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Gayatri Vidya Parishad College for Degree & P.

G Courses (Autonomous)

(Affiliated to Andhra University)

Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam

School of computer applications


This is certified that the project report entitled MacroMedia

flash -player project on “Parents Love” the bonafied record of project work carried out by
J.SRILEKHA (Regd. No. PG161706009), a student of this college, during the academic
year2016-2018,in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of ”
Master of Science in Computer Sciences”.

Project guide: Head of the Department:

Smt.P.Ratna Pavani Dr.I.S.Pallavi

Assistant professor Professor &HOD


Sri.P.Venkata Rao

Associative professor

External examiner
Macromedia Flash-Mini Project Report On

Parents Love





Under the guidance of

Smt. P. Ratna Pavani

Assistant professor


Sri P.Venkata Rao

Associate professor

Department of Computer Applications

Gayatri Vidya Parishad

College For Degree and PG Courses(Autonomous)

(Affiliated to Andhra University)



The project title is “Parents love”. From the childhood onwards our parents
give so much of love and show care towards us . They will fulfil all our needs
without any objection . Even after we settle in our life they will not stop
showing their love . We don’t understand there values we start ignoring them
.We don’t even care about their health .We forget all the past and we join them
in old age home .As our children grow to our age they will repeat same actions
then we will realise our parents value ,love.
Macro media flash:

Flash is an authoring tool that designers and developers use to create

presentation , applications, and other content that enables user interaction. Flash
projects can include simple animation, video content, complex presentations,
applications, and everything in between. In general, individual pieces of content
made with flash are called applications, even though they might only by a basic
animation. You can make media-rich flash application by including by
including pictures, sound, video, and special effects.

Flash is extremely well suited to creating content for delivery over the internet
because its files are very small. Flash achieves this through is extensive use of
vector graphics. Vector graphics require significantly less memory and storage
space than bitmap graphics because they are represented by mathematical
formulas instead of large data sets. Bitmap graphics are larger because each
individual pixel in the image requires a separate piece of data to represent it.

Action script introduction:

Action script code is the programming code you can add to flash documents to
make them respond to user interaction and to more finely control the behaviour
of your flash documents. Much can be accomplished in flash without action
script, but action script offers many more possibilities.

Action script 2.0 is a familiar model for creating objects-oriented programs.

Action script 2.0 implements several objects-oriented concepts and keywords
such as class, interface, and packages that will be familiar to you if you have
programmed with java.


Mother : A Gift from God.


She feels so happy for giving birth to a child.


She asks her children’s about their routine life and show lot of care towards
them , even though her day was tough.


She fulfils her children’s each and every wish.


When her children fights she controls.


She tries to teach them moral values in life.


Her son proposes a girl.


He married a girl and he came to home without telling her mother . She didn’t
expect this from her son.


His wife complaints him “ I can’t bare your mom , send away”


Because of his wife he sends his mother to old age home.


After 2 years he was blessed with girl child.


He was so happy with his family , he don’t even met his mother nor take care
of her.


He totally forgot his mother. And there his mother was thinking about her son
who just her by listening his wife words.

He maintained a strong relationship with his daughter. He loved her



And as the years passed away his daughter has grown up and she was busy with
her own life.


One day he observed that his daughter is going in a wrong direction and warned
her, he asked about her studies .


One day his daughter married a boy without his permission ,and then throwed
her out of the home.


He was deeply hurt because of his daughter, that she has cheated him after
giving her unconditional love.


Then he realised that how he hurted his mother.


He met his mother immediately and he said sorry to her and requested her to
come back to home.


She forgive him ,they returned home happily.


His wife also maintain pure relationship with his mother till end…


Love and respect your parents ,they love u till “Death”


“Don’t leave your parents in old age homes love them. We are so busy
growing up that we forget that they are also growing old.”