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Grammar: Present tenses - review Grammar: Past tenses- review

Vocabutary: Food Vocabulary: Sport

1 Complete the words in the e.x tracts from recipes. Some 1 Complete the extract from a successful athlete's
letters are given. biography with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

0 Be careful not to add too much soy sauce as this "11\lill make beat break €Sffi€- go
the noodles too s~. [
keep score t hrow win
1 Soak the d /"' t e
d mushrooms in warm water m
rehydrate them before you add them to the stir-fry. I've always been a very competitive person. At school r did
--- a lot of athletics but I was never happy unless l 0~a u first
2 Get that b { fie r flavour by using plenty of dark
or,_ _ the s.chodl record. If I was playing football, I was
chocolate in the cake mixture.
pleased if our team won, but l was never truly satisfied
3 e_:_v__::
ry~r ::: : _fruit for a softer'fruit salad.
' E =·=e unless 1 was U1e one who _had 2_ _ the goals. lt wasn't
enough to 3_ _ my opponent or .._ _ a prize; I had
4 For ema1lavour, throw in a handful off (:12) h herbs from
the garden jusr before sen·ing. to oe the absolute beSt at whatever 1did. To be honest.
I don't think many people liked me because of this, out
5 Don't add extra oil to the frying pan or me duck will become
r c;ouldn't help it. Some people are.satisfied with 5_ _ 1it or
lOO g f:€>6~y. 6_ _ cyding or even just 1_ _ a ball around for fun, but

6 Not all sushi uses r 6lr w fish. Try this recipe for that was never enough for me.
California rolls with baked salmon.
2 Read the text and choose the correct options.
7 Use lime juice to make the salad dressings I) v r.
S Don't throw a~vay old s f&, f e bread. In ·tead.-u.- e -i t_t_o_ Yesterday. two English climbers 1 completed'/wete complet,in.(J I
make breadcrum b . had completed one of tbe most difficult climbing routes in tb.e
world. Over 4 mi.lijon people 2watclied I were watching I had
9 To make a less f ,rdfc:JJ/'JI ve rsion of this d ish.
watched live on the Internet wh.~.n the brave pair 3 reached I
rep lace the butter with olive oil.
weee reaching I had reached the top of Old 1\4ajor, a rock face
2 Choose the correct options. in Yellowstone National Park. By the ti;rne they completed
their adventure, they 4 dimbcrr /were climbing I had climbed
1 Ken@e:sn't r;;,o::eB I isn't cooking every evening
.over 900 metres through alLkinds of weather. L.uckily, there
because sometimes he doesn't get home until9 p.m.
were no weather problems yesterday- the sun ~shone I was
2 Guess what! I've been becoming G be~om) a shining I bad shined brightly when the exhausted climbers
vegetarian since we last met. ·finally 6pullad I were pulling I had pulled 'themselves over the
3 Shelly and Nick don't work -6Nn'~orkitj$today top ofthe rock face at exactly 15.37.
because they've both got food poisoning.
4 Excuse me, waiter. w&
been waitir}g}! 've waited for 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
our desserts for half an hour now. verbs in brackets. Use short forms where possible.
5 11? What have you 0 it w~<ssi<\.Owi.~ {snow) heavily when the marathon began.
1 We got stuck in traffic on the way to the game and by
t he time we got there, our team _ _ _ __
3 Complete the conversations with the correct form of
the verbs in brackets. (already/score} three baskets.
2 (you/ remember) to take an extra racket
1 A: I 0 ·w. foLlow~~ (follow) the seafood diet at
for Tom yesterday?
the moment.
3 (you/ watch) when the rider fell off his
B: The seafood diet? 1 1- -- - - (never/ hear) of
horse? it looked pretty painful.
that one.
4 The golfer who missed the vital shot _ _ _ __
A: it's pretty easy,.rea lly. Whenever I 2 ~ 6l £/ /
(throw) his club into the lake.
(see) food, I 3 ~ (eat) it!
5 We weren't allowed in the pool because we
2 A: What 4 (you/do), Julia?
_ _ _ _ _ (forget) our swimming caps.
B: I 5 (make) some lun't h for us. lt
6 The goalkeeper (not concentrate) when
shouldn't be long. 6 (you/think) these
the attacking p layer suddenly took a shot.
eggs will be hard-boiled yet?
A: Well, I don't know. How long 7_ __ _ _

(you/boil) them for?

B: About an hour.
A: An hour? I 8_ _ __ _ (think) they might be
done, yes. In fact, I think we might have trouble
eating them unless you've got a hammer.
Grammar: Conditionals • wish and if only Grammar: Modal verbs for speculation
Vocabulary: Family • People Vocabulary: Science
1 Match the personality adjectives with the descriptions. 1 Complete the verbs and nouns in the text. Some letters
are given.
ass~rt1ve c~eeky fussy immature
self1sh spo1lt thoughtfii:JI A crew of near- uni.v erse o;nvestl.gatci"S. has recently
\; returne,d from the remains of a planet once known
0 Dionne always remembers b irthdays and always buys as Earth. The missi on to 1 exp this lo ng
wonderfu l, personal gifts for her friends. tl'!c :,y i'lt-fu dead world revealed some surpr ising results. The
crew made deta.Hed 2 obs of the p1anet
1 Helen is not afra id to say what she wants you to do and and 3 ana .samplesJaken· from the and~nt
how she wants you to do it. _ __ surface. Bas'ed on this, thrzy have 4 c:on · that
2 Violet won't eat any green vegetables, doesn't .like any Earth did once support Hie:
kind of fish or meat and wil l only drink one particular Our 5 res shows that this life 6 evo 1

from the seas that once covered a la rge part ofthe

brand of bottled water.
--- planet's surface. Althgugh most of the planet has
3 Sean 's father buys him whatever he asks for, regardless been destroyed, enough evidence has been
of the price. _ __ 7 p~e to suggest that simple int~lligent
bemgs once lived there. Sadly, it appears they were
4 Col in ate the whole cake himse lf. even after I asked him
responsib)e for tbe 8 des of their 'ollfn planf:!t.1-
to save a piece for me. _ __
5 David is often rude to his teachers. He doesn't seem to 2 Choose the answer, A or B, that has a similar meaning
respect them very much. _ __ ,to the underlined phrase.
6 Kevin can be so childish that sometimes it's hard to 1 I'm sure it isn't true that your cousin saw a UFO land on
believe he is nearly eighteen years old. _ __ the schoo l football field.
2 Complete the second sentence to show you wouiCJ like A Your cousin may not have seen
the situation or behaviour to be different. B Your cousin can't have seen

0 My parents are so strict. ·2 it's possib le that human beings will visit the moon

If only my parents w~Ye~·t so strict. again one day.

1 Mum makes such a fu ss if I'm sl ightly late. A Human beings may visit
If only Mum such a fuss when I'm slightly late. B Human beings must visit
2 Unfortunately, I don't have a photographic memory. 3 I' m sure it's true that there is life somewhere else in the
If only a photograph ic memory. universe.
3 My girlfriend hasn't ca ll ed me yet today. A There might be
I wish my girlfriend me before bedtime. B There must be
4 There is no snow in the .mountains, so we can't 4 lt's possible that li'fe arrived on Earth when an asteroid
go skiing. crashed into the planet.
If only snow in the mountains, we could A Life could arrive
go skiing. B Life could have arrived
5 I don't want to be here. I'd rather be anywhere else. 5 Maybe it isn't true that we actually landed on the moon

I wish here. I'd rather be anywhere else. in 1969.

6 Kerry taps her pen on the desk. it's annoying . A We might not have
I wish Kerry her pen on the desk.· it's annoying. B We mustn't have

3 Complete the sentences with the correct form o-f the 3 Complete the sentences with modal verbs and the
verbs in brackets. Use short forms where possible. correct form ·o f the verbs in brackets. Sometimes more
than one answer is possible.
0 Careful! !~you shake up the lemonade, it~Lo~e
0 They c.a.....•t 1-lav~ ca~~ (not come) this way because there
(explode) when you open it.
are no footprints in the snow.
1 You (never/remember) all the
1 All the other passengers got oft. but Vicky V>,'asn't there.
important stuff if you don't take notes during lectures.
She ( the tr.a in.
2 Three hours with nothing to eat! I _ _ _ _ __
2 Derek stiH isn't here. I suppose he _ _ _ _ __
(buy) a sandwich for the journey if there' d been ime.
(get) stuck In traffic or got lost on the way.
3 Kids in horror fi lms are stupid. If I {see)
3 We ' (be) there yet. it's 400km away
a house in the woods, I wouldn't go inside.
and we only left home ninety minutes ago.
4 If I (know) how difficult this book was
4 I (arrive) late if the traffic is bad, so
going to be, I wouldn't have started it in the first place.
p lease start without me if I'm notthere by nine.
5 The eat's shy, but he will come to you if you
5 I know you are worried that the parcel has got lost, but
_ _ _ _ _ _ (sit) still and keep quiet.
6 If you real ly loved me, you _ _ _ _ __ they (not even/post) it yet.
6 Diane's shoes are still here, so she - - - - - -
(not behave) so horribly towards me al l the time.
Grammar: Re po rte d Speech Grammar: Articles
Vocabulary: Adve rtising Vocabulary: Culture • The arts

1 Write the words that can be used with the nouns 1 Choose the odd one out in each group.
1 ~ove
in italics. landscape
portrait sk tch
0 a hottLt of mouthwash I water I ketchup 2 ~ stage ater~ director
1 a of matches I chocolates I tissues 3 thril ler ~tc-.. comedy --- horror
2 a _ __ of flowers I grapes I keys 4 break-dance salsa ~r~ t~go
3 a _ __ of energy drink /lemonade I cola 5 rock pop ~Q
r""l -..__ ../
4 a _ __ of anti-ageing cream I jam I pickles 6 autobiography cookbook( costume drama novel
5 a _ __ of crisps I biscuits I sweets
2 Complete the text with a, an, the or 0 (no article).
6 a ___ of trainers I glasses I trousers
7 a ___ of too hpaste I superglue I handcream
2 Report the questions and imperatives.
:~.- wwW.wo~~~rea~ - ~--: _qis~~~l:tt1
0 Did you buy th e product because you saw the <!dve rt? f '.:: _··....... _. . -~ . . ·. : '_···· -. . -·. - . -. . : . -_:_<J
They asked me if 1 ViaGI tlouCilrit ti-lt 'Prod.uet b~eaust 1 ~ac::l
SUVI. t~~ t:lG\Vtrt .

1 Taste the d rink and then describe the flavour. Edinburgh Festival

She asked me - - -- - - - - - -- - -- -
2 Would you like to try our service fo r free for a month? Every year In °~ August. ~uge arts and
He asked me whether - - - -- - -- - - - - - culture festival takes place In Edinburgh, in ~
3 Contact us·and let us know what you think. Scotland. _ J estlval b rings together a udiences
They told me--- - - -- - - -- - - - a nd ... a rtists from around}_ globe. In fact
4 Have you eve r thoug ht oftrying a d ifferent brand of Edinburgh Festivolls made up of 6:..L number
lipstick? of smaller festivals. but together they form
They asked me if - -- - - - - - - - - - - largest annual cultura l festtval tn 8_ world.
5 Don't forget to take one pill before breakfast and the
other one before bed .
The pharmacist told me _ _ __ _ __ _ _ __
6 Who is going to pay for the damage to my computer?
She asked - - -- -- - - - - - -- - -
3 Report the statements.
0 I'll meet you at ha lf past two tomorrow.
I re mem ber she said she woto<.l.tA nt.t:et J"M at nt:~~{_jlGlst tvvo
t ke v...ex.t Ilia~ .
1 The manager will be here tom orrow if you cou ld come
back then.
The assistant said t he manager - - - - -- - - -

2 The advertising executives are arriving tonight

lt was last Thursday morn ing that she said _ _ _ __
3 Choose the correct options.
Would you like to buy a programme fo r ~I I
3 I saw the new advert on television fo r the first time
2 My favourite place in the city is the park. it's a I 1b!!.
He told us
------------------------------- place where I met my girlfriend.
4 They are go ing to open the new branch of their coffee
3 I dream of becoming the I i! one day.
shop next week.
4 Fo r 1~_1 a lunch today we are havingJ,asagne and
Three wee ks ago the staff member told me _ __ _
green salad.
5 I don't have e nough change to pay the parking fee. Do
5 I'm sorry but your doctor's appointment for today has
you have the/..e,;pound coin?
been c-ance lled.
6 Swimming pool I The swimmj!J.9..J2..00I in our town is old
The reception ist ca lled me and told me that _ __ _
and scary.

6 I can't promise anything rig ht now.

She said
Is this only music I the only music you've got on your
phone? Don't you have anything e lse?

Grammar: Comparative structures Grammar: The Passive •
Vocabulary: Adjectives and adverbs have something done
Vocabulary: Pol~tics • Society
1 Replace the American English words in bold in the
sentences with the British English words in the box.
1 Match the American and British English words with
similar meanings.
[ rretlday ··mr
wardrobe 0 Congress a Conservatives
1 Democr.,ats b Constitutional monarchy
0 Da n, will you p lease take out the garbage I w.cb~s1r !
2 Dollar..- c ninety-eight counties
I've asked you twice already.
3 President- d labour
1 Mum and Dad are on vacation I · , so I was
4 Republic e Pound
thinking of having a little party at my house.
5 Republicans - f Prime Minister
2 Are we taking the subway I or the bus to
6 fifty states "-. g Houses of Parliament
Harry's house? •
3 Well, let's just say t hat Connie is not t_he kind of person 2 Rewrite the sentences in the passive. Us.e by + agent
if necessary.
I'd like to get stuck in an elevator I wit h.
4 Remember to look both ways before you step off the 0 They have never searched me at the airport.
sidewalk / _ _ _ I rAve ;"'ever bee"' 111t title ~~~~nort .
5 Another new jacket? Is there actually any room left in 1 Nobody ever asks for my opinion.
the closet I ?
I ________________________________
2 After my last English lesson, my teacher to ld me that I
2 Choose the correct opti,o ns.
spoke wct:h an American accent.
1 Surgeons have one of well-paid I better-paid I After my last English lesson, I _________
the best-paid jobs in the medical profession.
2 I'm ashamed to say my fifty-year-old father is much ,3 Today in the cafe, they gave me milk to add to my cup
fitter as / than I far me.
of tea.
3 Snowboarding is far I quite I bit more extreme than Today in the cafe, milk _ _ _ _ __ _ __ __
cross-country skiing. 4 My parents sent me to America for the summer to lea m
4 Apples are good o r you, but th ey are not as healthily I English. ~
healthier I hea lthy as kiwis or avqcados. ! ________________________________
5 The I A I When soonest I can finish my hom ework is 5 My American friend is meeting me at the airport in
9 p.m. I have to revise for a test tonight. New York.
6 And the award for th~s yea r's welf-dressed I
better-dressed I bes t-dressed man goes to ... 6 People wi ll always re member me as the on ly Ame rican
3 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar in my schoor.
meaning to, the first, using the words in capitals. '
0 Kinopu lse isn't quite as big as City Cinema. 3 Rewrite the sentem::es using the correct form of ha11e
SLIGHT!..Y/THAN something done.
City Ci nema is s.l~11t!.v. sl"-~.:1~kt tv.~:~"" Kinopulse. 0 The m illionaire bu ilt a ski-lift in his back garden.
1 We thi nk that this particular statue is uglier than all the The-m ill ionaire h!.!d" s~ 1.4: butl.t in his back-garden.
others. THE 1 Have you fixed your phone yet, Peter?
We think that this particular statue is _ __ _ _ __ Have you , Peter?
2 I think the first part of this film series was better than 2 George doesn't cut his hair very often.
the second and third parts. AS George very often.
Th e second and third parts of this fi lm series were 3 Lena d idn't wh iten her teeth because it was too
- - - - - -- t he first part. expensive.
3 The east coast is much closer to us than the west coast. Lena because it was too expensive.
NOT/ FROM 4 Gina pa ints her toenails with the American flag every
The east: coast is the west coast. Thanksg iving.
4 If you practise singing regularly, you'll get better every Gina with the American tlag every
day. MORE Thanks giving.
The singing, the better you 'll get. 5 Liam is removing t he tattoo from his arm next week.
5 Of all the food choices in t his shopping centre, these liam from his arm next vyeek.
burgers are the least healthy. THAN 6 Aneta cut her na ir extremely short last summer.
Any other food choice in this shopping centre is Aneta extreme ly short la·st summer.
------- these burgers.