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About Drugs Reasons people may use drugs

Drugs are chemical substance that,  Everybody else is doing it. I

when inhaled, injected, smoked, want to fit in.
consumed, absorbed via a patch on the  My life is stressful. Drugs
skin, or dissolved under the tongue help me cope.
causes a physiological change the way  I was curious.
a person’s body work.  I am not addicted. I can stop
Alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, aspirin and at any time.
nicotine are all drugs.  I saw it on television or in

Drugs and Financial Problems

The street price of illicit drugs changes
depending on availability and market
trends. The cost of purchasing drugs
can lead to financial problems for both
occasional and regular users.

Why Drugs are Bad for you?

Drugs can cause great harm to your
body, especially once you are addicted.
Drug addiction can cause hair loss,
bad breadth, stained teeth, liver
disease and lead to brain damage.
However, it is not your health. Drug
also affect one’s behavior, making
them aggressive and violent.
“Drug addiction is a
About Us
self- punishing
Published by: Health Service
Executive disease that ruins
Publication date: April 2019 mental,
Review date: April 2019 psychological and
Address: N-Block Sabzazar, Lahore physical health.”
Phone: 0300-1234567

It is never too late to turn back. We Short Term Effects
are here to help. Let us help and What if I know that drugs
make your life better and happy again are being sold or stolen?  Dilation of pupils
the way it was before. Let us bring
 Increase in heart rate and blood
your family back to you and all the Drug abuse and drug dealing are
ones you love and care.
serious problem that should be  Increase in body temperature
Drug Addiction is a family disease. handle by qualified and sweating
One person may use but the whole professionals. If you suspect that  Dizziness
family suffers. a drug deal is in progress do not  Drowsiness
intervene on your own. Contact  Intense sensory experiences –
security or notify the police. bright colors sharper sounds
 Distorted sense of space and
 Tension and anxiety leading to
panic attacks

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