
Display Hosts hosts Attempt to Enable All Privileges getprivs
Close a Channel close
Available to the Current Process
Display Loot loot
Disables Encoding of Unicode disable_unicode Get the User that the Server is getuid
Display Notes notes Strings _encoding
Running as
Display Services services Enable Encoding of Unicode enable_unicode_
Terminate a Process kill
Display Vulnerabilities vulns Strings encoding
List Running Processes ps
Switch Between Workspaces workspace Exit Meterpreter Shell exit
Reboots the Remote Computer reboot
NMAP Scan into Database db_nmap Display Help help
Interact with the Remote Registry reg
Display Info About Active Post info
Calls RevertToSelf() on the Remote rev2self
Core Commands Module
Display Help ? or help Interact with a Channel interact
Drop into a System Command Shell shell
Go Back back Drop into irb Scripting Mode irb
Shuts Down the Remote Computer shutdown
Change Directory cd Load One or More Meterpreter load
Attempt to Steal an Impersonation steal_
Toggle Color color Token from the Process token
Migrate the Server to Another migrate
Communicate with a Host connect Gets Information About the Remote sysinfo
Exit Metasploit exit System
Terminate the Meterpreter quit
Display Info of Module info Sessions
Meterpreter Priv Commands
Go into irb irb Reads Data from a Channel read
List Webcams webcam
Display and Manage Jobs jobs Run the Commands Stored in a resource
Stop a Job kill File
Take a Snapshot from the Specified webcam
Load a Plugin load Executes a Meterpreter Script run
Webcam _snap
or Post Module
Load a Plugin from Path loadpath Attempt to Elevate your Priviledge to getsystem
Write Data to a Channel write
Print Commands Entered to a Path makerc that of Local System
Read the Contents of a File to cat
Set Previous Module as Current Module previous Dumps the Contents of the SAM hashdump
the Screen
Pops the Latest Module Off of the Module popm
Change Directory cd
Stack and Makes it Active Manipulate MACE Attributes timestomp
Download File to Your download
Pushes the Active or List of Modules pushm
onto the Module Stack
Edit a File edit
Quit the Console quit
Print Local Working Directory getlwd
Run Commands Stored in a File resource
Print Working Directory getwd
Route Traffic Through a Connection route
Change Local Working Direct lcd
Save Datastores save
Search for Modules search
Print Local Working Directory lpwd
Dump Session Listings and Display sessions
List Files ls
Information about Sessions
Make Directory mkdir
Set Variable of a Module set
Print Working Directory pwd
Set a Global Variable setg
Delete the Specified File rm
Display Modules of a Type, or All show
Modules Remove Directory rmdir

Do Nothing for X Seconds sleep Search for Files search

Write All Output to a Files spool Upload File to Target upload

Manipulate Threads threads

Meterpreter User Interface Commands
Unload a Plugin unload
List All Accessible Desktops and enumde
Unset a Variable unset
Window Stations sktops
Unset a Global Variable unsetg
Get the Current Meterpreter Desktop getdesktop
Use a Module (by Name) use
Display the Amount of Time the User idletime
Show Metasploit Info version
has been Idle
Start Capturing Keystrokes keysca

Stop Capturing Keystrokes keysca


Dump the Keystroke Buffer keysca


Screenshot of the GUI screenshot

Change the Meterpreters Current setdesktop


Control Some of the User Interface uictl


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