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\pplicant Admission Letter


Registrar's Office
University Post Office
Cape Coast, Ghana
Tel : +233-3321-32480/3 ext 247 or 251
Fax:+233-3321 -32484

Date: Jt.dy 31, 2018

To: MR. NICHOLAS SAAH 20182ro70
ABLEKUMA ACCRA Admi.5sm Number:
Reference runber: CCEDP 1807183 -

Dear Mr. Saah.


I. We write to offer you adnmsion to the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to pursue a 3-YFAR DWLOMA IN EDUCATIONAL
PSYCHOLOGY· DISTANCE programme by distance learning starting from the 2018/20 I 9 academic year. You shall start.ffom level 100.

2. Admission is granted for a specific year only and a successful candidate who fails to enroll that year or withdraws from the programme
without prior approval of the Provost of the College of Distance Education (CoDE), UCC, forfeits his/her admission. Such a-candidate will
be required to purchase and complete a set of fresh application forms if he/she wishes to apply for admi5sion in a subsequent year.

3. You are required to make full payment of a non-refundable amount of Two lbousand Two Hundred and Eighty Ghana Cem
(GH¢2,280.00) before 14th Septembei; 2018, if you accept this offer of admission. The College reserves the right to revise the fees
anytime without notice. Payment should be made either to the CoDE Freshers' Account Number 3021130003052 using the
SMARTPAY at any networl<ed branch of GCB Bank or CoDE Freshers' Account Number 3011010052299101 using the
TRANSFLOW at any networl<ed branch of ADB Bank Please ensure that your name and admission number as they appear on your
admission letter are written on the bank pay-in-slip. Freshers who pay their fees into any other account or bank other than the ones
specified above will not be registered for the programme. You will be replaced with those on the waiting list if you fail to pay the full fees
on or before 14th Septembei; 2018.

4. AU students are considered to be on probation for the full duration of the programme and may be dismissed at any time for misconduct.
You will be required to adhere to ALL university regulations as contained in the Students' Handbook. If it is discovered later that you do
not in actual fact possess the qualification by virtue of which you were offered admission to the programme of study, you will be
withdrawn immediately. You will also be held ~nally responsible for any false statement or omission made by you at the time of your

5. Orientation, supply of materials and registration of new students admitted to the above programme would be held on 6th Octobe,; 2018 at
all study centres. AU fresh students are required to report to the study centre of their choice by 8:00am on the above date for the
registration exercise. AU new students are required to submit the duplicate copy of the fee pay-in-slip to the registration offICials at the study
centre. Applicants are also advised to make copies of the pay-in-slip for their records.

6. You have been assigned to KWAME NKRUMAH HALL as a non-resident student

7. Your name and admission number, as indicated above, should be quoted any time you complete any official docwnent with the College
in respect of this admission.

Please accept our congratulations.

Yours sincerely,

~ ,- 'e

1 of I 9/ 14/2018 6:29

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