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Top Big Data Analytics Companies in India

List of Big Data Companies India | Top Big Data Analytics Solutions

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1. Diceus
$25 - $49/hr
Enterprise Software Development Company
8 Reviews 50 - 249

Diceus is a global technology partner for high-tech innovations
and market-leading products. Established in 2011, Mumbai, India
Diceus operates across multiple o ces with the
development centers in the USA, Europe and Asia. Being not only
a technical team but also a strong and reliable business partner,
we deliver enterprise-grade solutions to world-class brands and
large enterprises. Our team of business analysts and developers
works proactivel ... Read more

“Reliable, prof essional and simply great at what they do”

Dean T hornton, Business Development Manager at USEO - United
Search Engine Optimization
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2. SumatoSoft
$25 - $49/hr
Custom Software Development Company
3 Reviews 50 - 249

SumatoSoft is a web, mobile and Internet of T hings company
specializing in development of challenging and complex projects. Mumbai, India
Since 2012, we’ve delivered compelling solutions for such
companies as Toyota, Evolv, Nectarin, Dragon
Sourcing, Boxforward and others. We o er full cycle software
development, starting from raw ideas analysis and web design
and resulting in end-to-end business systems fully adjusted t ...
Read more

“Long term partnership to build sof tware platf orm”

Damian Gevertz, Owner at

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3. XenonStack
$25 - $49/hr
Product Engineering and Digital Transformation
0 Review 50 - 249

A Product Engineering and Technology Services company
provides Digital enterprise services and solutions with DevOps , India
Big Data Engineering , Data Analytics , Cloud Migration
,Machine learning and Data Science Xenonstack provides Cloud
Consulting , Cloud Migration with AWS ,Google Cloud and Azure
Cloud Competency   

"Be the rst one to review XenonStack"

HoC Solutions is a USA-based blockchain development company

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< $25/hr
4. HoC Solutions
10 - 49
360° Solutions of Blockchain Business Initiatives
4 Reviews 2017

Bengaluru, India
with a solid background of developing innovative and result-
oriented software applications and mobile apps. We primarily
focus on helping businesses turn their dreams and imagination
into a pro table reality by drawing up a feasible blockchain
project development plan, presenting a realistic budget and then
doing our best to stick with the timeframe while delivering the
best possible bl ... Read more

“Commendable work”
Senthil Balasundaram, System Programmer at Saudi Business Machines

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5. Aegis Soft Tech

$25 - $49/hr
Software Development Expert
1 Review 50 - 249

Aegis Softtech, since 2003, provides information technology,
o shore consulting, mobile solutions and outsourcing India
development services to increase organizations productivity with
lower operational costs. We are exible in approach and works in
a encouraging environment with creative thinking. Our IT team of
professionals has upgraded skills and methodologies who have
been rendering excellence across 200+ complex projects. We
provides cost ef ... Read more

“Best in prof essionalism, know their craf t”

Manish Bhoraniya, Senior ASP.NET MVC Developer at Aegis Sof tware
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6. Octal IT Solution
< $25/hr
Technology. Outsourcing. Simpli ed
23 Reviews • 5 Video Reviews 50 - 249

Octal IT Solution is a global IT service provider having a strong
presence in UK, USA, Singapore and India. T he company has the Jaipur, India
reputation of delivering niche solutions in the areas of web and
mobile app development. Octal has repeatedly prescribed quality
as its virtue. With the ISO 9001:2008 certi cation and strict
discipline towards the prominent quality standards, the company
has produced awless results since last decade. In its histo ...
Read more

“Octal IT Solutions Delivers GroEngine, Inc's Breakthrough

Enterprise Sof tware”
Shane Nazworth, Business Analyst III/ Continuous Improvement
Consultant at Iconma LLC

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7. T he NineHertz
< $25/hr
Delivering Smart Mobile Solutions
16 Reviews • 4 Video Reviews 50 - 249

T he NineHertz is a mobile application development, web
development & web design company established in 2008. Since Jaipur, India
its beginning T he NineHertz has been delivering the best suited
solutions at a competitive cost across the world. We have a team
of 50+ full-time professionals, including project managers,
developers (mobile app, web design, development) & QA
experts. T he NineHertz has produced superlative results for the
clients in past 8 ... Read more

“App Development f or IOS”

Flavio Soriano, Co Founder at T he Case Interview Academy

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8. Prismetric
< $25/hr
Delivering Quality Products and Premium Services
8 Reviews • 3 Video Reviews 50 - 249

Prismetric is an ISO 9001:2015 Certi ed Mobile App
Development Company having a development center in India India
with o ces in USA & Saudi Arabia that o er exceptional
applications development for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
along with other web services to provide end-to-end solutions.
We have a strength of over 90+ highly skilled and competent
mobile app developers and designers working with a sole mindset
of customer satisfaction. S ... Read more

“They met all the promised deadlines and delivered exact

Jason Holman, Co-Founder at LetGo Group Limited
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9. WebClues Infotech
$25 - $49/hr
Your Vision, Our Creation
8 Reviews • 1 Video Review 50 - 249

WebClues InfoTech is a one-stop IT solutions provider that
specializes in creating wonderful websites and applications for India
various industries. Our team of brilliant individuals combines
years of experience with an eye for beautiful designs to create
robust, user-friendly websites and mobile applications that help
businesses attract customers.  We've served many clients across
the globe including enterprises.  Some of our key ente ... Read

“Extremely lucky to nd them as our developing partner”

George Sernack, at

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10. eLuminous Technologies Pvt Ltd

< $25/hr
Empowering Ideas Globally
6 Reviews 50 - 249

eLuminous Technologies Pvt Ltd. company is o ering state-of-
the-art Business Intelligence, Web Development, Web Design, Nashik, India
Front End Development and Mobile Apps Development Services
has 16 years of experience in o ering personalized solutions to
clients across the globe. We are con dent about our services
which are the combination of pro cient approach, startling
performance, reliable management system and excellence in
service delivery with int ... Read more
“eLuminous has done wonderf ul work f or us-We highly
recommend then”
Jane Mark, President Sokule, Inc at Sokule Inc

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11. Bacancy Technology

$25 - $49/hr
Full Stack Agile & Lean Development Partner
5 Reviews • 2 Video Reviews 50 - 249

Bacancy work with people and organizations who have ambitious
missions - whether they are in the commercial, social or India
government sectors. We set up smart teams who love challenges
and think disruptively to help our clients succeed. We are focused
on helping our industry improve, and believe in sharing what we
learn. We do this by writing books, blogging, running events,
talking at conferences, and championing open source. We are
strong believers ... Read more

“Collaborating with Bacancy is very f ruitf ul experience”

Bryan Ashbaugh, at

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< $25/hr
5 Reviews 10 - 49

We are an award-winning, 360 degree creative marketing agency
located in Bangalore, helping businesses make their products, Bengaluru, India
services, and marketing communication easier, more e ective
and more enjoyable for everyone.   We are in the course of
helping brands become more relevant to 21st century consumers;
relentlessly relevant. We do it by moving beyond the traditional
marketing model, staying at the forefront of culture, and creatin
... Read more

“Amazing company ”
JEF Techno Solutions, Manager at Self -employed

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13. Dew Solutions Pvt Ltd

< $25/hr
Making IT Happen
5 Reviews 250 - 999

Dew Solutions is an IT Services company specialising in Mobile
and Web Application development as well as IOT & Machine Gurgaon, India
Learning verticals.  We are a strong team of 200+ engineers
spread across various functions. UI/UX, Front End Architecture
Design & Development, Java based development, Quality
Assurance, AWS Infrastructure Management, Machine Learning
are few areas our teams excels Our team has Deep Technology
Exposure.  ... Read more

“Excellent technical skillset”

Rajesh Kumar, Founder and Director at C&B Electronics Pvt Ltd

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14. Sphinx Solutions

$25 - $49/hr
Inspire Innovate Evolve
4 Reviews 50 - 249

We provide services in Custom Software development, High-end
E-Commerce portals, SaaS-based platforms and products, Pune, India
Cloud based solutions and mobile app development in India.
Blooming for over 10 years in the app industry, Sphinx Solutions
today prides in being one of the best iOS app development
companies for delivering secured iOS app solutions to clients all
across the globe.   We are one stop technology solution provider.
With o ces ... Read more

“Satis ed with their work and their communication.”

Sean Proctor, Founder at PricePerPint

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15. Space-O Technologies

$25 - $49/hr
[Mobile, Web, BigData, Ruby, Python Expert]
3 Reviews 50 - 249

Space-O is one stop solution for all your mobile app
development, software development, Internet of things (IOT ), India
AR & VR  app development needs. From concept to development
to marketing to ongoing maintenance, Space-O delivers. We are
now one of the top mobile app development companies in India
by following the success mantra of “Design-led-Engineering”. We
work with best-of-the-best ne art grads from top design in ...
Read more

“Reasonable quotation of cost and time.”

Sanjeev Chandak, Co-Founder & CEO at f tcash
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16. DreamSoft4u Private Limited

< $25/hr
IT solutions provider for enterprise & startups
4 Reviews 50 - 249

DreamSoft4u is an IT consulting and solutions provider for
enterprises and startups globally. We do have more than 12 years Jaipur, India
of extensive experience in IT industry including technology and
industry domains. We work with our customers; mostly the
enterprises and startups to support them to grow their business
and turn them into successful and high performance
organizations. DreamSoft4u is growing since 2003 and earn a
good reputation in IT indus ... Read more

“Features of VC Doctor Pro ”

Glenn Seymour, ICorps Mentor at Joint School of Nanoscience and

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17. Focaloid Technologies

$25 - $49/hr
Digital Solutions. Simpli ed.
2 Reviews 50 - 249

Focaloid is a digital solution providing company that focuses on
developing value-adding technology solutions with user- Bengaluru, India
engaging designs. Broadly, our services include Enterprise,
Mobile & Web Platform Solutions, Design and Animation
Solutions, Internet of T hings (IOT ) Development.  We engage in
creating customer-centric applications on multiple platforms in
mobile and web. Our web and mobile application development
span across platfo ... Read more
“A perf ect extension”
Akhil Saraf, CEO at Loyalie

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18. DigiPrima Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

< $25/hr
Trusted Partners for Software Solutions
2 Reviews 10 - 49

T he company’s mission is to help global organizations overcome
technology challenges of Digital Transformation with the focus Indore, India
on new and emerging technologies, which we believe should
make a positive impact on each area of our lives, making it
simpler, smarter, and opening new promising horizons. Delivering
innovative technical solutions to overcome obstacles
experienced at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.
Develop trusted ... Read more

“AngularJS Project”
William Stanton, Director of Business Development at Cilutions

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19. StarTele Logic

< $25/hr
Mobile Application Development Company
2 Reviews 50 - 249

StarTele Logic is a team of professionals with diverse functional
and technical pro ciencies aimed at addressing business Noida, India
problems by o ering user-centric apps and solutions.  We
continue to strive and keep this at the core of StarTele Logic,
aiding us in development and delivery of laudable apps for our
clients. Our experience and expertise spans developing domain
speci c solutions for a variety of verticals such as
Telecommunication, ... Read more

“A very good company to associate with. ”

Sanjay Rai, General Manager at MFI Enterprise Solutions

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20. Jelly sh Technologies

$25 - $49/hr
Transforming ideas into applications
1 Review • 1 Video Review 50 - 249

Jelly sh Technologies is a service based software development
company that transforms ideas into applications. Our cross Noida, India
functional team of motivated, skilled and experienced software
engineers and designers, help the clients unlock the business
values of their enterprises in a time bound and cost e ective
manner.  Since our incorporation in September 2011, we have
delivered more than 250 projects of di erent scale and have
added more ... Read more

“Extremely wonderf ul and amazing experience”

Karl Margrain, Managing Director at Payleadr

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$25 - $49/hr
Quality Software in Committed T ime
1 Review 50 - 249

Kolkata, India
CBNIT S is a trusted Big Data, Machine Learning & IT rm based
in San Jose, California. We are committed to build the best yet
a ordable mobile applications, web design, digital marketing,
software applications, ERP solutions and a well-planned IT
infrastructure. Our approach is to blend interactive design
concepts with the right message to reach your target audience.
We focus on bringing valuable results for your business and that’s
w ... Read more

“Best and Reliable Digital Marketing Agency in San Jose,

Calif ornia”
Kathy Wang, Owner at

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22. FreshDataLabs
$50 - $99/hr
Getting the leads has never been this easy
0 Review 10 - 49

We generate inbound quali ed leads to feed hungry sales teams.
We power inbound marketing programs that generate quali ed Chennai, India
leads and nurture sales opportunities. We build vetting and
nurturing systems to ensure that our clients can scale up their
marketing and sales e orts intelligently. Industry-speci c lead
generation models that get you leads that no other data provider
can! Our research analysts analyze 50 million companies and pi ...
Read more

"Be the rst one to review FreshDataLabs"

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23. InnovationM
< $25/hr
End to End Technology Solutions
4 Reviews 50 - 249

InnovationM provides specialized design & development services
in the technology space - focusing on an end to end solution Noida, India
development (product development & custom application
development) on mobile, web, middleware, server back-end,
cloud technologies, blockchain solutions & big data analytics.
Headquartered in Noida (India) with the Account & Client
Solutions team present in the US. Our specialized service areas
are: ... Read more

“Fast approach, great communication style, and

Ana Tellez, Director- Interactive Media & Project Manager at
Communicate Health, Inc.

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24. Tectoro Consulting Pvt Ltd

$25 - $49/hr
Capital Markets Technology Solutions
0 Review 50 - 249

Tectoro is a technology consulting start-up focused on the
capital markets industry. Founded in 2015 by a group of India
technologists from capital markets background, we provide
products and full-scale software development services including
design, development, testing, implementation, and support.

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25. TechnoBrains IT Solution Pvt Ltd

$25 - $49/hr
Your Need, Our Solution
1 Review 50 - 249

TechnoBrains is a leading software development company which
helps you realizes your business requirement into visually India
stunning and functionally robust web application and mobile
applications. We have proven track record in providing Software
Development services, consulting services, IT outsourcing
solution, Mobile Application development and Enterprise
Application Development services for clients across the globe. 
Since our incepti ... Read more

“Web developer”
Ron Anders, CEO at Paci c HousingWire Realty

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26. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling

$25 - $49/hr
Web Scraping Services, Data Extraction Company
0 Review 50 - 249

web scraping and Website data Extraction Services Provider
Company India and USA Pro le Since our inception way back in India
2012 at Ahmedabad (India), we have emerged from being the rst
movers in providing data mining services to a leading web
scraping company, helping organizations to make better-
informed strategic decisions, based on valuable insights provided
with our scraped data. During these years we have not just been
successful in ... Read more

"Be the rst one to review X-Byte Enterprise Crawling"

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27. Prompt Softech

< $25/hr
Top Mobile App and Software Development Company
0 Review 50 - 249

Awarded Best Software Product Company by GESIA- Gujarat
Electronics & Software Industries Association (A State-level India
association in India) for 2013, 2014 & 2015. A brief about us Our
company, Prompt Softech has been successful in building a
strong portfolio while working in di erent technologies namely
DotNet, Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365, and Mobile
Applications based on iOS and Android, over a span of eight
years. We have a te ... Read more

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28. SynapseIndia
$25 - $49/hr
I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
5 Reviews 50 - 249

*** 19+ Years in Service, *** 10,000+ Projects successfully
delivered.  SynapseIndia is one of the oldest and among the most Noida, India
trusted Web and Mobile Development Companies that has been
o ering quality solutions to global clients since 2001. We have
worked with some of the most reputed global brands such
as PayPal, UNICEF, Indian Army, Bata, DNG, Johnson &
Johnson, and more... Service O erings: Microsoft Technologie ...
Read more

“Gigs4students Website Development”

Adolphus Archie, at
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29. ima appweb

$25 - $49/hr
Increased Awareness, Higher Visibility
0 Review 10 - 49

Ima Appweb is full stack IT services, Consultancy And
Marketing solution providing company. Delhi, India

"Be the rst one to review ima appweb"

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30. Classic Informatics

< $25/hr
O shore Web Development Company in India
0 Review 50 - 249

Classic Informatics is an Agile web development company with
o ces in Gurugram, Sydney & Chandigarh. We are a team of Gurgaon, India
software engineers & growth-hackers working towards one goal
to make technology solve real-life problems. Our services
spectrum include full-stack development, product engineering,
mobility solutions, eCommerce development, cloud solutions &
digital marketing services. We work with Enterprises, SMEs &
Start ... Read more

"Be the rst one to review Classic Informatics"

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31. CDN Solutions Group

< $25/hr
Consistently Delivering Quality Solutions
12 Reviews • 1 Video Review 250 - 999

Established in 2000, CDN Solutions Group is an Award Winning
and ISO 9001:2015 Certi ed Software, Web and Mobile App Indore, India
Development Company consistently delivering quality solutions.
CDN has successfully delivered 2200+ projects over a span of
18 years to clients.  At CDN we always try to enhance our
customers experience and for that we provide these major
factors in our development strategy such as Quality, Speed,
Responsiveness, Cost ... Read more

“Just love the work culture and development process of this

John, at

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32. Redian Software

$25 - $49/hr
Delivering Open Source Solutions
4 Reviews 10 - 49

Redian Software is a leading open source software development
company o ering cutting-edge solutions for healthcare, travel, Noida, India
banking and nance, education, and Retail. Redian Software is
delighted to have delivered 500+ successful projects and 300
global clients. Our O ces:  - London, United kingdom - Georgia,
United States - Noida, India Redian Software has partnered up
with the world's leading technology vendors: ... Read more

Madhu Dondla, Co-f ounder & Director at
G o To We bsite

33. Mobiweb Technologies Pvt Ltd

< $25/hr
Web Development and Designing Company
5 Reviews Freelancer

MobiWeb Technologies started as an o shore Web development 
providing customized internet and client- Indore, India
server solutions to the industry. We o ers di erent services
includes hire drupal developer, angularjs development company
and many others.

“Prof essional and Excellent Work Done”

Jones Brianna, Project Manager at Self -Employed

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34. Informatics Tec

Leading IT solutions Provider
0 Review 50 - 249

Informatics Tec provides unparalleled application development,
IT consultancy and management consultancy all under one roof.
By o ering unmatched technical and managerial personnel who
can provide a full range of services and solutions for your
company so that you may devote your time and resources on
growing your business.

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35. Techno Softwares

< $25/hr
Value Addition Beyond Imagination
0 Review 10 - 49

Our services and enterprise solutions aim at transforming your
business, ensuring functionality and channelizing your way up Jaipur, India
against your competitors. Our wide portfolio does not only
displays our acquisitions but is a graphical story of our evolution
in advance technological era, expertise and bespoke web
solutions through which we have set our foundations in the digital

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