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Mezzanine by Massive Attack, 1998 - Mezzanine is, without a doubt, the

quintessential triphop album. This is what brought the genre to prominence. Simply
put, Mezzanine is trip into sound bliss. The whole thing feels like your brain is being
massaged, caressed by the marvelous sounds put forth.
2. Dummy by Portishead, 1994 - 'Dummy' saw a change in triphop. Being one of the
founding bands, Portishead helped to pioneer the sound, using many sharp and flat
notes to create a sort of unease throughout their tracks, notably "Sour Times" and
"Wandering Star"-but don't let that discourage you, as this album is a masterpiece.
It's perfect for walking around at night during the rain.
3. Endtroducing... by DJ Shadow, 1996 - Fun fact: this album is composed almost
entirely of samples. It has a sort of scattered feel to it that ends up coming together
into a wonderfully varied set of tunes that you won't stop listening to. Much like the
other 90's triphop, it's more downtempo, but don't let that get to you-it'll blow your
4. Blue Lines by Massive Attack, 1991 - 'Blue Lines' is the first album from Massive
Attack, essentially creating triphop. Songs like "Safe From Harm" and "Unfinished
Symphony" will go down as some of the finest music triphop has to offer. It's a little
more downtempo/lo-fi than many other albums on here, as the band was
incorporating more rapping than many subsequent albums in the genre.
5. Soon It Will Be Cold Enough by Emancipator, 2009 - Emancipator's first release
embodies the chilled out vibes of winter, drawing you into a cold evening, with
temperatures freezing outside while you somehow stay warm. There's a certain
loneliness in the tracks, felt especially in the haunting vocals on "When I Go".
6. Modal Soul by Nujabes, 2005 - This album has always been a great moving around
album. Nujabes provides a backdrop for the rhymes of various rappers and vocal
samples, perfect for walking around in a downtown core. The beats and the rhymes
provide a wonderful tempo that induces leg tapping and head bobbing.
7. In A Space Outta Sound by Nightmares On Wax, 2006 - This is the most complete run
through that I could find online, missing a couple key tracks, namely the opening
song "Passion". There is a huge difference in each song on this album, lending an
eclectic but nonetheless cohesive feel. It's a great walking around town album, yet
also perfect for relaxing in the sun. The energy from songs like "Flip Ya Lid" entices
you to move.
8. Simple Things by Zero 7, 2001 - Again, another incomplete track listing, but it has the
essential tracks like "In The Waiting Line" and "I Have Seen", along with many other
enjoyable songs. This is a smooth album, easy to listen to anytime to chill out to, or
study, or any number of things. It's incredibly versatile.
9. Maxinquaye by Tricky, 1995 - Tricky was a founding member of Massive Attack, but
he left during the recording of 'Mezzanine', as he didn't like the artistic direction being
taken. What we got is an album named after his mother, with vocals by his then-
girlfriend Marina Topley Bird. It's got a deeper, more dark feel that we get in both
'Mezzanine' and 'Dummy, but it's definitely a worthy album in its own right.
In terms of votes, two albums tied for 10th place...
10a. Mickey Mouse Operation by Little People, 2006 - A journey into chill-dom, Little People
manages to amaze with 'Mickey Mouse Operation'. It's a polished piece, feeling clean and
smooth, allowing me to sigh with happiness and relax everytime I listen. Another
wonderfully versatile album.
10b. Black Sands by Bonobo, 2010 - As it happens, this is yet another playlist missing
videos, which is inescapable, it seems. It still contains all the tracks with Andreya Triana,
which add a whole new level of depth to this album not seen in some of his past works.
Great music for crusing around at night.