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Adventist Medical Center College

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Junior Nutritionist-Dietitian Association of the Philippines
AMCC Chapter

Minutes of the 2nd JNDAP Meeting forAcquaintance Party for S.Y 2018-2019

Date:August 31, 2018

Time 9:30AM – 10:30Am

Place: C200



KlyntNygyllMabilog President
KrestaMarizRagmac Vice President (Social)
EllhaMeeApolo Vice President (Religious)
Lea Michaela Cabili Secretary
Queen MarceliqueGomonay Treasurer
Nicole Villaflor 1styear Representative
Mariah Egagamao 3rd year Representative
Vanessa Geinne Flores 4th year Representative

Jewel Jim Lomocso Public Information Officer

Opening Prayer: EllhaMeeApolo

Closing Prayer: KrestaMarizRagmac

Meeting Agenda are as follows:

1.) Change of Date, Time and Venue
2.) Theme and Motif for the Acquaintance Party

3.) Program and Activities for the Acquaintance Party

 Devotional
 Lunch
 Presentation by Faculty and Students
 Games

4.) Teaming

2018-001: Discussion regarding the change of time, date and venue of the Acquaintance
The body agreed to move the time, date and venue of the Acquaintance Party on
September 14, 2018 11:30AM at C200.
2018-002: Discussion regarding the Theme and Motif
It was agreed that the Theme would be “iNDie na tayo, 2018” and the Motif is iNDie
Indie is an informal version of the word independent. In terms of music and fashion, it would be
independent of the mainstream stuff.
2018-003: Discussion regarding the Program/Activity for the Acquaintance Party
It was suggested that there should be a presentation from the Faculty and Students.
 Ma’am Gen
 Sir Brix
 1st year
 3rd year
 4th year

The games discussed are as follows:

 Chubby Bunny
 Rock, Paper, Scissors with a twist
 Food Pong
 Charade
 Mystery Taste Test
2018-004: Discussion regarding the teaming
The body agreed to divide the ND students into 2 teams randomly.

TEAM 1 (iNDiePinili) TEAM 2 (iNDieMahal)

(Leader) Genevieve Tonog (Leader)Welbert Ronquillo

KlyntNygyllMabilog KrestaMarizRagmac
Ellha Mae Apolo Lea Michaela Cabili
Queen MarceliqueGomonay Jewel Jim Lomocso
Nicole Villaflor Mariah Egagamao
Vanessa Geinne Flores Raffy Alesto
Julia LesandraLagcao Charlize May Carlos
Hannah Jade Tillo Ellah Mae Ariata
Rosalyne Bautista Allen Mae Jimenez
JemaimaJamim Hestia Galleposo
Gan Anthony Saromines Yazzee Dale Linan
Daryl Orot John Mark Talidong
Ilene Grace Gloria Yzyl Villanueva


Lea Michaela A. Cabili

Junior Nutritionist- Dietitian Association of the Philippines

Attested by:

Junior Nutritionist- Dietitian Association of the Philippines