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Detailed Lesson Plan

Mapeh Grade-10
(Physical education)

I. Objectives
After this lesson, the students will be able to:
1. define cheer dance and its style;
2. appreciate cheer dance as part of the culture in today`s generation;
3. enumerate the essentials steps of cheer dance; and
4. demonstrates the essential skills of cheer dancing by adding a variation and

II. Subject matter

Topic: Cheerdance
Subtopic: Essential steps of cheerdance
Reference: Grade-10 Physical Education and Health Learning materials pages 139-
161, Internet
Materials: Visual Aid, laptop and projector, music for audio, videos
Subject area: Physical Education

Awareness in cheerdancing that may help them to give importance
from their health and to be physically fit.

III. Procedure

A. Routinary Activities

Teacher`s Activity Student`s Activity

 Greetings

- Good morning class!

- Good morning sir
 Prayer

- ________ will you lead the prayer?

(the students will pray)
 Checking of Attendance

- Is there anybody absent for today?

- No one sir.
- Very good! It seems that all of you are
interested for our today`s discussion.
- Yes sir.
 Checking of Assignment

- Last meeting I gave you an assignment,

- Yes sir.
- So bring out your notebook and pass it
forward. (the students will pass their assignment)

B. Review of the Past Lesson

- Before we start our lesson for today, let

us make a short review about our topic
last meeting.

- What is Street dance? Yes________? - Okay sir.

- Street dance refers to dance

styles that have evolved outside
- Very good! How about the styles of of dance studios.
street dance? Yes______?
- Sir we have B-Boying, Popping,
Locking, Krumping, Tutting,
Shuffling, and Waacking.
- Excellent! How about the Hip-hop
dance? Yes_____? - Hip-hop is a cultural movements
best known for its impact on
music in the form of the musical
genre of the same name.
- Alright Very good! It seems that all of
you understand our previous lesson.