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Bacnor National High School conducted the yearly Earthquake Drill to the
students for their preparedness and safety if there are earthquakes to happen.

The activity provides guidance for conducting and preparing an

emergency response plan and drill regimen in the school. This is done to know
the contributing factors, such as a school's locality and its structural strength,
play an important role in determining the most effective emergency response
plan for the school. For this reason, the school provides a complete or
appropriate guidance to emergency plan preparation for the students.

The school conducts this earthquake drill before or after school, when
there were few other school students present to disrupt or distract from the
activities. Mr. Bingo G. Alipio, the Earthquake Drill Coordinator conducted the
said drill. The drill was coordinated with the knowledge of school officials to
prevent falsely alarming other students or educators that may be present.
The students perform the annual earthquake drill as they immediately rush outside
upon hearing the bell of the school which implies that there is an earthquake.
The activity is successfully conducted as the students actively participate following the
fundamentals of Earthquake Drill with the guidance of the teachers.
Mr. Bingo G. Alipio, the Faculty President and Earthquake Drill Coordinator lectures the
students and reminds them of the proper ways on how to be safe during the occurrence
of earthquakes.