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This Declaration of Trust is made and executed this ______ day
of_____________ 2019 at _____________, by and between :

GRACE P. BLAIR of legal age, filipino, Married , and a resident of

Oton, Iloilo, hereafter referred to as “ TRUSTOR” ;

NORMA C. FONTIVEROS of legal age, filipino, single and a resident of
Estancia, Iloilo, hereafter referred to as the “TRUSTEE”.

WHEREAS , the TRUSTEE is the registered owner of a parcel
of land located at Milan, Sibunag, Guimaras,with an area of Thirty
Thousand (30,000) square meters, more or less, with Katibayan ng
Orihinal na Titulo Blg. F6-2603. More Particularly described as :
LOT NO. 6698-D, Csd-06-008308
Identical to Lot 8189; Psc. 40
Jordan Guimaras
Beginning at a point marked “1”of LOT NO. 6698-D, Cad-06-008308,
identical to Lot 8189, Psc. 40 being S. 73-40 E., 5610.90 m. from BLLM.
No. 1, Psc. 40, Jordan, Guimaras to corner 1, thence: S. 06-09 W., 71.29
m. to point 2;
N. 85-57 W., 219.00 m. to point 3;
N. 39-43 E., 175.21 m. to point 4;
N. 22-08 E., 23.01 m. to point 5;
S. 84-00 E., 190.00 m. to point 6;
S. 46-20 W., 116.83 m. to point 1;
point of beginning.
Containing an area of THIRTY THOUSAND (30,000) SQUARE METERS
more or less. All points are marked on the ground by P.S. cyl. conc. mons.
Bounded on the SE, along line 1-2 by Lot 4027; on the S., along line 2-3 by
Lot 6698-C, Cad-06-008308, identical to Lot 8188; on the SW., & NW.,
along line 3-4-5 by Lot 4026; on the NE., along 5-6 by Lot 6698-E, Csd-06-
008308, identical to Lot 8190; and on the NE., along line 6-1 by Lot 4027;
Road Lot. x x x
NOW ,THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:
1. The TRUSTEE hereby acknowledges:
1.1. The absolute title and ownership of the TRUSTOR over
the property;
1.2. His role as TRUSTEE and agent of the TRUSTOR to
hold naked title of the property in behalf of the TRUSTOR.

2. Taxes due on the property shall be paid by the TRUSTOR.

3. The TRUSTOR shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the

TRUSTEE, and/or his representative from and against any loss,
liabilities , damages, claims, actions , costs, and expenses arising from
or as a consequence of the TRUSTEE’S holding of the property in trust
for the TRUSTOR, and for all acts performed by the TRUSTEE
pursuant to the instructions of the TRUSTOR.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this

___________day of
______________ in ___________________.

Grace P. Blair Norma C. Fontiveros

Trustor Trustee



The parties. whose name and personal circumstances are stated

above, personally appeared before me this ____________in the City
of__________________, presented the foregoing Declaration of Trust,
signed the same in my presence and affirmed under oath to the
correctness of the contents or allegations of the same. The parties were
identified by competent evidence of identity appearing below their name.
Doc. No. ___;
Page No. __;
Book No. __;
Series of 2019.