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Is this all reality, people who have shifted can give the best response:

Benefits of becoming a PR holder

1. A permanent resident and accompanying dependents can live, work and study in any
one of the ten provinces or three territories within Canada.

2. Permanent residents kids have the right to free education up to the age of 18.
Higher education is highly subsidized.

3. Free medical benefits for family members.

4. Families with children under 18 receive monthly government payments (Child

development expenses) to help with basic necessities.
Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Canada Pension Plan.

5. Apply for Canadian citizenship.

6. You can sponsor eligible family members to come to Canada and get permanent
residency here.

7. Unemployment allowance. If any PR holder loses his job for any valid reason,
he/she will be receiving 70-75% of the last drawn CTC as unemployment funds until
he/she joins the next job.

8. Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

9. PR allows the holder to move freely from province to province.

10. Spouse is also eligible to work on the basis of the same VISA.

11. Canadian government allows the PR holder to have multiple entries. But the PR
holder needs to carry the PR card during the travel.