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Social political issue which important to me is the least awareness and knowledge of society

towards political issue and democracy. How society particularly the youth in my country, mostly has no
idea regarding current occurrences in the political branches and they have no interest nor awareness to
participate as a citizen. Participation is a major factor of democracy in the creation of decision making
and how a country run its own constitution. Without the participation and the awareness of citizen, a
democracy country could face so many obstacles and lead to big failure. The society sometimes have
misunderstanding about politics, for instance they don’t know how the congress works, how executive
branch’s function is to enforce the law and not to make one, how every one vote counted could make a
big impact in election, how powerful petition is to change certain situation, and so many others
important things. Some simple things due to lack of understanding could lead to bigger problems such
as riots, and boycotts. If society don’t have a strong foundation of political education, it is easy for media
to manipulate information and sway people’s mind. Just like what happened with United Kingdom
withdrew from the EU, a process commonly known as Brexit.

This issue is important to me because it indirectly affects youth the most, yet the youth has the
least participation in politics. Current levels of engagement by youth remain too low. Not Going to a
voting place or casting a blank ballot can show that youth has no interest on politics. It proofs how little
the participation of youth towards political activities. Students at younger age usually do not have
interest in politics because it somehow too complicated for them to understand. And the sources that
may be available are not simple enough for them to learn.

They don’t realize that politics can be involved easily in their daily activities. For instance, giving
different ideas and opinion, joining an open discussion, participate in public activities, speech and etc.
However, majority of young people do not do such activities. How important it is for the young
generations to engage with politics? If they would want to engage more in politics, they could be good
citizen who participate in democracy and educate themselves when they grow up. They would make a
mindset to think how to solve problems and not to make one. They would be the good citizens who
obey the law and pay taxes. It is all about creating an educated society starts from early stage. Educated
society leads to less crime and peace. The role of youth therefore is to face the challenge of fitting into
an established political system or making changes to a better one. That is how big the responsibility the
youth have. Young people have potential of different ideas and opinions. They intend to have creative
and innovative solutions towards problem which makes them easier to move forward and bring
changes. And it is really important for us as the youth to learn our role as a citizen, to develop our
awareness of building engagement towards politics. the easiest way is to open up a discussion, read
news, and share knowledge about politics. The young generations will take over the positions of adults
in decades as new generations of politicians.

I hope my participation in the civic education workshop will help me to become a better
ambassador who present about the importance of politics for young people by sharing, inspiring, and
persuading. Because the major role of an ambassador of peace is to build understanding and connection
through diplomatic way. I would make presentations about my experience or open discussion and let
them ask questions that I could possibly answer. As a leader of debating club in my school, I would help
my club to have more activities to help them engage more in politics such as speeches or even UN
simulator. I would integrate my knowledge to my daily activities and inspire my friend to do the same.
The more knowledge that I have, the more knowledge that I will share to my friends and my youth
community that I join. I may utilize my social media or blog to share information. All of those way to
raise awareness of how politic is important for the youth, and it starts from daily activities. To be
accepted as one of the participant in the workshop would be such an honor for me.