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Personal questions

1. I want to improve my self  and

my skill by applying the role that I

3. I want to be more confident
already choose and it will give

booklet by: me a responsibilities to do,

with my self, improve my public

speaking skills, leadership and

Andi Sophia Naida

beside that I train my self to be a
communication to other
better person and a great leader.
2. My value is contributing to
4. i will try to classify my
society and influence other
activity from the most
people so I can bring out the
important to not so important
good in others because I know
and put a priority into the most
that everyone has skills, and each
important one, each day had
of us different, and we all have
to be planned with precision,
something to offer. to me
but it all depends on the
contribute and influence other
people is to make a world a

better place because we were

1.Shaping what we do around what
the world needs

AIESEC Knowledge 2. Growing disruptively

Demonstrating integrity

Activating Leadership
1 .AIESEC takes a step further and, 3. Being accessible to everyone,
Acting Sustainably
as an organisation, sets clear everywhere
Enjoying Participatio
milestones every five years in order the AIESEC 2020 statement have a
living diversity
to come closer to the achievement same value with the role that I want
every AIESEC value have something
of our organisation’s mission, peace to apply because it can help
that can help me to be more better,
and fulfilment of humankind’s AIESEC deliver the value to achieve
so I can be a good leader and
potential. AIESEC 2020
change my community and giving
The three AIESEC 2020 statements 2. Clarity of WHO is how we
impact to others
are self-explanatory and underline capable of achieving peace with
4.With a tropical climate that lasts all
the meaning of the organisation as
our potential and we are identified
year round Indonesia is the perfect
a global youth movement. The
that by placing our confidence in
destination to explore. Each one of its
reasons for initiating AIESEC 2020
youth to create a better future, more than 17,000 islands have its own
is quite simple.The key to achieving
because we believe that unique culture. Experience the cultural
long-term goals is by having a clear

leadership is a fundamental diversity of Indonesia by immersing

strategic direction. The new plan
yourself into the local lifestyle and
can be seen as a refreshment of
solutionwith our essence which is
contribute to reduce inequalities in
AIESEC’s earnestness: Giving that, what we do, what do we
Indonesian society. An exchange
leadership development to youth bring for the world, and what we
experience in Indonesia will expose you
with an accurate plan.
create. we are a youth leadership
to the sights, sounds, food and people

movement. We stand fo something

of a thousand cultures and I'm sure LC

more,and we defined it in our UNHAS is a good decision to have a

values it is who we are. good volunteering experience