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Trisha Marie C.

Rizon SH 213
Mang Inasal’s Marketing Mix
a) ? How does the target consumers influenced to buy the target product or service?
Filipinos loves to eat rice and Mang Inasal offers the most enticing promo of
unlimited rice. The person behind the success of Mang Inasal grabbed the opportunity of
filipino’s love of rice to influence their target consumers to buy and eat their food products.
b) Where is the most strategic place or location of the business? Why do they choose this
The first branch of Mang Inasal was located at Iloilo City, Visayas Region. Visayas
and Mindanao was the perfect place to choose as location for this region are famous of best
“hiligaynon” or chicken inasal, a filipino variant of lechon manok. They choose this location
because this is where most probably the target consumers of their product are living. Inasal is
the “patok sa masa” food of Visayas and Mindanao region.
c) How much is the price per product? How did the company computed this price?
 “PM 1” chicken inasal paa with one rice at ₱99 or unli rice (for dine-in only)
at ₱117,
 “PM 2” pecho with one rice at ₱111 or unli rice (for dine-in only) at ₱127,
 “PM 3” pork barbeque with one rice at ₱99 or unli rice (for dine-in only) at
 “PM 4” bangus sisig with one rice at ₱99 or unli rice (for dine-in only) at
 “PM 5” pork sisig with one rice at ₱99 or unli rice (for dine-in only) at ₱113.
 Add ₱14 for beverages for every “PM” products
 “SM 1” 1pc. Chicken with one rice at ₱75, w/drink at ₱85.
 “SM 2” 1pc. Pork barbeque with one rice at ₱65, w/drink at ₱75.
 “Fiesta Inasal Meal” 1pc. Chicken with one rice, 1pc. Lumpia and palabok at
₱129. Add ₱14 if you want to avail a drink.
They computed their price with the capital and profit balance together, they maintain their
price reasonable but lessen the serving for them to tell with inflation. They make the chicken
smaller in size if the prices in the market goes up so that the costumer’s will not change their
perception in the products increasing size. It wil stay affordable and reasonable in price.
d) How does the company promotes their product?
They promote their products through advertising it in television, radio, and online.
They also uses philanthropy where in they promote using charity institutions. And print
media like billboards and coupons for their loyal costumers.
e) How does the packaging of the product influenced their marketing strategy?
The implementation of non-styro or plastic like using of re-usable plates to maintain eco-
friendly pacakaging doesn’t really influenced their marketing strategy but it helps lessen use
of plastics and create a friendly environment giving a clean impression to costumers.