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ABSTRACT: Security is the primary concern for the everyone. People often lose their lives
by because of poor emergency facilities in case of unattended accidents. Prevention of the
accidents taking place on roads is not possible but at least the after effects can be minimized
sensors are attached to the controller. In case of collision, sensor gets activated and GSM will
send notification to nearest hospital, police station, relatives. With the space navigation system
GPS locates position of vehicle when accident has occurs. Not only security vehicles need
some of the addition features so that the user can feel comfortable using the system with
different applications. Prevention is the main thing to choose in the module to avoid the chances
for collisions. Night time driving is the main cause for the accidents due to glare. To reduce
this effect automatic light sensitive controllers are used. Reckless driving is another cause
which should be diminished to avoid accidents virtual driving mechanism is introduced in
module to avoid risks in emergency conditions.
The development of transportation system has been the generative power for human beings to
have the highest civilization above creature in the earth. Automobile has a great importance in
our daily life. We utilize it to go our workplace keep in touch with our Friends & family and
deliver our goods. Traffic is on the rise as the demand for vehicle day by day. So transportation
plays a vital role in the recent years the increase in the demand of alert systems for increase the
security of the user.
The demand has been accelerated by rapid development of IoT technology. The
simplest way of detecting an accident, there by shanning the location which can be
implemented by using this module. This module utilize the capability of a GPS receiver for
collision detection and processed by microcontroller by using GSM network to "Alert".
Different applications are included in the module for specific managing tasks using sensors for
the safety of the user.
The usage of auto mobiles has improved linearly over the past decade, which increased in the
risk of human life. This is because due to the insufficient emergency facilities .In this paper we
are using a alarm system which helps in improving the emergency system of the accident
system. This system detects the accident occurrence and the co-ordinated of the accident are
messaged to the rescue team .A switching system is used switch off in case there are no
causality. The Accident is detected with the help of MEMS Sensor and Vibration Sensor. The
Angle in which the car has rolled off is indicated through a message. This Application helps in
providing feasible solution to the poor emergency facilitates.
It enhances the value of the different products to the user level with the increase of the user
perspective towards the desired outcomes, there is a random and simultaneously furtherance of
the products. The utilizing modules for the vehicle driving assistance and collision avoidance
and up to the standard of one generation the technology. With the rapid increase in it. There
are many updates are provided. Some of the modules are commercially. There is lot of
difference existed for the commercial and non-commercial devices. The device main motto is
to having the process of sending the location of the accident to the pre-assigned phone numbers
that can be open through maps.
Here the location is going to the pre-desired numbers of relatives/friends if they can’t
access the link and can’t relate with the nearest hospital to the effected person the life of user
will lost. Increase in the population results in increase in the vehicles used the parking area &
slots are increased simultaneously. Parking the cars in the assigned slots in parking area and
retrieving is difficult in wide ranges. It is difficulty faced by the user defying the rules and
regulations of the road transporting system and taking risky decisions with a reckless driving
leads to collisions. There is a snag in night time driving where the user feels edgy with the glare
effect. The over brightness of the other vehicles cause an effect to the user which leads to
vexation makes the user to muddle.
We have presented the module approach for accident detection applicable both for new
models or pre existed vehicles. Out method of reducing collision modules abandon IoT, it is
comprehensive and doesn't require expensive components. We have successfully implemented
an IoT module using ARDUINO, this approach is not feasible but also impractical. In all cases,
our technology successfully detected all the sorts for the danger. The focus of our future
research with be improved diagnostic resolution in order to support the module to bring it to a
range to facilitate the user. Future Vehicles are going to be increasingly susceptible to no speed
limitations. The impact of these module is likely to be essential. The goals of the module will
be fulfilled with the increase in the technology.