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Summary DDDMII Jesenia Siller Data Driven Decision Making II


South Texas College



In this course “Data Driven Decision Making II” I learned about making predictions for an

organization with acquired data information. The data information consist of using statistics for an

organization to predict how well a business can succeed. First and foremost, a company needs to

have hard facts and data to back up their decisions and not rely solely on their observations.

Moreover, data driven decision making will help a company grow for example, companies can

accomplish growth in sales as well as new opportunities for the company and its employees. In

order for decision making to be successful the data, graphs, and measures need to be readable so

that everyone involved can process the information correctly. Data can provide valuable

information for organizations to improve services and sales.

There are several ways to collect the facts needed for decision making in reference to

companies that use information reports such as scorecards, tables, recorded interviews, surveys,

and questionnaires. Furthermore, a troubling factor for companies today is that the reason they

have trouble successfully growing is because there is competition in the business world for

example internet promotions and businesses having holiday sales. In addition, organizations are

applying this data information for strategic advantage and future predictions for the business.

Organizations tend to have their data well organized to understand operations and challenges to

help in achieving their decision making. It is important to have accurate data so an organization

will have a clear mind set in decision making.

In conclusion, statistical data provides an organization with a clear view to predict the

business success in the future. Companies use information reports to provide results and evidence

to move in the right direction with decision making. Statistical tools helps a organization with

achieving their goals and finding results and changes of the business over a period of time. The

main point for data driven decision making is that organizations need to collect data so a business



can grow and foresee future income. Data decision making is the way for organizations to have an

easier and cost efficient way to manage their businesses. These statistical tools that organizations

use should be a priority for the growth of the company.