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Service Part Time Staff at the Coffee House

Lobby barista
1. The Coffee House
A popular coffee shop that serve drinks such as café and other related drinks (latte, tea, smoothie,
etc.) for customer to stay and drink or take away
Apart from cashier and barista that serve drinks, the lobby barista is also a job that the shop
2. The work flow of a lobby barista:
First, observe given area of the shop to see if customer need anything, deliver ordered drink to
customer in that area
Then, help the customer when needed
Finally, clean the table and the food and drinks that customers used so that the table is ready for
new customer to use, refill water at the water station. Also make sure that the toilet is ready to
use for customer
Main material needed to do the job include cleaning equipment such as a cleaning cloth and
others equipment to make sure the area is clean.
3. Method to collect the data
+ Observation of the job at the coffee house store, we stay at the coffee shop in the afternoon
when the shop is crowded to see how lobby barista do they job
+ Interview an employee who do this job
What does a lobby barista do? Provide assistance for customers, deliver
drinks and food that had been ordered,
cleaning table and toilet
Does this job require any special Not really, most important requirement are
requirement? hardworking and friendly to customer. Plus
the employee need to be in working age too.

Can we do it part time or only full time? You can choose according to your own
schedule. Some requirement about the
working shift is that work can last till 11.30
pm and the employee ought to be able to work
at weekend

The Coffee House

Job Title: Lobby Barista
Position Type: Full Time or Part Time
Job Description:
Job purpose:
Provide customer assistance at given area and take care of cleaning activates
 Deliver ordered drinks and food
 Assist customer when needed
 Clean the table and the area around it after customer leave
 Make sure the toilet is clean and ready to use
 Hard working and eager to learn
 Can stand pressure when under a lot of work
 At the age from 18 to 30
 Can work till 11.30 pm
 Able to work at weekend