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Division of City Schools

Victorino Mapa High school




Prepared by:

Girlie F. Santiago

Teacher i
I. Objectives

a. Identify the poetic devices present in the poem;

b. Demonstrate an understanding of Shakespeare’s text by interpreting meaning through
c. Exhibit creativity in performing group differentiated tasks;
d. Infer thoughts, feelings, and intentions in the material viewed

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Appreciating Literature

Text: “The Seven Ages of Man” (from As You Like It) By William Shakespeare
Reference: A Journey through Anglo-American Literature 9, p.9
Other Learning Reference: English Time Qtr 1 p. 7
Materials: Laptop and TV, Cartolina, Marker, Tarpapel

III. Procedures

A. Daily Routine
- Prayer
- Checking of attendance
- Word of the day
B. Review of the Past Lesson
Task 1- Guess the Poetic Device
Identify the poetic device being asked. Use the pictures as your clue.

1. The use of words to imitate the sounds they describe

2. Words or sequence of words representing a sensory experience to

create an image in the reader’s mind.

3. A comparison between two unlike things using the words “as” or “like.”

4. An attitude of a writer toward a subject or an audience. Generally conveyed

through the choice of words or the viewpoint of a writer on a particular
5. An exaggeration of ideas for the sake of emphasis.

C. Before Reading
Task 2 – Letter Search Riddle Game

Read each statement closely, and search for the missing letter as suggested by each statement.

1. I am the first letter of right.

2. You’ll find me in boar, but not in bear.

3. I’m in the middle of ceiling.

4. You’ll find me in ore but not in boar.

5. I have the sound of the snake.

 Ask the students to put the letters together to come up with the answer. Answer: ROLES
 Show picture of a group of students and ask the following questions:
1. What are the roles in life that people perform?
2. At your age, what is the role that you perform?
3. What is the essence or importance of roles in our lives?

Task 3 – Unlocking of Difficulties

Give the meaning of the underlined words. Choose from the box. Use the following pictures as
your clue.

________________1. Her breathing quickened, and she sought to break the

entrancing spell before she began mewling like a cat at his feet.

___________________2. A broken furnace proved to be an annoyance for the family

when there was no heat in the house until it was fixed.
___________________3. The gold rims of his spectacles glinted in the sun
___________________4. The technology is destined for oblivion.

________________5. As Taylor watched the hockey game, a brawl between two

players broke out on the ice.

heating system riot soft cry eyeglass unconscious

Task 4- Background of the Author (Pre-assigned- to be done by the students)

D. Reading Proper

The teacher will read the poem.

Task 6 – Comprehension Check-Up

Call random students to answer the following questions:

1. To what does the text compare the world and life?
2. According to the text, what are the seven ages of man?
3. How does the text describe man in each of the seven ages?
4. What does the line “They have exits and entrances,” mean?
5. What view of life does the poem present?

E. After reading

Task 7: Appreciating the text

1. Give examples of the following literary devices present in the poem

a. metaphor b. simile
c. parallelism d. alliteration e. rhyme

2. What is the tone of the poem? Explain.

3. What is the mood of the poem? Explain.
4. What is the overall theme of the poem? Explain.
5. How does the poem help you recognize your roles in life?

Task 7 - Group Dynamics

The students will be grouped into five and will be assigned to perform the following tasks:

Group 1 – Illustrate a symbol that will best represent what is the poem all about
Group 2- Sing a song with the same theme as the poem
Group 3 – Interpret a quotation about roles in life.
Group 4 – Perform a Readers’ Theatre on the given poem.
Group 5 – Interview at least three of your classmates and find out how they perform their roles in life.
IV. Evaluation
A. Group Performance
The four-point scale rubric will be used to evaluate the students’ group work.

4 3 2 1
The ideas Some ideas are Many ideas are The presentation
Content 50% presented are missing missing lacks most
complete relevant ideas
Presentation is Presentation is Presentation is Presentation is
Presentation 30% outstanding. very satisfactory satisfactory but fair
Words are clearly but some words lacks explanation
said and are not clearly
explained explained
A lot of visual aids Many visual aids Some visual aids Few visual aids
Creativity 20% and props needed and props needed and props needed and props are
are used and are used are used. used

B. Valuing

 The teacher will ask the students to close their eyes and reflect on how they live their lives now
and think what they will become in the future.
 Ask what they have learnt from the activity

V. Assignment

Produce a magazine on the theme “How I See Myself Ten Years From Now.” Appoint and
editor and a managing editor who will lead in producing the magazine.

Prepared by:

Teacher I