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The Envir
My Dictionary hamster
1 Label the picture. fly


goldfish cat

guinea pig

2 Find fifteen animals.
D A G V Y A S N T parrot
I R A D U C K I E 4 Look at Exercise 1 and 2 and name …
O S F O C L E P R 1 … one animal that hasn’t got legs.
S H E E P U F O X 2 … two animals that live in water.
3 … three animals that fly.
4 … four animals that people eat.
3 Write the animals from Exercise 2 in the
correct column. 5 … five animals that eat plants.
wild animals farm animals
1 9
2 10
my words
3 11 Do you know more animal words?
4 12 Write them here.
5 13

6 14

7 15

Discover 8 extra words. Go to page 80. 31

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rt 4
The Game: Part
Talking Tips! 5 Joey wants a big dog; his sister Kay
1 Circle the correct meaning. wants a small dog. Their mum doesn’t want
a dog at all. Read the texts and decide who’s
1 honestly = sadly / truthfully speaking.
2 Shall I …? = Would you like me to …? /
Do you have to …? Joey Kay Mum
3 it’s no wonder = it’s really beautiful /
it isn’t surprising
If we have a dog, we’ll never go on holiday.
2 Complete the dialogue with sentences a–c. It won’t be easy to leave him and it won’t
be easy to travel with him. If it’s a big dog,
a Honestly. I know what I’m doing! he will cost a lot of money. Dog food is
b It’s no wonder they are snarling. expensive! If we have a dog, we’ll spend
c Shall I feed them? a lot of money on vet’s bills. And we’ll
Greg Those poor dogs haven’t got any space. probably need a cleaner too!
Jane 1
Greg They look hungry to me.
Jane 2 2
If we get a big dog, he’ll bark at
Greg Be careful, they bite! strangers. We’ll all feel safer. If we take
Jane 3 him for walks in the country, other
people won’t bother us. We’ll all keep
Zero and first conditional fit too.
3 Underline the zero conditional sentences.
1 If you want to buy a cat, get a black one. 3 If we get a dog, he’ll be company for me.
2 If you don’t like going for walks, a cat will go out alone. If he’s small, he’ll sleep in my room. He
3 If you don’t like mice, buy a cat. won’t be any trouble. He won’t need much
4 If you travel a lot, a cat will be an easy pet. exercise and if he’s small, he won’t eat
5 If your house is small, a cat won’t take up much space. much.
6 If you go away, leave some food for the cat.

4 Complete the sentences using the zero

1 If plants don’t have water, they die. (not have, die)
2 If we down trees, forests . (cut,
3 If you animals, they away
and . (frighten, run, hide)
4 If people documentaries, they
about the planet. (watch, learn)
5 If farmers more organic vegetables, they
cheaper. (grow, be)
6 If we less energy, we the planet.
(use, help)


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6 How about you? Write who you agree 9 Now read the article. Does it answer your
with. questions?

WILD ANIMAL Magazine, Spring

Parrot Alarm!
7 Choose an unusual pet: a snake, We often say that a dog is a
a spider or a lizard. Write three positive and three man’s best friend, but maybe
a parrot is even better?
negative things about it.
In the case of Nina Wilson,
If we have a , it will
it was her pet parrot,
Greengage, who saved her
life, while her dog, Brutus,
It won’t
slept at her feet.
Nina’s parrot, Greengage,
is well known for his ability
Reading to imitate different sounds. ‘If you walk past Nina’s
looking for information house, don’t be surprised to hear a chicken or a

hippo’, says a neighbour, Sally Biggs. Greengage

loves watching nature programmes and then
Before you read a factual text, think about what you practising the different sounds.
want to find out. Note down some general questions
about the subject. His ability turned out to be very useful when on the
night of May 13th a fire broke out in Nina’s kitchen.
Nina fell asleep in the living room while watching
8 Look at the photo and the article headline. television, and didn’t realise there was a fire. Brutus
What questions would you like the article to answer? was asleep too. Luckily, the sound that Greengage
decided on that night was that of a fire alarm. By the
WILD ANIMAL Magazine, Spring time his owner woke up, the fire was already in the

Parrot Alarm!
living room.
Fortunately, Nina and Brutus got out in time. And
Greengage? Because Nina couldn’t take the cage,
We often say that a dog is a
she opened the door and the bird flew out. So if
man’s best friend, but maybe
anyone hears a parrot barking in the trees, please
tell the police! Nina is desperate to find her hero!

10 True, false or doesn’t say?

1 The text talks about three pets. false
2 Greengage is 3 years old.
1 3 Sally is Nina’s neighbour.
2 4 Greengage can sing.
3 5 The fire broke out in the living room.
6 Brutus and Greengage are with Nina now.

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A Worl
rldd Without Bees
Plants 3 Choose the correct words.
1 Complete the words. 2 fl __ w __ r 1 If I had a problem, tell my parents.
a I’d b I’m c I’ll
2 I would be really angry if someone my mobile.
a steals b would steal c stole
1 tr e e 3 My friends would pass their exams if they
a study b studied c didn’t study
4 If Sue got bad marks, her parents would
3 tr __ nk worried.
4 r __ __ ts a be b been c were
5 I’d be really happy if I go to Australia.
a can b could c can’t
6 If Mike bought a new bike, I’d it from him.
5 st __ m a borrows b am borrowing c borrow
7 If you were famous, you be in magazines?
7 br __ nch a when b would c will
8 If I met Brad Pitt, I speak to him.
a won’t b wouldn’t c didn’t
9 We would be very happy if we didn’t the test
a have b had c has
10 If there any bees, what would we do?
a wasn’t b didn’t c weren’t
6 l __ __ f (l __ __ v __ s)
8 s __ __ ds 4 Write the sentences.
1 If scientists / stop / using chemicals, bees / live /
Second conditional longer.
2 Order the words to make sentences. If scientists stopped using chemicals, bees would
live longer.
1 wouldn’t bees have disappeared, If we
2 If bees / die, they / not pollinate / flowers.
honey .
If bees disappeared, we wouldn’t have honey.
3 Flowers / not produce / seeds if / bees / not
2 new I buy If camera money, had I’d a . pollinate them.

3 in France be if Would happy you lived 4 If / be / no seeds, there / be / no new flowers.

you ?
5 If / be / no fruit trees, there / be / no fruit.
4 a If bored, book was read Mark he’d .
6 Animals / die / if there / be / no food.
5 spider would If a had fly, he my it eat .

6 I’d help it ask if for couldn’t I do .


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5 Look at the prompts and write 8 Read the article and complete the gaps
sentences in the second conditional. with the expressions in the box. Sometimes more
than one answer is possible. There is one extra
1 no cars / people walk more
If there were no cars, people would walk more.
2 we live on the Moon / we wear spacesuits I believe I doubt In my opinion I’m sure
I think
3 people have wings / they fly

4 dogs talk / say ‘Hello!’ What can we do to stop climate change?

I believe we need to look carefully at what we are
6 Match the phrases 1–6 and a–f to doing to the planet. We are using too much energy
make questions. and producing a lot of rubbish and not doing
enough to stop it. If we want to find a solution, we
If you … must make changes in our everyday lives.
1 … won a plane ticket, d
2 … had £1,000, Firstly, 2 that if we stop using cars and start
3 … went to the best restaurant in town, using public transport more, we will save energy. We
4 … found a lost dog, could even cycle to school or to work! If we took
5 … went to London, more exercise we would be fitter and healthier.
6 … met your favourite star,
a what would you say to him / her? Secondly, 3 that we could all turn down our
b would you go by train? heating a little bit in winter and not really notice
c what would you buy? the difference. If you are cold, you can wear an
d where would you go? extra jumper. It isn’t really a problem!
e what would you eat?
f where would you take it? Finally, let’s take a new look at recycling.
Nowadays many of us recycle glass, plastic and
7 What about you? Answer the questions paper, but do we really need to produce all this
in Exercise 6. rubbish? 4 , if we didn’t buy so much,
1 we wouldn’t have to recycle so much.
2 So next time you are in a shop, think: do I really
3 need this? If the answer is no, don’t buy it! That
4 way we save energy and money too!

Writing 9 Write a paragraph giving your opinion on

expressing opinion how to save water. Use the expressions from the

‘expressing opinion’ box.

When you write a text in which you give your What can we do to save water?
opinion about something, use these phrases:
In my opinion … , I (don’t) think / believe / agree
(that) … , I’m (not) sure (that) … , I doubt (that) …


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rt 2
The Show: Part
Zero, first and second conditional Giving advice
1 Change the underlined words, so that the 4 Help Kirstie! Match the sentence halves.
sentences are true for you.
1 If I had a pet, it would be a spider.

2 If I went to the cinema, I’d see a romantic film.

3 If I go abroad, I’ll go to England first.

4 If I didn’t have school today, I’d stay in bed.

5 If it’s late when I get up, I run to school. I can never remember my lines.

1 You shouldn’t a I’d record them.

2 Circle the correct form of the verb. 2 You should b get so nervous.
3 If I were you, c say them aloud.
1 I would walk / walked to school if I didn’t have a bike.
2 If the shops closed at weekends, we would all bought
/ buy less. My costume doesn’t fit me!
3 If you tell the teacher, she will help / helped you.
4 My parents will come with us if we ask / asked them.
4 If I were you, d wear a different one.
5 If I were you, I will / would finish my work today.
5 You should e so much.
6 He wouldn’t stop / stopped the game if it rained.
6 You shouldn’t worry f I’d shorten it.
3 Complete the sentences with the correct form
of the verbs in brackets. I saw a ghost!
1 Adam wants to go to a football match but he’s got an
exam in the morning. 7 You should g I’d forget about it.
If he didn’t have to (not have to) study, he ’d go (go) to 8 If I were you, h tell anybody.
the match. 9 You shouldn’t i keep calm.
2 Kirstie is going to an open air concert. 5 Write sentences using if I were you and
They always (cancel) the concerts if
you should / shouldn’t.
it (rain).
3 Mike wants to have the leading role in the show but take a friend sell the tickets
he can’t sing. celebrate with the class buy a camera
If he (can) sing, he (have) the tell anyone go in winter
leading role.
4 There’s a trip to the theatre in London on Friday.
Anna I’ve won a trip to New Zealand!
If they (take) the train, they (not
Mum 1
You should take a friend with you.
pay) much. 2
5 I have a lot of pets.
Dad 3
If I (not feed) them, they (be) 4
Brother 5
6 Chris is in a play at the weekend. 6
If he (remember) his lines on stage,
he (be) very happy.

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6 Read Ivan’s problems. Give him some advice 8 Circle the correct words.
using if I were you and you should / shouldn’t. 1 Wear a scarf; it could get sunny / chilly.
1 I’m not very good at English. 2 The children are staying inside today, it’s
If I were you, I’d … freezing cold / cloudy.
You should … 3 Is it rainy / warm enough to swim?
4 I don’t cycle to school in foggy / snowy weather.
2 I’m often late for school.
9 Read the text. Did Candy have a good time?

3 I haven’t got many friends.

Hi Tom,
The concert last night was OK but we were freezing
cold at the end. If you decide to go tomorrow, take an
4 I’m in a school football team and I can’t play extra jumper and a raincoat.
football! I don’t know if you have the tickets yet, but it
shouldn’t be too difficult to get them, not with this
5 I’d like to be an actor one day. I didn’t buy the CD, it was too expensive, but if you
see it, get it for Vinnie, he’ll pay you on Saturday.
Anyway, if I were you, I’d stay at home and see it all on
6 I want a new mobile but I haven’t got enough
money. Call me if you have time!

7 Match the words with the pictures. 10 Choose the correct answers.
1 Candy was at …
chilly rainy cloudy freezing cold sunny a an open air concert.
foggy warm stormy snowy windy b an indoors concert.
c a sports match.
2 The weather was …
a chilly.
b sunny.
1 chilly 2 3 c freezing cold.
3 It shouldn’t be too difficult to …
a decide to buy a jumper.
b buy tickets for the concert.
c go when the weather is better.
4 5 6 7 4 Candy didn’t buy the CD because it was …
a not very good.
b not cheap enough.
c not for sale.
5 Candy thinks that Tom should …
8 9 10 a go to the concert with Vinnie.
b take sunglasses to the concert.
c stay at home and watch the concert on TV. 37

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Let’s Revise!
Vocabulary Grammar
1 Circle the odd one out. 4 Match the sentence halves.
1 budgie sheep parrot duck 1 If it rains, a they sting!
2 monkey horse lion giraffe 2 If we had more money, b we’ll go to the cinema.
3 zebra goldfish guinea pig hamster 3 If you frighten bees, c go to bed.
4 goldfish duck tiger hippo 4 If I didn’t get so nervous, d we’ll stay inside.
5 pig cow fly chicken 5 If you are tired, e I would go on stage.
6 zebra horse cow snake 6 If you pass your test, f we’d visit New York.

2 Complete the puzzle. 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form
1 It grows on a branch and it’s green. l _ _ _ of the verbs in the zero, first or second conditional.
2 They’re part of a tree that grows under the 1 If everybody scared of bees, we wouldn’t
ground. r _ _ _ _ any honey. (be, have)
3 New plants grow from them. s _ _ _ _ 2 If all bees , plants will . (die,
4 It’s thick, long and brown, but it’s not a branch. disappear)
t____ 3 If he really a dog, he would
5 The plural of word in number 1. l _ _ _ _ _ one. (want, buy)
6 Leaves and flowers grow from this. s _ _ _ 4 If I this exam, I’ll a computer
course. (pass, start)
3 Complete the sentences with the words in the /14
freezing cold chilly windy stormy
6 Order the words in sentences a–c and match
warm foggy snowy rainy
them with the situations 1–3.
1 All the leaves fell of the trees on that 1 It’s freezing cold outside.
Saturday. 2 My computer keeps switching off.
2 The clouds were black and the night was 3 I’m so scared of the dark!
. a a if I’d buy I new you one were .
3 There was ice on the windows and the bedroom
was . b at scary you watch night shouldn’t films .
4 It was too to see the house across
the road.
c warmer wear a you scarf should .
5 It’s really beautiful when it’s –
everything’s so white.
6 It’s quite outside – better wear /6
a scarf.
7 Children like to play outside when it’s
. Your score Your total score
8 I don’t like getting wet, so I always stay at home /40
in weather.
31–40 21–30 0–20


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