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We Key Pattern Good morning. This is H-tech. Sz DAS AS PS We “Good moming,” “Hello,” “Hi,” $9] @hS FHL Ay9S Gow GLU, ola] 149 Qo] “Thisis ee BOS GUC, wave AGS) AS ~UUyp eT Be WE DS SAS Sch, “This is speaking,” “This is Huh Moo-Hae,” 42] Bo|Z, *Good morning. This is KEM Company. Prete, KEM AFRILICE, * Good morning. This is SAMS Co. PHAeIIG, SAMS APILICH, IOP AGM == a = ~@Yp > CE AR OSS cM wee ot Hello. This is Mr. Thomas's phone. hs aI, > 38 Sen 22 ve Whoim) would you like to speak to? oi = ROMLIAT > seb AaoeHe HEI IS mH Hello, May | ask who's calling, please? OUEIAIS, Saale PALA? Mission 01 Seieo1 Sele02 Good afternoon. Thank you for calling H-tech. May | help you? PISS H-HAQUC, PAS SoCaae? 7idiehd By Sed aS We oS wel VS Aaa ae RAN at ef IR BPE Yq, o}7)o} “MayT help you?” “How can help you?” “How mayl help you?” $5] EBS gold Such + Good afternoon. Thank you for calling Jae-il Semiconductor Co. How can | help you? PHS, MO PSMIRILICL Pots SoHee7 * Good afternoon. Thank you for calling DM Technology What can I do for you? USSWIA OM FSASST\IL\c, Sts Scars? Hello, H-tech, Personnel Department, Jason speaking. PESSIIA H-HA RAMAS) MOISBILICE ‘eyhe ~ SU Yer a HE aE AM OB eas SU, el ep) Adaiida}9|olBS Biel, + Hello, H-tech, Finance Department, Jane speaking. QHSSINI, H- ESE AEP) APOIIL| CH, + Hello, H-tech, this is George from the Sales Department. PHSSHNIZ, HES SEO) AKL Pattern 01 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. 1. A: Hello. PASSING. ME a MeBIRILICh B: Hi. Isn't Mr. Simpson in? PASSA HE i EIRILIDIE 2. A: Mason Co., Finance Department, QNSEINIS, MOIS A} ANAS! OFOeIL ICH, B: Hi. This is Mary from the Accounting Department. QNSINIR, S17ERO! OaISLLICL 3. A: Good morning. Thank you for calling BM Digital Cameras. QHSSIL BM CLXIS! 7io}2iol iol AIM QARILICL, OH BS SLOAL IA? B: Hello. I'd like to speak with Mr. Smith. SIMI, ADIA AIS} Bale NALICI ads Co,, Ltd., Inc. 0] OB] HE? SUL OB Fol BE OIE SIN] SSS LEH. + Co. = Company 2i Ot, HANS XIRIaH HENO! OLE + Corp, = Comporation® SFA), He! HS we [PA] BI ‘Inc, = neorperations| FA}, #8t [74] SA (OI5H| Be) + Ltd, = Limes) 3h, $8! [A] BIAb (Al Bs) 919] KE SHE Hal ISM? CoE company, Corp. corporation, Inc, [ink], Ltel = limited HeLIe, Mission 01 We Key Pattern Just a moment, please. I'll connect you now. ‘(he BSH) Use UAH ee KE 7H Ft comec: GEE AD EVA, BAY witht to7} WeHBTVE WAT, we] ‘connect you,’ “connect you to+¥}#IS A ‘connectyou with + UPBS ARE 2] Yes ALES Ch, + Just a moment, please. I'll connect you with Jae-Jin right away. AIRE JICHRMS2, MAR! MISH SA Cast SPRELICL + Just a moment, please. I'll connect you as soon as Mr. Michael's line is free. MAIR! ICV, OHO ul Sah SUAS che Satay SAlzSLIch, BAO AG em — eee = @ > STI OUAPIEA Se ot How may | direct your call? Oo 8 UH Sema? > uid vise oat Sat Ms. Jane Myers can be reached at ext. 246. aie ojlols we] Wabise 2eozietlc D Mi a B Hols BPS cule ABYSS wes S of In case you get disconnected, please call at 334-5555. A a7} Bein 34-5555 ZOHAN, ext, M22 (extensions) opt Mission 01 Ssme02 Please hold while | put you through. ‘asst Sele Set Jie FQAe, ut you through(to someone) “Ha A)A MU} Ae EOS BAVA BS] ele EQQUO, 0171 32 Ae) 8S We ‘te HS Aes geele BU. O|md, through2} WR°] 47] GHeu|A, th-= AY49} OFS A}oloy BS teh a ot a Sheed ey, * Please stay on the line while | put you through, SNefel Sele Set 7ichal Fale * Please wait while | put you through to her. Asty| Bie Sek Se 7 [clei FUALe. Hold the line a moment. I'll transfer your call to the Sales Department. BARE II FAIS The SURE Bacalsuch, AS SISAL S ol SS wanslerS AASe71= GU. BAN connect Ze] ARB Gou)>] eh, Bale) A Gour all} S FAS Hae AV} ss. BT 2, WS SASS BUCS transfer Gl dire} HE HU, *Please hold. |'ll transfer your call to the Marketing Department. AA! Ica BAIS, Wa oie SAcaRSuich, *Hold the line a second, please. I'll direct your call to the operator. BARE ZI PAIS, ae Bist Caltech, Patter 02 Check-up ThE HSio] MIZES aa, Bree, 1. A: Good morning. Can | speak to Ms. Mason? PSS MOIS AS) Salat > ROUT ate Sah Ber Icha SHALL, 2. A: Hello. I'd like to speak with Sean, please. CUSSINIR, MB} Bisa ASLICL B: Just a moment, please. | please call at 200-1234. AIG! 71! SAAD. SAL Hi7t BoINe! 200— 1204H9= Bol-Al2| wiRILICL 3. A: Hello. H-tech. USSR, H-EISUILICL Of HS BH SIO? B: This is Chris Henderson and |'m trying to reach Mr. Min. Wie SAIA BICIAOAID siLels, oI Ma Beisin HOLICL ext. 2465 HE HEISE AN SLY HE B71 GEILE ext, 2462 extension number two four sk BE BLICL 334-5955E three thirty four, fy tive, tity fiver! S APY QU7/S aI, ‘2APY three thee four five tive fe tak BE SE SSL, alee d0B6Y BF, 08 zero SF [ou] YS 7) HALICL ER, SEO RA} ABO! LIS HE doubles BOAR Mission 01 We Key Pattern I'm sorry, but he has just stepped out. sik) at OPIS MICE HS FOS seep outohe BAS Bo] Beg) a O1GS step) “SEF EHS Ko] 7] BYE, Boi wea rb] Be et step] BAR? ER 7 APS] o}p] APIS LST giche ze Bach] 91a ae Shave + BAS PAY AAS eke AE Sep lL wth, SVs) aes vl OLR RGHOF MICHA “for BAP UE “to RAYS 2 uch, «I'm sorry, but the sales manager has just stepped out for a business lunch. LICle, Bel Bade BA ssi. wa LH + Sorry, but the deputy manager has just stepped out to meet a client. AISSLICHeL, RAE aaLopA Ht na > Se Ae) sian? He has gone home for the day. Would you like to leave a message? (ae SPsHEde, HAI 2 D Me Aol cla wae WE FoR He's on another line now. May | take a message? at at Bolu. ALN 2? > SWE Tet ABS Be dE Yo? I'm afraid he's no longer working here. ain, THN SINEHLALIC, Mission 01 I'm afraid he is not in atthe moment. ASYM THB 2 AI at eSLIC, ‘Tem afreid ~E “(Sea Gate!) ~21 a Be “FBABAL~ oe Re |B NBL AI ole RAE, "someone isnotinCout]~' a Hal *eIeh oR), 2 aed BL DaUELS Ko] take A AIS vig ZH Sol a the momen Bo)a Gey. KA not qe ivout 2 is off Iola appl Ss aed, + |'m afraid the president is out at the moment. AIanIAts Ala Qa) A BBLICh, + I'm afraid the vice president is off today. FEARS SPEIME SS A7HIUC. I think he just left the office. Ua Aiae LOKI at wee, Tam afraido} BH7}7]2 I thinks tae Be] Sol '~el A Day AD Sn] SAT H USC. ‘APS ACY Ae ALS step out GHAI leaves] BAB left} °F3"2] JO}S 7-2 just’S VA} just left, just stepped out $92 FW4ey. *| think he just left the building. wa 218 LOH! ai ZaLiCh, *| think he just left the board room. #2 FNS L7H! at VaLIel, Patter 03 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. o sd tll A: Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr. Rooney. USS FL Als) Saisie YeUCh, B: Hello, Do you have a message? DESIR FL Ws SIBEHRALICE OIE eI LBIOIS? A: Is Mr. Watson still in the meeting room? SEE MIM OF BOHOL TIKIT? B: Do you want me to find him? WE SS U7 A eee, xt SOLER? A; Can | speak to the representative officer? THE OfD} Salat > S1B7187 May | take a message? BPOIIES UA LN 2 BELG, 2 SoHE? tid ANAS Ses WL Hol AS ut Arto] wSo| Seka. Salo] FBS AE “ee ain w Moy “oY mig."aD Bate BAR QOS SESVI HS AS Saleh aOHF= WHO] BALICh 2 SAV} SZ THD HE SHS HSH Borel Sieclia, HS Sol, DS Baie AHO] AF Bat Mel BIA “D for dog’ olalD SHON Mission 01 We Key Pattern May I call you back in a minute? FH SE Mayl~'4 “Canly BES a HA | AS 2” eRe 40]= call you backS Such, back*eHe Tele #27} F Gat Ve “1 HF oe E MOVE “Give itback to me(Y BE] 27] SAF)" AY “SE AS eh SPo7} Ihe AS SPILL, + May | call you back in a few minutes? Ai7b SIA) HOH] Ch) 8} Sage SASL A? *Can | call you back on your cell in a minute? XI7F BAL SO CHESS Chl Ms} Sag SRISLINT DAoHAGN 2 Le ~ @ > CHAI oh Atecl Sow HSE OS a What number can | reach you at? J ean't talk with you for long. 2ah Baie} le 4 @euc, > Yor So chal eorezin at a? You caught me at a bad time. Would you mind calling me back in an hour? 12, HAZ ROL CLA WOENAIOIE? Mission 01 I'll get back to you soon. BAL Go CHAI cial SebveLich, ‘S}Sei Fey’ Ah EA get back S AE Sal} SHUT Se], get back tosomeone © ‘-o17] St] SHES eh a Eoltot BAR Se EA.a, 8 setback AA] recur 4 SSA, Takes B47} your call PAYA, TAH) “Tm retumning your call" JeRS @ Qavte, *1'll get back to you in a second, BAL FON CHAI 2a} Seateuich, +1'll get back to you ina few minutes. BAL FON CHA 228} Selaecich, Would you mind if I call you back in a minute? OME CH 28} Soe SL? ‘Mey IY Bo} Bo FSH] RAE ‘HE AS Aalduyi?’ Be SA ‘Would you mind if~? FZE $+ YE, ole] mind= ‘WelePes Fojpe FIGD AVE aS “Yes” ae]2] Qo} AWE AL “No, Notatall” ES ‘OF course not,”4@ not} not?] SHS AS 7148p] a, * Would you mind if! call you back around four p.m. this afternoon? OMT SAS ALE CHAI T} SPlS BYE * Would you mind if! call you back as soon as | am done with this call? Ni} KIS SS} SOlIAL SSI} BLIMO|R) CAI Wa} Sal aHALALALIMI? _ Patter 04 Check-up ThE HSio] MIZES aa, Bree, 1. A: Good morning. This is Tim Davis from LM Electronics. PSS LM SHS! @ HORLABILICY B: Oh, Mr. Davis. Sorry. t L OF HORA A, SS SICL2, AI 01 KI} ANOS CHA 2 2. A: Ms. Cho? This is Jim from Kimberly Co. % ea? He gal Ao) BOLE B: Hi.I'm sorry, Jim, but I've got another customer on the other line. 1 USsHe 2 oletete| 7} CE nee} Sat SOVIEL, Se NDE CHAI 19} Sate Sine? CHS AL EO BI Moe Ao} CPio} 5187 B: Please call me at 333-1220. 333-1220492 BAND ts ll “Would you~" 2] BSS [P7~]! 22 UA} NEES SHE WSS ub SztSal [2] BYOl SUC, IE AS AVE So WSS Habe bieto} a= Saal. Would you (S lela Waele esin -dot yS sta (SR]2 YSatol BLL mind & [CHS |7+ ojL42h [ake] Oz Mission 01 We Key Pattern You have the wrong number. PIPSE SWBA PLY AWE “AAS WE BAch eke REE “Sel ASVSS Bt VFLR"S BWVIE Mid, 4au Bis SE a AR “You have the worng number,” {E73 Becha cha: ZY. BUM SS Q2ZE ‘Tthink~ UY ‘Tm sony, but~,’ ‘Sony,~’S ge] Hee ALAA, | think you have the wrong number. ste BE AW A BIS * Sorry, you have the wrong number. OzternIel, RSS BS AMUIG. 2AM emer > a Ae aia ae a There's no one here by that name. oil 23 ot AIM, > saves Hos) sain 2 You should double-check the number. HeiMem CIN fh tot Bers, D AcHwol He S17} Sal SAI OLED at It's not our company that you are looking for. aI SOAS SA} Ole ch Mission 01 You must have dialed the wrong number. ‘Mat BS AMSUCH diak@ ‘(@HS} B24) HAW cla Go| “AHS ep ae HOw ASG He AG Veeaa, VA FSS US 2A must AGA ‘must t have + SPRY) FBS | HE Neo, Alea gael FSA BY HW] B+ 3 SBE Tin aftaidT thinks RE] ASRS Zo] SSH. BITE muse ves OA 2 Gul eia gape blaqjulein B44 genie, «I'm afraid you must've dialed the wrong number. Os aR AY A Pee, “I think you must've dialed the wrong number. Wa BE AM A gece, You must have looked up the wrong number. THHSS SE AONELIC. BHIEE AE ROE DISS BUTT EAS, 8 RY AL RA lookup $4y aaees ae Roa "eD Ee T ISUA, + I'm afraid you must have looked up the wrong number. MHSS WE HOA ASU * Sorry, you must have looked up the wrong number. OINIAR!, HSS BR ROA! 2 ule, Check- up Che Aso] BIZbS AP Beg, 1. A: Is this Venice Pizza? MILLA opie? HEIMSS BR LOM AVAL 2. A: Could | speak to Dr. Klinsmann, please? SRIAD! WAldDt Sete 4 eig7197 B: I'm afraid you must have dialed the wrong number. PRIS BE 7M A GUE. OFF] ete PeAILICL, 3. A: Hello. Jules? This is Carlos. 2g, BA? LU 7IBBAOL vie sa! rN ‘mPSLO| Chol soll oH AY QE AB? SHOALS MH7| Chola] A UTS OSal AHHSS eScis OHS SO, MUAY BRE “ANB MBE AIS 4 SLES 2000-shoesah= SHES MEG, 0002 AAS SP Cloly BS PAG ED s-h-o-e-st Aet9] QOPNO} RUE Chole ae TRE SIE i SelLtet E> olstatttetsl RSIS HAI} 24202! Zi SE Beta OHSAS SLICh Mission 01 We Key Pattern I'm trying to reach you regarding a recent purchase. try to reach someone®|e}= FES ©] “~2} FSD Ach ea EB FI, “regarding + 54 ARY S REG WAT Saiz] Sol] WS Mach, YDS, regarding with regard to UfF] SAE YSUCH +I'm trying to reach Ms, Lisa Peter regarding the new project. IAF OIE AIS] MS Mee ol Baal Sstotalae SEC, «I'm trying to reach Mr. Kelly regarding the conference. ‘BE Uist Slopll Zieh Satsiain steal, BM APN — ~~ = G) > Ce Agi cial 9) Bsiaior AL 2S I want to make some inquiries about a purchase. Whom do | have to talk with? olo| aH Selah ASS, 5-754 Saht0| BR? > Se SH9) oPsinL Salen ae a May I speak with someone in the Sales Department? AvRE FPL UI EAIRIDI@? > AISSE7IO1 OMNIS Ee ot I'm leaving a message about some questions | have. 3 7inl Bolas 1 Sto OLAS LLC Mission 02 The reason | called was because | had some questions about my purchase. POHO| FSH SHS 7) VO TEAS “The reason I called was because~’ S Aj AAlaio|D PA sOe EAD He ges Ue. o] AF 288 BoE Sas Ase TE 24, 8 Doe ay Bt ASIA Bois Vaho PY Th, EH The reason f called waschy ei 214, “because ~ 22 910}4 we} GUch, * The reason | called was because | had some questions about my order M FBO Lod SHS Ail Volay DiS ch + The reason | called was because | had some questions about the delivery. bol Bish SOU i] Glowa! WeHRSUCL, I'm calling to ask some questions about my purchase. POHON ZH St 7A] SO P| V0) HH BRauict. ‘oh SPT HE SAS VES wHAA FESS + MSU. DES sep 32 SHS FA ockS Ay, ‘~o] BI AE AAS Bes] SF WS ‘question about+ PH SHAW S Bel HU, “Sea HS Re] PolBE buysket purchase BF SY Ago] AA BRS RE 71h ag, I'm calling to ask some questions about the upcoming meeting, TES S1O}o BISWA] Sot A Qlol sH wANSLICH, «I'm calling to ask some questions about a stock. Mato|| Bhd SE IHX) BONS Al Vol Tse WASeIch, Check-up ThE HSio] MIZES aa, Bree, 1. A: Hello, Phil's Electronic. How may | help you? PSSA A TQ OW EeCene? B: Hello, DSSS Be POS) BRA BEIT 2. A: You've reached Suzan's office. Please leave a message after the beep. 2pQl2] APPAIRILICE, wf Aeit ct OLAICIS ei7] FAL B: Good morning. Usha, 717] SABO! HOW MALS] ELC, 3. A: Good morning. How can | help you? USS FAS SSRIS? B: Hello, Qsspie, SIN AIRE O1FLE & MHAEARIOIS? arnt OND meeting [a}z!]! OIA) SOE Sat SS Bo] Bayo} sie 20) SAALICh, aH 8¢ (t], [o] WSS Noise Aol ASU. AM meeings [ole!Joles ‘a1z] £8 [01B], regarcings [2VIS2= Weala, TB, Sy TB Zohn, Qa #2 By CBO Ol S140) VORILICL, 7194 teachers [2] = WEIL REO! Bola, Mission 02 We Key Pattern I'm returning your call. “SSH eke KS] returns 1S TSH BEY, HE ANAS S Aelz144 Bae] Bas Nou, Wal AHS aw Ue U7} BA AMS 2a gut, So] A412] +Sa} o}S Be] ce ‘This is + $]S + from+ 24+ who is returning’ o]2}3. 88 S| 32 BABA who ise YF 7ST, I'm returning the sales manager's call. Aaa al HB HB SNC se This is Sally Smith from the Personnel Department (who is) returning your call. AS Cb] We) AnjAcitS, ASE Ts} sHr}n SMe, DAO ALA em Le A @ > SN +0 HES ep eHie tH Someone there was trying to call me Who(m) am | speaking with? HE Ol Abt IES, TFAIST > YE col dae VeolLin Be Was it you who called me a while ago? BO AGL disse! Hele? > wane ose esa What were you ealling about earlier? 8 tO Se Ve wag? Mission 02 SsmeoL I'm calling you back. CAI W13t SSUIch SH SOL “Mey Teall you beck? (BH EAE BONA LHS MTA, ¢] SS BT PRE, 8] Fol 4] BBS “Tm calling youbeck (C4) BS} = Fe B4g IZ BS+ ase. * This is Mike from the Personnel Department (who is) calling you back. Fie QAMHS] ololzetcle, CLA) AS} |BLUCh, * This is Samuel from T&Y Co. (who is) calling you back. AE Tay Alo) AFBI, CA) Bal SLICL, Jane left me a message that you had called. NIQIOBHE) FIA VSISNCHS OIAIAIS Me WPALICL, leave someones messages ‘~4] HI}8 W717 He ROS AF Hole BAY Ue. VIA RE ola SS] Mlzlelz= eee Lage} thee SU. ‘7h Mol GESRSCHS SIS Wa Be RO] LR thet Qe BP, oS GS AE Ab Fel Sep LB, * My colleague left me a message that you had called. NM SRSHE| HobiiAl WSle/CHS OIAINIE SIS WAALS * My secretary left me a message that you had called. 1M BIMESE| Hela ZISISHMCHS OIAIIE: SS BIQHALICE | Pattern 02 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. salt A: Hi, Laura. USSG, ZB A, 3 AOL PA Ge AEHHOIL? B: Hi, Young-Po. Thanks for getting back to me so soon. UL SH AL Wel BE RA DOIRI, A: Jane NIGLOSREL FISIIAL SISHECHS DIAIRIES St WOES LICy B: Actually, | was just on my way out. Can | call you back in 30 minutes? AB, AIT} oll LID ate 12. JOR SO NI} CIA SIOLE SMIDT A: Mr. Beckham? Ules A ARS ELOIAIPIAS, ZAIRE MSISLACID SHALS, B: I'msorry, but Mr. Beckham's just stepped out. ISON, Wied Ale WE LITHSECIIe ‘ PMS USS Fete t12? : AGES SH HS Mat Ot S' Oleim Halse] = YI} SS UA? SORE MES SACK Sla/e mised callolatm BLICh, WA #tHEdl| one missed call, two missed calls S2& HAI} Sl, St US RGICHE SE “Sony, | missed your call (OMS, SHS F ENUS)An BCE RE WOE. Mission 02 We Key Pattern Do you have time to talk? WA ARI] eK eke £2) have times AH, 2122 Als) ~A AAS MACE ABo7] MA to lk WVU S, “olo}7] BA oe Kol Se AS, talk Glo} answer AA ZH SIV + SG Sols yeh. ATs, THE APR] UhS cial Wepe}ar St a= “Can you answer the phone?” 62}. ase aect «Do you have time to talk with John? =a} Rt Youle? +Do you have time to answer this call? Bat WOU + GONE? Dhow AEM --—~ aa @ > soaieh zeta] aeicta aw oH Let me briefly tell you the main points. D gorol sieat Alziol gicim a I'll make it quick. tg, > ool Sart s84 Se When would be a good time to talk with you? a Ba Saaz? Mission 02 Is this a good time to talk? Xia Sat MOM VE thi *2)58 2] SE Snow! als A ahs BS ee} SPAS BAO] UC times] Qa Hol times AHS WEA FAPPL ASUS, US, AebyS PIES BelAR, sels SW ALE aeleh BE Rh} MAGE TIE VOHRA, Baw, 1 ol Fol EA] ey 8 AKERS ‘any imeater +2RY FRE FEO EBD, *|stomorrow a good time to talk? Wig Bah BO MLINT “Is four p.m, a good time to talk? 2H 4 All BSt BASAL A}? Should | call you back another time? TSO Tt SS? She 24 Sa Be Bl eqs ee Sol cy] ASAP" eh cla), oleh Hehe] Si aS} S87} Zee BSL FH) Bal SY oy, BNR, should SRS] JRA ~She 7] SAE’ She HOS Melee AS aeeala, * Should | call you back tomorrow? Ul Sa See? * Should! call you back in an hour? SF AIZE BO BB} CRINELT ) Lpicghes Check-up ThE HSio] MIZES aa, Bree, 1. cA You sound very busy. ¥R} BOA 4 OMS? wes! Him} SOL’ B: Only if you make it quick. 2iclet Ssiet BNOe. 2. A: Hello, Mr, Peter. Do you have a few minutes to talk about the meeting schedule? PASSING, IE) A, 01 3191 ASO) zi SBS BH iso) ed B: Well, actually | have to go out right now. BH, 4 22 LE} SPIER, 2 Hol Breit Ue 171s A OIL? 3. A; I'msorry, but | can’t really talk right now. OjereiaIeh Xe Sa Bs Ics, B: Then, It's urgent. Tale! Qa Zee] WS Ee get SzOIES “Do you have time?" 27, “Do you have the time?” a7t? “Do you have time?" Wold HE ZIRE, “AIF OMG?" Ae SAILIC, Et time Bo BRA thes Boll Sie “Kis St AIIM" AKE SERILICH, “3 ALR?" ZESte| “What time is if?"O1LL, “What time do you have?"a}2 ase I, “Sa! Ala lei7tsz?"2) SSOlRIIC, Mission 02 We Key Pattern Just tell him that | called. BCE Sao] ohdS ey7] $A juste SHES AT tharoletoy “Wi7} ASHE SHE BPA] UBS AAA CH “tell + Aig + that FO 4 SAP HES ‘~~ ein SSRY eS Rech BTS, Vey Behe We Be phases AAS 0p] SVU + VST. + Just tell Mr. Smith that I called. AAS ND} RIBBED AD|A slojz4 SsPRAZ, + Just tell Ms, Bradley that | called. RIF RSIRICED KEE) AOL SHEN, sate nnn non > Cal aistetzicin eatsaim Ba Could you please tell Mr. Tyler that I'll call him again? ada) At a IAL Blaha ak BLU > Socios He SINS Heicin oa Please ask her to call me back as soon as she gets back to the office. SPUR BOE S| AahkgelD arRAIG > sass gaizo AesigaD REE Please ask him to eall me at my office at 224-2345 with asolution. 2 Nato bn al APH 224~Z345vlew: Slat Seb PANG, Mission 02 SaE02 Let him know that I called. SU) NPE Tal SACI Bish BAS ABSA} let SH BID DH BAM, SAP eve “let + AR + SAH 28 Boy Veni, ‘oe Agel] ~sH7 Sey ee als 7712 ee. VAR 9] BRS See 7} WAS TH} al Bh 7 Slo} ole BE 9 330 a See 4a, * Let your manager know that | called. ASelyl Ait St SHsAcE oh Bus. * Let your assistant manager know that | called. Tegel NDI Sst BIE eee Could you tell him that | tried to get in touch with him? EA APE SSD NOlBICHD Aa BAMSL 7H? SEM} couklS $194 6] JVVS Bee aga Belch o] SL a Be ASHe ae Usa dee MeN Vase. Teg ey ot aa (ein touch with someone), ‘~& AEAE (uy) BS 7 AG) BE GH} A209 de Coals, SAN Hein Ho es gee SUS was ade, * Could you tell Alice that | tried to get in touch with her? WIAD NI} BSR NOCD BaIRAMSLIZ? * Could you please tell Mr. Dawson that | tried to get in touch with him? SS woz NI7t SSSke MOSIChe WH SASL DE Check-up ThE HSio] MIZES aa, Bree, TAS SPOIL APE SESID HoFBCID HeRARIELIDF? B: OK. I will. UL 221 oRESLEh, 2. A: ~ your assistant manager Nit SIRI Dl BAPEALS. Be "II get her to call you as soon as she gets back to the office. AIP-At0] SOIL? 3 AS Riv 2/5 GIT AIS, B: Yes, | will, sir. O| 2274 saSLiCl su sx as OS ‘Ast oAla| oe 2h Et OIAIRI Solol) HOW HS AlBolz1| Solo Hae SBS stores? sFor(HlAlai St 2S 42) Ms, Trump. + Date(s BS eM) : 04 / 16 / 2008 +Time (iat #2 AZ) 1 20 am, Name of caller (Ets AB!) - Mr, Cruse * Company (S188! AIB2) S1AfeI) KKH Tel, No. (S15 AIB2! BEIM) : 125 - 5678 + Message (S81#t ABO! 2! HAIXD : wants fo set the date for a meeting ‘Message taken by(OIAIS #2 Alef2| 0/8) : Samantha Mission 02 We Key Pattern We keep getting cut off. Bop hee @ is ECF ee KOE wo] Ded atolevh “Lelal (online); “222}2(offline) eee Woy AF BF Ne off S BV Fo] | oaRe AS BGR SSH, ER, Gay MAES VBS Veh keep + ~ ing’ FES ge So Www) euch + Alex, you keep getting cut off. eA, Savh aie Ble, ¢| keep getting cut off. x] SiS Is Bae Doped? ~~ @ > as0l ml ee You must be going through a tunnel. There is too much static on the line. HSS XILMAIL wie. BB0l US BAe. > sy) sein Can you speak up? & cf S01 geal Fanos? > Steir TIA) eben sielet ak Are you still there? lal Get wn AL) Mission 02 seneoL lean barely hear you. a2 Suck “Teanhear you"2he BB 2] ~817] Ge} He Ke] bares Yo} BA SA oF BBE + SIGUE barely OHM hardly ME VE Ke] Heh, 22IZ you a APA ‘what you're saying (AA GeH=A), ‘anything CHFAEY-S Bors} Lz] eA Bae Fs se “| can barely hear what you're saying. ‘AA Beke7| Bet SLC | can barely hear anything. oMPZi= = 2! SRLICH, I'm afraid | am losing you. tev} le A eSulch FAVS AGHA GS QP Mey Ae H] He, A Aalye BAA. a 7} BA SAE} a SACHS AS SAP loses MA HCY J abo] she? “It seems like | am losing you. Mat B7l= at SSUCh *|think| am losing you, Ba} B7Ie At ALICE Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. 1. A: | would like to speak to Mr. Ryan, the vice president. ayolet Alaa Saioe NELICh, B: Sorry. Could you say that again? HaIS APVID et SAIS, cid) Z1 Yi aeasl FaMoiL? 2. A: Bob, 4 Zeit AS BMS, B: My battery is low. I'll call you back. UHEI2IP} Ch SISILE MI TSH CIAL B71 R01 LIF Ato! LESH. B: Can you hear me now? AiBE ny S421} SAULIN? oat Sy BAIS Ateio} Bue “~ if | may” SAM UA BEE A aN] EON EOF Sate we) WE? Oi2Ig 2 ANABA “~St BS 12 OLEH eta |B URE ciel sor aes? ‘wit | may’ SEO! “I'd like to speak fo Dr, Gabriel it | may(Zhyrte! 7H ales BiAHeat Salon MOUC)'eD SLICL Aoioke Seletae Sekeo| Me a, BA EHS Ageia! Sit, S18 APH Id, ‘Pease, ~/ “Would your?” & Bol ABSIR SLC BRALICE' 2D SAE “Thank you,” BCH “Thank you, Mr. Lee"212 310+ BCH ashe 28 BOI, Mission 02 REVICW pevensos-i0 Mini Test B= et2) Gols 0/24] HS BI] wz AAMAS, be return have, to cut, off call 1, I'm_____ the sales manager's call. 2, Just tell him that!__. 3. Do you time __ talk? 4. We keep getting _. 5, The reason | called___ because | had some questions about my purchase. Real Talk ct} Ws}S Qsah BAR, OCD 412 Tom — Hi, this is Tom Felding. Holly Hello, Mr. Felding. You called before, right? arbre dade, Tom — That's right. $2} 748}]22 Holly Actually, you should talk with Mr. Jones, but he's not in the office right now. Tom }2US Sojoe Ge ashe] wel Wale, Holly Hello? 227} 27/21 2uie, Anyway, I'll ask him to call you when he gets back to the office > > > sea uae some Review: We Key Pattern | will stay here for three days. ORS GEHRS 7H Ae Bh Se] SH Re vl will Ab She Ade Sele “OURECH OHS SS 714) B4} stayS STG, ‘stay +2 + for + 7AFY PROS A St ES VU UCP eh BAR CH. +! will stay in New York for a month. AS PSO St S SO! FS OBLUCH. | will stay in London for a couple of weeks. AS GRAIL 2 ~ 3 OPE OFSIRILICY, DoH AER em ee Le > We SAS ors uF (What is the purpose of your visit?) I'm here on business. Rie ORM BPA Relic, > ciciaId O18 APIAI SoH MH (Where will you be staying?) I'll be staying at the Milton Hotel. ME QE Sea SS Aelich > ABO MDa Sz0] YEA] BoB (Do you have anything to declare?) I have nothing to declare. Re Aza tol Bau, Mission 08 We Key Pattern | will stay here for three days. ORS GEHRS 7H Ae Bh Se] SH Re vl will Ab She Ade Sele “OURECH OHS SS 714) B4} stayS STG, ‘stay +2 + for + 7AFY PROS A St ES VU UCP eh BAR CH. +! will stay in New York for a month. AS PSO St S SO! FS OBLUCH. | will stay in London for a couple of weeks. AS GRAIL 2 ~ 3 OPE OFSIRILICY, DoH AER em ee Le > We SAS ors uF (What is the purpose of your visit?) I'm here on business. Rie ORM BPA Relic, > ciciaId O18 APIAI SoH MH (Where will you be staying?) I'll be staying at the Milton Hotel. ME QE Sea SS Aelich > ABO MDa Sz0] YEA] BoB (Do you have anything to declare?) I have nothing to declare. Re Aza tol Bau, Mission 08 same02 | will be in the U.S. for three days. Hie OlFOl 38 Set ts Beet, HBA IS FA I'l be thereo]2}= 74HE GF], be GALE stay ‘~ of ch AE els AY + ACh. stay} OiAi7}IZ olclol Oz} gS Role SS Yeisa, al dS eS a4 ine] Sede a Fea, * | will be in Singapore for three days for sightseeing. AS APHESO! Ter} SUZ! OFS ARCH. *| will be in Kuala Lumpur for three days and two nights and enjoy a night tour. i= FRSLDOUA OM SO7t O1FZO} OR! BIS SE BOUT, | plan on staying here for three days. FS 3 Set O7/A\ oS PESACH, “8 BP AS BO) Be plan on 44 AR AIS BUA SE BUM, 4] W on?) Bos Hol BA SBA} eo MU, AAV} AD) OF} so} 4 Be] AUG Shs As ‘plan to + SAO PRS A Beh, + [plan on staying in Manchester for another three weeks. HHS WAIARIOI 3421 6) oes THRICE, +1 plan to stay here for another day or so and to go on a tour of the city. AS 710A SHEL} OLS BIE YH OFF So! AH BSS St SILC Pattern 11 Check- up Che Aso] BIZbS AP Beg, 1. A: What is the purpose of your visit to San Francisco? ASIRULGIS IEEE SHO] FAILING Ale ORI SPAR BSUCI, 2. A: How long will you be here? OV io SaILt 924 OFS OFELIA AHS OFROIM 59821 1 7ISI2ILICh 3. A: Do you have anything to declare? Alndl Beldl 2SUiNe Als Amgt S2i0| LIGUEI, = (> ( 3H 48) Ze Set OME ofa Bleto} tt7I2? Sale} MBIOR “Ag ACH 9| ool= “Y's gan, Holo} aE Kole “YS wal SoS AHS OE US Ut OloW7ID aS wt 21S LISA! ObI7IBLICL, ABO WAY AS OLY ALE otal HHO DIAL AIAG LISS Zi Salata HFS O/OR7IH Pt SHS~| +381 4% = Three nights four Gays =) Four cays (and) three nights +58} 62 - Five nights sx days => Six days (and) five nights AL Mission 08 Ie e “7 Key Pattern My baggage didn’t come out. 309} come] $0] GH $e. lalalet SIS we AMPH, Pel et Dah ops} PSs) Ut SF SUC. gok “Hols “UPHEF ear VAG go onto) 5| B, come®, *2ePo] 2H “U.S e} eT Yep come out®] Yeh VAS, “HLL 8) LT BCE “Come with me, please,” ID yeh, +My belongings didn't come out. R| SXESOl 27) Meseich. * One of my bags didn't come out. Nl MS Sol St At Lees] BSL Ch, BoE mee > sowie aS He Re ws a Where can | report lost baggage? 7h) BLES ON > LOLA > cielo! Ul 7S A712! Sa eH Excuse me. That looks like my suitcase. Can | check the name tag? seelalel 224 al 7h D Ailolol MEO 7HY LHS AB Seren eM My baggage is too heavy for me. So, could you help me to pick it up from the carousel? M4 HO LAF PASLCh BAL sks SHOW PHY MU ZS Sot FAaMQuayy scarousel (k@rasé]] St see LSE) as iO}, 8k SACL HBS SIRE Mission 08 I think my baggage is missing. Al 7S Suet A weuch Sat, WHER CHS ES BRA} missings AA 7h] AH A Oe EAS? NSU. miss HEA MissG Ae HE a SAS Sepa, S AQ WE ‘Dz! VEAL gels Aeae apo|ags Serene +1 think one of my bags is missing. 4 7H Boll Bt AW Mowe! A Belch, +I think two pieces of my baggage are missing. A 7H SO S HS SH! 2 Sich I think my baggage didn't arrive. ‘Nl THIOL SASF) BS A SLC BS EAS AG] LD S VLA RIAN ‘218)9]0] BE (conveyorbelt) VA 3h So] UH? AES Be] 427] Petts ELS, Zo] ‘LéHarrive)’ 17] Bot 2 EAS + YS. 1 think my suitcase didn't arrive M1 O18 HOI Ate] BE I SLC, 1 think my bags didn’t arrive. M1 7HUSOL SASHA] BS ZI WELCH, Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. TAS Al Hol OXI BRi01S. B: Sorry. The baggage system is delayed. He tIUCl, 3 S¥l0l Zietsie {teu 2. A: Excuse me. I can see my name on the baggage tag. APIRILICIRY, 1 MI 7 BSLICE, 9319 TewEOH | O1BOL BIER. B: Oh, sorry. | have the same style bag. Of SABLICL RIP} SAS AchwO| 7Iwo! SHER. 3. A: My luggage has not appeared on the carousel. Ml MO HS FICHO SSL) 71k EANIDE OCIA B+ SLI B: You should go to the office of the airline company you used, They will help you. FeMIM OBS! BBA APS TIANAIS 2S0] SOS 2RILICL saw! GSD luggage # baggage! s0ol= Fxel742? luggage?! baggage2l £2 ZALICia! luggage’ SEM, baggage C/A AIBLUC), TAICID LA BFS AAISOI LuggageD! Ai 34S OILIOIA OS 71M WHE deggsgeZILE BLICL luogagest bagqages @ th AOE A Bol alte aa $780! SE SUC, o|7} SSE Mos -; 01%] t= Hat Flo) US SAS ISBOS wow} IHL 2-H 7H SAR. Mission 08 We Key Pattern | made a reservation under the name (of) Lee Young-Po. ‘eh o|§ oe" eh AS WAROS under the name ofS ALU), FF AVE ofS -SSEZIE HTH, make a reservation’ “PS}Y ee V9] So] Bays] zp F AO|MS EYES, VIS, FRAP) Tle} PoHE GL "Under which name did you make a teservation(1& Yb BLE ajepsyyy-e7)" eka Shh Fl EMH, «| made a reservation under the name Mike Douglas a week ago. BG) Z| O11 CHBAIARHE OB Se O1OFRAELICE «| made a reservation under the name Yoana House for the weekends. QOH} SPARE OSE FB Se oP HASLICE BOAR =e ee D> aiefo) = xb zicteyor at oH Could you put me on the waiting list? Pt Belo Berl ae IP > 8 re goe What is your room rate per night? si Se oye? > wots ea Ne ws oat | didn't make a reservation. Do you have any vacancies? feds 2h] Bates, of wep? Mission 03 Could you check under the name (of) Young-Po Lee? OARS} S BSE Rt FAUSLAT ¥ SeueOL Belo] BET oa7} THs AWOAES reservations Bao] 7Hs4eh, 9] BW} BAI check Alo} “BePHS ROS lookS #7]= Yep, Teh} reservation] IAS Zo] AD AeHa, ‘Thaves reservation for + ]=' SS RVG BYr}, o]mh Aopge] Y o189] BPS By OS aie v-o-un-g Po, Lee! 4 SASSY ek, * Could you check under the name Lee Jin? ORO OIROe Alelat FARALINe * Could you look under the name Alan Smith? WE ADIARE UBOe SIs FABLE I'm sure the reservation was made under the name {of} Lee Young-Po. OSES CIBSE oeiso; US AAC 9] BAHE Uv} Ate Ze] GR Blo] Bd lO eS, U7} Sys) Aehs REA) Say Bele] A dan Ba SF se Hela? BA Aas gee] Sh preetyS BFE SUC. BME, ole] pretty “aH? “oF,” ‘ete’ SHS SE}9] HAUT, 2e|VTm sure YAlol Thave no doubtolebe wyFo] Tet RS aed. I'm pretty sure the reservation was made under the name David Kim. HOWE ZO OBOE SIO} BS AALICH, 1 have no doubt the reservation was made under the name Paul Jackson. SMSO OBOE weIs| GISIO! QS AAILICH Pattom 18 Check- up Che Aso] BIZbS AP Beg, 1. A: Did you make a reservation? ojereiaseLpne HPINORI= OOS SLC), 2. A: Coul Bel MOPS OBS Stelst RAISE IN}? B: Yes, sure. Uy Wa8eLICh 3. A: Hi, did you make a reservation? DSSS, CIPS HEL 77 B: No, I didn't make a reservation. OfLIs2, OS 3x) B48 wig gael Pie eT BU 8 SRUE OM Aso] W427 single room 1218 Slch7t St 2H! 2 double room | 22S CHE AIA Seit 8! 242d 24! ‘twin room © 2018 28AL + twin-becidedt room : TBI ICHAE SF 7H Qi HAL Ct, single room with bath : 5-0] SE! 121 sIcHt et 7421 ay Mission 03 sds OS We Key Pattern Could I get an eight a.m. wake-up call? BS} couldS AA 230] fd SS Phe BAS MIRSdct, ‘could T get~?" Soy AZ wake-up call’ o}2}2 3} YYCh, ¢] BS BWApa/anS Be AI RIAL, * Could | get a wake-up call an hour from now? Ob ALE Po WHS Fl =e SLOAILIAI? *Could | get a wake-up call for tomorrow at six a.m.? LAR OF OIA Alal| mH HEAL COAL AHH AER - meee D OPAL Otel 7HS Bit Sods oH What time is breakfast served? ofgaab} 3 Alek ABIL? > Bao HA Bee O(c) UID Bole Where would I find the nearest bus stop? THE PHO HAF SIO] OCI ID D ci AIOILY AMIAS olga > Sxl SOs What facilities or services do you offer? Of BOWS AAS Be? Mission 03 Sse0L Please give me a wake-up call at six tomorrow morning. UNS OF O14 Aloll Sih sh A7| BHBLICE BUSS AGS of Bb vckeup calls 85), SAS GO] oh lve, have, reget, ot FSS 4 1GU4, 1) Beae “RYE S APAD Hash ROLES have, roquet, get FE ASHP QE pres SF IHU, Please give me a wake-up call at six o'clock Thursday morning. SQU OF Oe Ali HY BAI?) BHBILICH *Please give me a morning call at six o'clock Wednesday morning. PRG OY OFA All] HS B47) BIBL I'd like to have a wake-up call at six o'clock tomorrow morning. Ui) OFF! OM AloHl BIBS St-EAIZ| UBLICE BET BAY ‘would like to + FAVP FES AA '~87/S Very ae BAS > QSUE. 9] BAe SSS WE Yet Tope Be] ast have Tle request Uget 2 #1 S 4 SUC I'd like to have a wake-up call at six a.m. tomorrow. US) OPE OFAL ALol| oS) 8417] HERILICE *I'd like to request a wake-up call at 5:30 tomorrow morning. UID! OF! SAI SORLON HIG! FALIC. Patter 14 Be Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. TAS OFFI AE 3 AOL ABEL? B: We offer breakfast at eight o'clock. OF8) AWAKE O1SIAION KIB AIL cr, a This is the front desk. How can | help you? EESQILICL FAS ESICEINR? Bz Hil UL UG OFF SIF Alol HSPEA 4 glo-sLi7i2 3. A: el OfM EIOIALSOILE WAS XBRL? B: We have a swimming pool and an Internet room. Saar} Qletl Bol euch. Sass alt Sua AS So G FE 230] CHEU!7 UL CIELICL SOlOIA 2(State)OICh & Bei] BM aos, ‘Sie FO] Wet BSH BEI IS AE SLICE is 401 CaltormiadAl $5091 AAs ate 1%2| EIS Ad se $57:50(= $50,00+$7.50)S aasAHor BIL, con! ELSIE] Sf SIA ZB -BOE BAO, wt 2 MAD} S$ OSE Taal MBS SAIS, SOME FE SHO! 10.~15% 7181 LB Fee! room services| BHM TBOLIC, Oe, ANS Li i Aled Gol see! ABE P10} housekeenerth O22 19] HS So AS Ol OW. wy 201 G21 1S YAS YUOlaS US AA BOLE SUC Mission 03 We Key Pattern The heater doesn't seem to be working. UR BP eke LS] HAS FSS] SYo]S ae AQ] Gch heaterS Fo} SRA TERA Ss) Ge A SSCL eat Be Wee, ele workeyiz 2] 77) Se] AIRE $12} AKBOVAAl a 71z}s} Bai] AQ Whe ‘ANg SE Hebe So] Ke 2S 71h, +The TV doesn't seem to be working. Wt 8Sabl BE A SUICL +The refrigerator doesn't seem to be working. Wan2} Sain! We at BSL Doe = Le (© > Sy Bo] Mss col = He Rol aS I'm locked out. ‘Bay Chol Fat Hol LR SLch (Ol SASL > Yo) Sav! citing oh There's a problem with my room. A Sol Balt Ae. > us usm wed I'd like to change rooms if possible rissehel eB ulm tech Mission 03 Sse0L I'm having problems with the heater. SIO BNI} AZESLICh have problems witht: ‘OBA Wave aE Bat wo] Bole BAU, a Al UBB} 7H Bae) ‘be + UeHEAL + ing” 2} Buys A, Bay Vopjon gayuy DNSO SHSAS Se} WVHA SHR) Hah AS EM. 9] ROA, 7S WATRS AAS A BRE Bele als BOD sheet, «I'm having problems with the light. M59l Bart wzaSUch I'm having some problems with the remote control. YSU xP} WesSuich This is room 201. Something is wrong with the heater. O17] 2018 2tc4, SIEO1 SMITE NREL 8G a al) bBo BS doit al iz, ‘oy) BS else a} ESSE ‘thisis~S SMU, ‘~o] BR Sep at SE AH ‘something is wrong with +-B2? ole}a. woke Buch, * This is room 308, Something is wrong with the sink. OV] OSSUA, MECH ere, *This is room 500. Something is wrong with the air conditioner. OF] S0OSzIa, o1o4z401 OLArAILIC, Pattem 15. Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. ads A: Hi,can| help you, sir? USSR, FHS SSCS? B: I'min room 456 and |. The heater in my room is not working. DIG Tessie WS SRD HSLCh, AI BO B= 27 NSS 312) BBL BAIS 21 TD Wor LISISLIC), B: Don't worry. We have a spare key. 272) OLAS. ONES! SAIS 7IKIZ ROUT. A: This is room 300. J S00S HEcIe E710 MAI} AateUICh, B: Oh, really? |'ll get someone to look into it right away. ASOLIN NDB ABOe ABS SUPISLICL tyes O23 (midnight charge) Ol FE? TEST Stal SealtledilAl Hawaii 1S US qd Bus SFolete Ol B2ICID red-eye flight (OFF WIS)S Cla O1E AIO} SHO SAtst 40] QALICL WIBRAS OCD SO}MLL! check outst Hf SL] Se LEO! charge/| BO URAL, ‘US madnight cargewscich, SHO] AGS oleh als Ge, Daly] Be SA algo) 2 chs 2 APMOIZILt OM0| SIA SSS I TEE] AS HS) Sojoh FOE, o|o| Ho oF SSS Be Ziolnig Mission 03 REVIOW pees iv Mini Test B= et2) Gols 0/24] HS BI] wz AAMAS, get stay,for ~~ make come,out work a1 the reservation under the name of Kim Jin-su. 2. Lwill here _ three days. 3. My baggage didn't —_ 4. Is it possible to a wake-up call at six tomorrow morning? 5, The heater dosen't seem to be _. . Real Talk t}2 O3}S Sa] BAR, @CD #18 Hotel Clerk Good evening, sir? How may | help you? Tom S oldolehs Ses Aes WSUS, And | will stay here for three days. Hotel Clerk Let me check for you. Your room is all ready for you. It's roorn 909. Tom Oh, 78a YS BNE ole, I'm afraid of heights. Hotel Clerk No problem. Anything else? Tom yverd oi Ae] Bee yee, > > > sea uae some Roview We Key Pattern How can | get to Central Park? HEAL howolke AA Bole He ube} ofa} 742] Sol w Pa + she] 2 BARS ‘oe PROS He SIME g1GUeh, 7}6] a] Seehch ae Spo] S 71a] get to SAN olPA Saale vob shea] Bolwa gc. get to Gal “REP EL gfolay find SFE GU, VIS, GH FA OS Toke PB HheyS ola] YS ue + How can | get to Yellow Stone Park? WES AB URE Tate! ofa 70} BLA? «How ean I find the Finance Center? THOIKIA AMIE }2/OH oft To} SILI? i aS > Apo] Se IAM SHEN) tere this Mr. Clarkson's office? use > ccs wea eo Could you draw me a rough map, please? ae B seed 4 owuae > AWWlol HE OIC WER OS aH Excuse me, sir. Where are we now? SeIBUC 2B Of1F ofc}? Mission 04 SsmeoL SSiHE02 Which way is it to Central Park? MER THI} Of 04) 157 BQ Bod Eo] AE weep gla He YOM Se AMUA, ‘which vay CL QeD + is it CL-Bo]e) 4 to (-B ASAT SLA wel olsfelr) ae wa ae. * Which way is it to the lady's room? Ot BHO] OH Oil QT * Which way is it to the main entrance? BBO OL Sail G7 Would you tell me the way to Central Park? MEG THE J 2B les Fateune Be ABA BAS mls BS De Pet(tell)’ SE B+ VAL, shows AA] B & Bo GP RE BSS $ MSUc. Ho] BA Hol ‘from + SHFA'S BE] A oA Fe] zl OB] F4 Veal Bel BY Be] BF Mee AE 7) APIS, BEB, celle A FIND F AA SAAS] me, JYSAae} the ways Fc. * Would you show me the way to Union Station from the Empire State Building? TPO ASCE WHl4 HUM AMOMOS TE BS WAFL + Would you tell me the way to Holiday Park from here? OOM B2AIHO THE TE DS WBasryny7 Patter 16 Check-up ThE HSio] MIZES aa, Bree, 1. cA Hyde Park? SOE MSR HS Be wArRABKELIN? B: It's right down the road from here. OV IM H ORES ZAI SLC aarAe Mr. James's office? NILA MIS] AIPA! O1L 01 2182 B: It's down the hall next to the elevator. 74 Se B SIMONE! SIoH Seu 3. A: Sir, Oxford Circus? ODE SARS ZeRUN? B: No, this is Green Lane Street. You need to walk straight. and then turn left. ORILICL O17 ae! aye! Ae: QILIC, AIC TISRICRALD. 7d A O UH QBS 7EASHS. SeallloW TE 2 2H WES SAS WR Soir} swe so VSL, S571 VAS CES landmark om GovkcH7} Wz) BAAN, OIE PE NEO BAlhomn) AA! AIL HAS! IEAM chee HHO! BARE SHS ASIF TBE ASO] Seta. SOIL OI KE lancmarkt#CHe street avenue OB OEE Ao) SBC Alas, Z gH Al AH E7il SIE blocke LISLE B ZS POPILL VHB SS AIS Smt ZS So] oft, Alo] AVS nigh, Mission 04 We Key Pattern How long will it take to get to Rockefeller Center? ‘Tewill take to + 2° = “~o) 7HE GI] Pht BB RoleP eS Sele] F-B BAE Buch, Se) AAAS YER how longs #]2, HES vy] BES AE 2S UREA AZ] SOR} Pepe] Be Ao] uch Bayajol] BE Gort a FEUD 1S BSE, will Hol] doesS 4 ‘how long does it take to + 7" SEUSS USUC, Telst E AS] Eel “by + WES S wo Sa BESS SBS ASF AAA CH BIS + WOU, + How long will it take to get to Miami Beach by bus? OFOOHO! HIRAI AS OILY aeRLIZI? + How long does it (usually) take to get to Washington Square by taxi? HME ARIOUIX| SLE (SE) St BEL DOP SH? ome Lee @ > HOM AIG SISA Zon 4S Is it within walking distance? BO Bue > Alte! Gout of AoeN Sore How much longer will it take ATO] BOE BBL? D ce 2S 4e8 o1gsie 201 C1 MEA SOE Do you think it's faster to take the subway or the bus? BRD) MA Be OWL HS em ZI el cf mE? Mission 04 How many stops away is Union Square? PUR Amos) F-VAVOML SLIM? SIAR SIS ROWE, Shy Pe ve HV top) LE IF WAUnion Square) 7E Sel MEU Sinlghch “hah + 9) + away’ HES BRET three blocks ovny( 83 S94 No) BLAIS TVES VE BF UA, + How many stops away is Hollywood Boulevard? SAISS HEMT] Bf IPRIOIL SLL? + How many stations away is Wall Street? B ASIS7In| St AFBI) SLI? How long do you think it will take to get to Rockefeller Center? Say MEI) OIL) RIL? Qe wel Sab wale 29S 27] Wel How long / do you think / it will take®] Al ELS VATU. ©] Sola] JA] YAS BE do you thinks 4 wz Se QAP HE PLA AA w]e, do you think} Apo}o} Bo} SBA willah it] SA} UY AS =] AIA? SY Bol ‘from + SOILS DATA ~ofApte] oma) Shy deher] Bowe Bo] BU * How long do you think it will take to get to 36" Avenue from here? OW OLA SBWITIIXI BOIL) BA a Boe + How long do you think it will take to get to the Staples Center? MEV] QOL} BL AA LIMIT Pattem 17 Check-up ThE HSio] MIZES aa, Bree, 1. A: The MCK Building is right down the road from here. MCK HES HIE 0440) BELICh B: } HOWL Bele Zlatan? aarAe Central Park? AMER TIBIA B A7IZOIL SILI? B: lam not sure myself. Why don't you ask the driver? S16] BERSLICL 227 Alolell BARI? 1 Heathrow? | don't want to miss my flight. SEE BAIA] ROLE C] BOLE? Uls87/6 ATE Piste B: Stop rushing me, lady. It's only a few minutes drive to the airport. HEIR] BOD, OAL Raw AS StS PF ARILICL Bvid., St, Ave.2] 20/82 HZ? 129] BP OS UME Aue SES Slo etal, Stee CHEE HE AIRE EE (YE SANS, Rouleverct= SLL Bive Sth Ci AID RIBJOILE AIS SBI Mission 04 We Key Pattern Does this bus go to Rockefeller Center? “does this’ = “~@)47}7" ‘doesn’ tthis~’ = “~oh 77" ef SOS B17} Bo} Sf 4S ASTUTE 4 A olo|o|E “Is this the bus?”9} “The bus goes to Rockefeller,” 2h BANS UA the buss AAAS BST BAW thas AA, “Is this the bus that goes to Rockefeller Center?" BS AE WSUCH * Does this tram go to Liverpool Street? O} SRP} aI ABeIES CLI? + Does this subway go to Height Street? O XisHUOL SOLE AezIEe JLL27 DAO AGN em eK HA @ > Wl JAbii7| FAS ouzo! 2hn st — Take me to this address, please. 0) az riRale > LIA 220] Yoleixl Soe How much is the fare to Paul Avenue? B aluleniat 2201 ileiLnt? D SAO OL BOS Hole WHS Eff AEN Bole at Which side of the track should I be on to go to St. James Park? AQIS AIBA MIRE RIB OL ely elo} BUH Mission 04 Seme02 Do you know if this is the bus to Castro Street? Of MAD} SAI FASS ASAIES TEX] ONLI? WE WSaS Rel AG SoH] BES a= ‘Do you know if~7” FES NS 8H BYE, do you know Ho} if Sa ~el] of] Hhe So] MYC. of + if AIF whetherS SF SHE AE SPS, *Do you know if this is the train to Toledo? OL ZIRE BA Bale Tie WAT} WET] OLE? * Do you know if this is the tram to Wall Street? Ol MRF SA) BY ABIES 7H WAT} BET) OM? Can | take the bus to Rockefeller Center here? OVI Sala Mee Je HAS S 4 gSLAe FEU BA ‘Canl~?7 of REFS 1ST HOE “HP AE Sap kes A ‘Cont che BEFRI FLE- BH YA, 9 BS] Aol ‘around fowar+ Ax Soe SPA ASE + sla Save Be] BUR, * Can | take the train to Manchester near here? O} RII AIRIAEIS Jie JRE & + QALIN? *Can | take the bus to Madison Square Garden around that buildinge? HAS Axo alle Amo} ESE Te HAS S + gleLiNe Patter 18 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. o ads AL 0] FAS APA, B: Yes, sir. | Batauet A: Manila City here? OIA OHLIEE AILS 7H MAS St 4 StesLint? B: Yes, | think so. Maybe that bus will get you there. UL ofo} 4 BATH 717K 2 21Uct A: the Taipei World Trade Center? ol HAT efolwiol GE Selol= Mele ztLInI? B: Yes, it will take about 20 minutes from here Ul 071M 20 Ick $8 fare, fee®| 30K FB? ‘HEME’ 2 public transporiationdlete SUC, £8, 2 TEES OBA Sl “QZ 2 faroZD iE. 3 WOl charge, lee, rate “RA ola SIolz Mo|RIeE A AIOPE USK, AE MULA'LE eS" CHE CIE charge, BES MMIAOI CHE focela SLICL ES, AIL Be! SE BS Rao) Het MSs rates Such Mission 04 We Key Pattern What station do | transfer at for the Holiday Inn? “ope 71 $a ~AI8} Doeteh eh Se) “Teamaer at ~ station for + 2"er RABE ISROS UE RST, BE tanskero] Wopeley eke Ko] Yet EAS UT BooHMe? ©) AHS “At what station do I transfer for the Holiday Inn?” 98 boo} BaP -ee sleet, «What depot do | transfer at for New Jersey? PATIE JAM O1L BHA Ori? * What stop do I transfer at for Apple Street? OWS ABZISS 7/aIet OL B7TOIAL ZOISILIMIT BAO APIN -~- ~ .---7-~@ > @ See gore sisal Bowe a Which line should | transfer to to go to Notting Hill? SHS 2248 F Salom Zoleio) L2H? > #6 A147) 2BS Hot sieal Bone Do I have to pay an extra charge for transferring? ‘Basta $7} Vas Mol SU > wSmO2 Te Yo VEN sew |s this the right way to the place where | can transfer to the green line? 0) Hl Wests trl BROS 7He BLInT Mission 04 Ssule02 Where do | have to transfer for Canal Street? Ft ASEISE 712401 OICIOIAL Zo/eIOF BUMP “what + Zea Al Aas wheres SE ge ERD WS ‘Wo Doh gy Arig A, BE mjo)AWIE Paes havero YI “oA Botslor By WY eae Bez VEYA, * Where do | have to transfer for Covent Garden? RHIS IE BHSE 72a! OIFIM Zoletor BUM? Where do | have to transfer for the Holiday Inn? Balcolol WHOS Tales ojrlal Yoletor saz Could you tell me where | have to transfer for Sol Station? @ ASOKIOE FFB O1C/OM4 GOPEEOF SHEAl BSH FAEL AT “where do have to~ A] ‘where have to~’ 3 SER] s}Ho] oyAy vhs Bap 2 FHS] le FSA FAA ‘Could you tell me~7’ 7} BRO] Toy 4715497) HE QUA, 6] BBA) have to AIA should Yo} BOE FE slg, *Could you tell me where | have to transfer for Moorhead Station? POSS Av/OMOS Tae OfFloLa Zoletor steal eat FAlMSLIA *Could you tell me where | should transfer for Grand Central Station? AME MER AcIOMO= Talal Oro ZOE SHEA] SoH BARKSLIIT Pattern 19 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. a o AS AL | Castro Station? FIARS AMOS 7r2}et O(CIOL ZOEIOT SEA] BSH FARESL I? B: Sure. In order to get to Castro Station, you need to transfer to the green line. SEQUCL HABE AHOMOE JI SAM aie ZOEHIO} QLICh ‘HST Ft LIS Mor LT B: Let me see your ticket. Oh, you don't need to pay any extra charge with your ticket. Fil & SOPPAAIS Of 0] ERE S7I2B Wi wA7t BELch, the line number three? 0] Hol 354 aiseioe = weLm? B: No. You are at the wrong station. You should go up one more station from here. OILS, BE UPLSELICL O17IM & I> CI ZINE eILICh O| Role B72] AACHADE UU? OFS] 2 SAS Bal HA BAKE Off 74 zie, Sct RASS FBSHE WA BAKE TAIOIBKSS(Greyhound)RLIC 4 Wo al 2g! Sella ‘BEG, SH WATS Bes OF ND ILICIS| AREAIIA SHIN SALICL alo A7i2| HADI ESsi2ies ojolialskA(Ameripass)7} {Ok SH BINION, Fea PRE RESALES YSO| ASST BUCH BOS, NADI HAS SEARS oe ALIA So] OBA! Lo1A S(Tomas Cook) wT Thomas Cook Overseas Time Table MB0bM Feist Such, Mission 04 We Key Pattern Is this where | get off? “Is this the place where I get off?"e}2 So} BWA Os Mae Eahola|e), hoe UEhS BAO] the place, wheres? FEY ALE +S Behe BP7t GE Uct, Polls S At BAECS Sin|4y 2146] he “Ts this where I get off?” 7} 4 ge] auch ls this the station where she gets off? ON SRALOllAd U7} Lato} SILA? +ls this the terminal where we get off? of loka $217; UeE IL DAO ALA em Le A @ D saw sorzIa| Bors ot What's the fare? saaol wien? > sul ZWD MSseD wh Drop me off here, please. OA Me D Uaior at S01 SAteie Gersaia ere a Can you tell me when | get to 23" Avenue? 2otirid Setolo at Ualek asa SABLA? Mission 04 SsieoL Do I need to get off at the next stop? CHS DHA Ueto} SIL Per get off ‘~4] GRIP AL EOS get out ofS ys + YsUT. Fey} BE bus stop 228} ST YE BA BRAS stand, depot, statinFlLS= GS + se} SRE SERS, *Dol need to got off at the last stop? SEALS BR ZLOALAT UIC BILL? *Do I need to get off at the second stop? 55 Ba ROI Liao} SILLA? Are you sure this is where | get off? NPE OIA UBH= 20] SalerLin? AP) PES BS HY Als) BES Beis Wy ‘Are you sure~?” EE ‘Are you certain ~7 ‘Are you absolutely positive?’ 2H= EAL Sho] Qa Bole Se edd. * Are you positive this depot is where | get off? NF OL IRGOWM LPO} SH | SEL? * Are you certain this bus stand is where | get off? NY} OL HA BRZOIM MEL BO] SLA? Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. TAS Cis SAO UIPIOF BLT? B: No. You need to go three more stops. OILS. Ml AI7RS Cl 7IMDF SLICE aarAe What's the fare? OPI URFENI2, SoieLIn B: It's five dollars. 5 eR 3. A: 7" Avenue? 7D fol ARB Rind UleletT steak EARREL IMI? B: Sure. Don't worry. B20 2 oie, wal AS HES Ut BUS VAL OFS OM JHE ALS UIE SHOF 7} WA, TE OH AMS PALO EE7| BE SIS WalD Ye ogo BS Uae wet eevee AGN Hol Z Was, Ie Ags economy car@i2 BILICh, “E\7iRIA ‘car company, 2 car rental company, 2712 ‘IS 22" 2 renielOl@kD BLIC, Mission 04 REVICW pevens:6-20 Mini Test 2 212) o/s o)-$4] HS BI] VAS AMAA, do transfer, at get, off ~—get,to.-—stake, to 1, How long will it get to Rockefeller Center? 2,____ this bus go to Central Park? 3. What station do|____ for the Holiday Inn? 4.Isthis where|_______? 5, How can | Central Park? Real Talk the q}S QyaH BAYS, OCD #24 Jane Excuse, me. =e s== oy] 7-}2}27 I'm just a tourist. Walter Well, first you should go to Rockefeller Center. Jane 305 Aes Soh} Bea? Walter It’s not long, but first you have to go to Liverpool Street. Jane 0] 7} SHE 7S RA? Walter No. First you have to go to the Holiday Inn. From there, you ean catch the bus to Liverpool Street. Jane What station do | transfer at for the Holiday Inn? The BHA UlBiok SRA? Walter Actually, ma'am, maybe you should just take a taxi straight there >> > sea vee copme Roviow We Key Pattern My name is Lee Young-Po and I'm working for H-tech. Aes oj) BECP ela G oh work fors Aeq], FFAS BFS work at Such, «My name is Sally Hong and I'm working for AA Office Supplies. N| OBS Mel B02 AA APSR SIADIA| DPolT StS LICl +My name is Tom Jones and I'm working for Jones Automobile Co. NX) OBS & BAoim BA Aiea BAIN BPSID QALICL DOA met > ao) AS 12) ot Let me get started soon. Please take your seats. 208 B AASSIAMGLIC, 7A GOFFAL > SUM tietche ON Jam honored to have a chance to meet you all atk SB RILPL slo} SBEILCh, > vitane axed I'm afraid Manager Choi can't be with us today because of personal reasons. A MAU elt Apelow elst Oe aks} AHL, Mission 05 lam from H-tech and my name is Lee Young-Po. AS H-EISOWM SD, O1AEZED SILICH, SAN SS IO we home BUG, dlzee she Avie BES oBS BA Bee, Fad Poole Vt Se aS Sa We Fol oes Sake 21 Sau. *+|.am from Hoover Computer Parts and my name is Lucy Lee. AS FH GRE FS SA Ba, RAY efepa SLi, +1 am from Drums Inc. and my name is Paul Kim. Fie SHA FASUle| B Qowin Such, My name is Young-Po Lee and | am sae02 with H-tech. Al OBS CSOT HHS CPS UESUC. ‘oje] Ssh get Mota ashe ale} aha ak work 44 BBE + ae ‘bewith + PITS 18a) BASE NAUK, +My name is Kang-Bin Lee and | am with Sunnyville Company. MOBS olzielola HUW Alo Beein BUC, «My name is Jung-A Park and| am with BBVA Co., Ltd. MOBS H}O}olze BBVA FASHIOL CHAD SLICE, ‘Pattom 21 CAeck- up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. 1. AL Mr. Wilson. GIL BA SIO} BBeILIch, we B: Nice to meet you. | have wanted to meet you for a long time. BRISLIC, Say SHE QILED RELIC A: Can | have your attention, please? Let me get started. Is everyone here? Ray FAMLGUI SSIS APOHSLICL BF SALI? B: Mr. Jefferson Mites NS See Sol OMA AYAFO/a] etch, A: Let me introduce myself.» Lee Young-Po I 201 Ch HBIOWA BPS} G1 o|SIRe!T BIL, B: | am glad that we had a chance to get together. ata BiehSUch, ules > ARIE frome] 20) Where are you from? / Where do you come trom? SAIL “SA'S BEB th, SE VAAL homs AEG, 1 ASHE] SAIOILY SANISS SE Gf AGS, Teel, SA'S LIEHHE tromet AWtsiaa “Whore are you come: trom?*olakn AIS SIR] QC, FHB| are comed| SAH S + BOOS szs) BAIL C1 “OCIA SHfeiN? ein H HS 0] F BAS SF + VIE JIE SOEAIS, Mission 05 We Key Pattern There are three items on the agenda. wo] oF eh TS OEMS ERE OLGA ‘there are ~ FEY “ge “BOA $2] SS 714] agendas AAl4} on&S GAT est FHMC, 47] 2) SS 21S, agendums] BYE) agendart BSS AG Fede, eae agenda 2 ABS1 FES] YE9] Pole) >. agendaseia WH AS YoHE 42, item ©] 2)V. focus, topic FS SF YSU, * There are four main items on the agenda. Uf 7A 42 B80] IS! YeALich, « There are three focuses for the agenda. | TAL Br ASE LaISIO} SUC, DA op ASIN em ee @ D ofa} 7a SMS UA Bt Here's what's on the agenda. The first item on the agenda is the returned goods and the second one is... Mahe CBs SUC H wl AE esse Awol! FF ela, > ol] USO AO at, Bore Has everybody received a copy of the agenda for Wednesday's meeting? F2U 319] 2H AES Bol ASL pA? > AQAH0] YoI SEN Bat Sa We will discuss the topies for 20 minutes each 2g) ell cha 2082 ots Bec Mission 05 Three topics were prepared for the agenda of today's meeting. NI JX] EX! Ss AIO USS Fuso} VSUCh. three topiew} So} BPS PEN TEA ‘bet. Bas Sue. BV} hors} of BEA BF Ha) ola ea Fs SRL, 91S AE asp) a, * Four topics were prepared for the agenda of today’s conference call. | Te] APE Qe Tat Solo] QIISE Besio} SUC * Two topics were prepared for the agenda of today's convention, 5 7K] SAVE Bs Alois! zoe Fulsjo} SSL ch, The purpose of today's meeting is to establish the new plans. 25 {29| S4E EE WS HS ABU, BA SAS JVAOS Yo|7] Hah ‘AS BSE Boley ae Fa] ‘AistoB FE SAGA BANA, purpose A aima}} chjcives AGE HE Yau * The aim of today's meeting is to brainstorm how to narrow the price gap between us. 2s Asls| FAS $2] ME Zo| 7124 AOS BY + VUE ovoleioiws ute ay uct. * The objectives of today's meeting are to share ideas for more effective sales techniques. Se Al] SYS FY STH! Toh Pes Ht OfOlos U= AVLIC Pattem 22 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. TAS 2e Alo] gtz19} 32 Wor SUAtEL IH? B: Yes, we have. We are all ready for this meeting. Ul Pale Sieg! BYP Ch siaeuce 2. A: What will be discussed during today's meeting? 25 SDI cs UES FORLIT B: Three today's meeting. Al JIB BRE @: | POS BelsIOl SLIM 3. A: How much time do we have to discuss each item? 2}2}0] PIAS Olas el all} BEVIS? B: i 2 OHNECH 11S! Bl 71012. 22 suds CED items= (0/015) Payt “O1OleY 2 OD Be tems BUS Ye MH = Bala HE Lio] Sats Citale4 [OHOIS]OR SSS BILICL ONE F2l7t gin QE siatoiet Sel weS cELC, radio 2IC12"7} 0142} [AIDICIPS] chocolate “BN 0| OLA [#4] pizza “HIAN'7t O1L12! [SIR] label “2hH'O! OILIEL [alo1s) veroxs “ASA'2} O12 [XM] camera “Pitlel'2t OFL42t [2H] Mission 05 We Key Pattern Let's get started and talk about today's agenda. “S21 Al2}2}} let's get started) EH AI} LSS] AS elo le}-Mlet’s talk about) Zhe > 717) USS and! GA WIC, let's get started “~S A/Aor Ay BESS Bei7PF YDB of AGS] Be] Hoke EROS, why don'twe~’ st ulsedt SD4Cp, ©] HHS get started H+] meetingo] Ye}s|o} hea, “s]e] (meeting) ee BS US2+] Hole Se AAS lag S4g Be] Te a= Baeuct. «Let's get started and talk about the main issue of today's meeting. 1S Ale VSO) OMMOL CHS ONZIEAICE, «Why don't we get started and talk about your proposal? ANS AAD St!) MP! CHa ONZISHE ZO] 1MET Io AER? ee > ee eee soz d Since we don't have enough time, let's get down to business immediately. AIO] BLU, HSU, > Se AQUE! CHExin Mee How about examining the details of the shipment first? Sad Wool Det ALMIE! APEE] BES lol cide? D CEI ARE! HEALD ayetet a Can we start with the simplest item? 7a 2HEeE Need Altai? Mission 05 SsieoL I think we should get down to talking about the main issue of today's meeting. 2S Hl) HY UE O10}7/S ASRASLCT. get downto PEAS) wo to + SAYS] VAS a woe a he GAN, Me ‘~O8 he Ko] YS, aeee wo ge Bhp ~ing 9] SPF Se. SAMY ATA, | think we should get down to talking about quality control. BUTIO| Tst BE! o}0|7/S siwSuict. | think we should get down to talking about the annual event. SaaIAtO Zist BEY O}o|71S SVSUCH, Should we begin with the main issue of today's meeting? 25 20] Fe ME TEMS? Should we~7'S FAITE ROE OPE SA begins BA Ba} 149] OM? he Ho] SG, Holy Fz sole BHee ‘ola YES epee eae, * Should we begin with the basic costs? ake) 217} O17] APE? + Should we begin with the advance payments? 82 ODP IRS ARE? Patter 23 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. gal A: Can we start with the simplest item? 2ke HIRE ALE ALBEE? B: quality control BUREN AEE 01017} @LICh, A: We should discuss the whole agenda within an hour. E GS a AL 2iol te2sHO} ZILICL, B: Since we don't have enough time, AM! Bou, BBos we SoSuUC, A: the three topics of today's meeting. 2 AIS] H| 74H] FMOM BH OWI AISISHS 201 SASL, B: How much time do you think it will take? Arto Sit aa A eau ‘Biol 2 comfort station? OF BS 2S th, SAN YAO] Bun sal SS UA MEAG BE BUC! SAO so SUBS WOH e eke UE ASMA SATS ct, SORE WOM US CHES SVSLCL, VM BATIC} Mol FE sewed, viol AIS ae BH BAB, CD ote! combo sialion, SAM 7 YOHLt Best olwed SHO a 0] LL} NO| IML, FLEE. wz Sat (rest roomo| wore, Mission 05 We Key Pattern Let me tell you a little about our newest product for a moment. QVM WS “AF ee F9) alitkes WEA, oop Te SS 7Hl a kw 7ha litte WA12U $ VS ADACa litte? YS EV wl, akeweS HS z ‘AS Y 2Ych ‘Thave a little money,’ ‘T have a few friends. 2] JRL 7] 4 aR} Sus] 0)S yeaa e., «Let me tell you a little about the vehicle you've asked to purchase for a moment. PHS LOSE Atel Chet BA Tost AAS Sel zSLick + Let me show you a little about our changed working time a moment. ARIEL CIS AzHoH SH BLA) Zictsied Bley SaaS LIC AHO ALM <= .---~@ > ABol choi Wa Ves) Bowe! see Ble Have you seen our brand-new product? nal aig aL 127 > Soet71 Ao] Ans om Sos First, take a look at the handouts. And please share them if there are not enough Pa UW SA FRE BENS 727} Ste BPH BAD Bol SEA D aa ARF SOIEN gore eH Can everyone see this chart? SS | IE} lL? Mission 05 Ssi201 I'd like to give a brief introduction for our latest product. AR Zt! SBOll Chol THetst AAS SAD SUC, give an introduction& ‘Ah@}eP @H= 2|a]& Hol] WA} fort} abouts AA] 27H sett O19] Fetes UPA, oe As) aa] ‘3A FP ol ayy BS AA nowest EE lateste}a QYA, I'd like to give a brief outline of our revolutionary IMT-3000 cellphone. Maio] 8A! IMT-3000 AGHEG| chsh ZEfs Sw Seteuich, +I'd like to give a brief description of our company's history. Ha] Slats] 1ebS ZEtepHl SA SeISUch, Let me explain how our newest product is different from DMA Co. HiB| AUNBO! DMA AIS} Hlatst Of CHEX| Bet Salgeuich, ‘Let me explain how A is different from B?= ‘AS}B9] ASVSS Besiahey aS RF BHR AS AW FHehl ASE + le SACU, ef, explain chal tele AE BUG. * Let me explain how our repair service is different from our competitors. iBIS| HEE] AIMIAT} ZPBAIS! ONG AIOI7! QUER) Set SelmSUIE, * Let me explain how our newly developed product is different from the earlier version. AWG | 7UME! AE] SLAF APEOL OF SS47) Blatal oft AIOI7} QA) Set SaMSUeL Patter 24 Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. 1, A: Mr. Davis, CONIA HM RABI SAN] AIMEE SAI GLOAIIS? B: Sure, | heard that this product is selling like hot cakes. SEomin 4) 2 Weick Seu 2. A: First, take a look at the handouts. Sed, Lind Ce! AIS SAIS GUS ALE7E SOIL? B: lam sorry, but | think | have misplaced my handouts. Is it possible to get another copy? SOUUCHL, MITES S RS Owe! 2 LALICL a Ci Wo} a > ENR? 3. A: our newest product the earlier model. 28] ARIEOL OY Seat wlateh OFA CHEAT 28 Santetich, B: Excuse me, Mr. Kim. James, please take the minutes. AAS, Uw MOA, SIO Beal BS gal newesi7} [40/45 ]U72? QO ATH LEBOIA newest product} AS LI@Lcls, 0] EOE SHY! Aa] YO] HES DAS [OAS BESS). LP ZAM Lie Be 27 WE Wea UH WES diel ole] BSS Seri Wealel HUch, © weat71 oS HO] newest produc WMA Ssh LISA FZol Se ABO! SIUC, RHA newes producl50lm BEGJOR MBSE 715, Mission 05 We Key Pattern This product uses stainless steel for its exterior. ‘use ~ for~ SO) SA FECES NSS PAKS ASS ABT Gap Hol = Ha UUch, 2} ES] BES UPA be used for = S + UST}, BY Uy B72? “Stainless steel is used for the exterior of this product” 7} GUTH, °}a] SV BL, be used 3 2238) 21914) 214} for} Od che a}s} to Be Wo) sich et ERLE YO} AHS) SESE F|SV4OF SHIT “She is used to working hard, CIS BY9| VERS lel ASA Web) ala Vols, + This product uses tempered glass for its screen. Ol MSE Stool Yaierls arseiteuct. * This product uses a touch screen for its dial pad. Of IZS| CHOKES! ERASE WAS ABAItSLICt, Dhoplygay- ~~. ---~@ > 4B HE O1gsIN SED Let me explain it in detail with the sample. Please take a look at this. (88 7orba 7a desiaLo, Oe wea, > xe0| WEN Boe Does anybody have any questions about the product? ap ct BE BOWIE? > e014 gee x oe a Would you like further explanation? Awol Bd Besturi97 Mission 05 sen02 This product has all the bells and whistles. ONES BS 71S 2S 7a SSuc ABS) Aisg diel 1a 7S 21a a a, 7) wal SA haves Such Zod SE, SMaAIeL, Bars, B ele Kal bel and whistles BE SEY ASS Bae Hs} Soe, olalg Dele Zola, vA Sool go] Hole RUSIER g disal Fee] St aU, + This mobile phone has a built-in digital camera. OL RCHBOLE CUS 7i2vE LSS WELCH, * This laptop has a long-lasting battery. OSES SHAMS 24 ASSIS HEF SOWSLC. H-tech guarantees that this product's components are cutting-edge. H-HES MISS] BESO 1ECUS SSSUG. guarantee [varrant}= “BSS}ePep= 2] Wolk, ‘pive loffer, provide] a guarantee’ 9 FReRs FRA, + We fully guarantee that this model is top of the line. ABIES O1 SHO] FSCS WS 100HNE HSRC. + We guarantee that this laptop is perfectly optimized for fast and long-lasting wireless Internet use Of SE SARE Mem Sehr FH SIE AIO) AIMS SS auch. Patter 25, Check-up The UIS2] BES A Beye g. TAS Please take a look at this. SES TU AAI] AITSUC, os RS B: Do you mind if | touch it? WH SHE SILI? 2, Az our selections? Hav t Qlet MIO! Osh BE YOANN? B: Yes. | have some questions. ol 2 7iK/ BALI, 3. A: What other functions does it have? 2 HoH Olt 7iso1 gieLiIn? B: i ules erat ZEA SLES HISLIAGE Mf SHE AG Te WH & SIL cle! aol StS ‘Balke ZIQILIC, Oltd, ole] Sf Ba Go| AS SLRS SE lng Mes + skecI9, SUBS SHH WEE SOUS. Bingo (HZ AHO}, VI) Dette (ABD ga, Aer 24) Pertect(SW8H, 71 lno}) Obviously (28H) Well-done (3 B01, Bel) Right on (30, oH) Mission 05 REVICW bevens2-25 Mini Test B= et2) Gols 0/24] HS BI] wz AAMAS, have, on be, on get, start tell, about be, from 1, There _____ three items ____ the agenda. 2. This product ______ stainless steel_ its exterior. 3. My name ____ Peter Jang and|am____ BBVA Company. 4, Letme_____ youa little__ our newest product fora moment. 5, Let's_______and talk about today's agenda, Real Talk t}2 ds}S Sa} BAR, @CD #30 Jane Mike Jane Mike Jane Mike Ae Ad 20 12S a eR Geb glee, It's good to meet you. As you know, *717/2} giao] glauleh, S12} ABH 2 812|2] He Shafod a eb] Male | agree. Let me tell you a little bit about our newest product for a moment. | know that yourl like it It looks great. What can you tell me about it? It's top of the line. °| ABS $2 7Se BF 7 WSU, >> > sea eee cope Review: We Key Pattern Let's move on to the next topic on our agenda. moves] £2 292 Ae} YoizekS BAS VEEN, olf move Ala) & Qe] SAMY ee Oleg 7a ge go wie SUC. ©] TEAM So}ehor BAL, move on HEA) to7 USE AIGA, FEY BAL on3}-to7} ISSO SE BULL A OM PHA to MT Be TAD AAG HE NAA eile 9] BALRE to BAY Yo} GLO} ong moves} YH AK PAH phrasal verb}S] Be beT AA Uh, + Let's move on to the next question. 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