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PPA 2.0 Workshop ©EEI 2017 Winter 2017

Corporate PPAs 2.0

Wednesday December 6, 2017
Metro Convention Centre Toronto
Environmental Energy Institute

Developers Corporations Regulators

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Is a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement in your future?

Event Description
This workshop will provide advanced knowledge on Corporate PPAs for renewable energy. Participants will gain an understanding of the
fast moving global CPPA markets as well the available mechanisms in the Canadian markets. Topics include contract structures and
terms, risk allocation, the role of tax incentives and carbon pricing in project economics, drivers and policy outlooks, hurdles and
opportunities to advancing CPPAs in Canada. Case studies will be used to demonstrate possible contract structures and terms. This
event will aim to identify available projects and mutually beneficial opportunities for wind farmers, corporations, and regulators.

• Establish a working group of developers, corporations, and regulators who are interested in collaboratively pursuing
CPPAs and defining their potential financial and environmental benefits in Canada.
• Educate developers and corporations on corporate renewable energy financing mechanisms such as green tariffs,
virtual, and physical PPAs.
• Evaluate the available mechanisms for engaging in CPPAs in Canada (regulated and deregulated markets).
• Educate participants on contract terms, structures, and risk allocation.
• Present case studies to evaluate the economics of CPPAs including carbon trading / pricing schemes and tax equity
• Discuss the role of utilities, and system operators in different Corporate PPA structures.
• Identify key drivers and discuss policy outlooks.
• Identify available projects and developers.

Who Should Attend?
• Corporations seeking to meet sustainability goals and secure energy price stability through the procurement of renewable
energy projects.
• Project developers looking for innovative financing for new developments or for a term extension beyond their original PPAs.
• Utilities seeking to understand their role in a changing energy landscape.
Corporate PPA 2.0 Workshop ©EEI 2017 Winter 2017


Time Topic
0900 Introduction to CPPAs & Global Examples
0930 Markets in Canada – what is possible?
• Regulated markets
• Deregulated markets
1000 Contract structures and terms
• Virtual PPAs (Contracts for differences)
• Tariff / Rider programs
• Net Settlement Instructions
• Aggregate deals
1030 Contract terms and allocation of risk
• Electricity generation / consumption
• Strike price
• Performance
• Curtailment
1100 Break
1130 Available incentives and the role of carbon
1200 Case study & mock contract exercise
1245 Establish working group priorities and wrap-up