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Name of Restaurant: DRIP TEA

Names: Lyka France B. Cepe

Allysa (middle initial) Mendoza

Section: AC14


The food establishment for this critique paper is the Drip Tea located at Ateneo Avenue,
Naga City. It was started last 3rd of September, 2019 owned by (insert the name of the owner). It
offers variety flavors of milk tea that customers can enjoy with a good ambiance on it. It can be
classified as a Service Type of Business.


This critique paper focuses on two main objectives; to evaluate the strengths of the food
establishment and to identify the weaknesses that they have in different parts. It is to critique the
over-all factors of the food establishment to help the owner in some ways. The first method was
to gather the data that is needed by interviewing the manager/owner of the business. The
interview questions were prepared and visited the location of the food establishment. Also, the
food tasting was conducted to know the taste and food presentation that the chosen food
establishment offers.



A milk tea is a very well-known beverage and it is part of some Filipinos to
consume and patronize this product. The taste is good just like the milk tea that
the consumers are used to. It has different flavors to give the customer preferences
of what they want in drinking milk tea. But unlike to some bigger establishments
producing this kind of product, they don’t have an option for the level of sugar
you want to have. The sugar added is constant to all different flavors so some
diabetic people will not able to buy their product. In addition, one factor that
makes milk tea more delicious is the level of sugar you preferred. It is presented
by placing it on a cup with proper seal with a straw for convenience on drinking
with it using one hand.
Since it is located at Ateneo Avenue where many food restaurants and
establishments are also operating their business in that area, the competition is
very high. And most of the customers are students so they have different
preferences in choosing where they want. Their location is not that spacious and
they can’t occupy many customers. It may result as their weakness because they
are not able to consider the large group of friends that would want to drink milk
tea at their place. When it comes to the ambiance of the place, it is comfortable
for the place is not hot. They have electric fans to keep the place cool that makes
them unique. The decorations are catchy because it is well-decorated with good


It was not that spacious so they don’t hire many people for its everyday
operations. It was not a problem because they provide good service and they
serve customers well. They treat their customers having smile on their face and
respectful tone when getting the order. The success of any business depends on
the way it treats its customer. A great customer experience is invaluable,
customers will appreciate it and they will share their great customer experience.



When it comes to the cleanliness and safety of the product, the manager is very
strict. They are able to give a certification that proves that the place they are
working is safe. The ingredients are properly labeled to make sure that it is fresh
and they actually throw if it is not for the day of consumption only. Also, the
water used is mineral water in making tea for safety purposes.

It is recommendable for customers to patronize this kind of food establishment because it

offers quality milk tea and service. The price is affordable and you can guarantee the cleanliness
of the product.

CONCLUSION (around 10% of the paper)

-overall impression

-general comments on the place, food and service

-recommendation or suggestion

REFERENCES (dapat naka APA)


(Photos of the ocular visit, food tasting, and interview with the food management) ( 4 pictures
lang po- yung tayong apat, picture habang nag-iinterview, tas yung food tasting tas menu) (yung
tama lang yung size)

List of Interview Questions (insert the transcript of answers of the interviewee/s)

(padagdag na ditto yung mga dinagdag na tanong kanina)

1. Who is the owner/s of the business?

2. When did the food establishment start to operate?
3. What are the strengths of the business?
4. What are the weaknesses of the business?
5. Did you observe the good service to the customers?
6. Where did you base the price/ value of the food you offer?
7. Why did you use that kind of decorations for the food establishment?
8. What are the ways that you follow to maintain the food safety and
9. Did you maintain the cleanliness of the food establishment every day?

(a brief narrative of your visit and critiquing- 1 to 2 paragraphs only)