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Sustainable feedstock supplier

Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

“ INDO ENERGY is a supplier of sustainable feedstock made from
agricultural waste for the production of renewable energy ”
Second generation biofuels are produced from agricultural waste
that do not compete with food production.

INDO ENERGY believes that by supplying to the second

generation biofuels market, we can greatly reduce greenhouse
gas emissions and deforestation while providing jobs to local
communities and help countries achieve energy security.

 Source and extract sustainable feedstock made from
agricultural waste from source origins.
 Partner with local agricultural communities to secure
our waste supplies.
 Process and Store POME at Lampung processing
facility in Sumatra, Indonesia.
 Sell and Export products worldwide to producers of
renewable energy certified by ISCC EU

 Contributing to environment by reducing carbon

emissions to protect our environment.
 Contributing financially and socially to the
communities in which we operate.
 Generating fair and sustainable return to
investors and business partners.
Our Business
Solutions for reliable supply of sustainable feedstock in
Indonesia certified by ISCC EU.

1. Identifying Palm Oil Mill 7. Trucking from mill to Lampung 13. Lab QC result before exporting
2. Discuss on prospect of supply 8. Bring POME to Lampung Factory 14. Trucking to port
3. Survey – determine specs. & Volume 9. Weighing and Sampling 15. Shipment to buyer
4. Arrange on DO and Contract 10. Laboratory Testing 16. Arrange document for payment
5. Release DO & contract 11. Processing and Settling 17. Receive payment
6. Extraction from Ponds 12. Send into Storage Tank

• Established in Total area of 12000 m2, • Additional area of 4000 m2, available for expansion
• Container storage facility up to 3000 MT • All service facilities available
• POME processing facilities & laboratory • Supply access from 300 CPO Mill in South Sumatra
• proximity to Panjang, Lampung International port • Internationa port facility for export in bulk
Processing facilities
POME Specification

Free Fatty Acid 30-70%

Moisture + Impurities <3%
Iodine Value > 50
Total Fatty Matter > 95
Unsaponifiable Matter < 2%

• Process POME to reduce moisture and impurities to comply with

international standards, no chemicals added and no direct heating.
Our Products
POME Specification

Free Fatty Acid 30-70%

Moisture + Impurities <3%
Iodine Value > 50
Total Fatty Matter > 95
Unsaponifiable Matter < 2%

• We are able to copmply with all international standards.

• Special product specifications can be accomodated.
Storage facilities

• Process POME and provide efficient storage capacity while waiting for
containerised or bulk shipments.
Office & Laboratory

• Office equipped with complete laboratory & personnel to guarantee

quality control of incoming and outgoing POME
Heating Facility

• Heating facility to support processing high quality of POME to control Moisture &
Impurities level. Thermal oil heating system to ensure economic energy usage.

• 60 Ton capacity of weighbridge, digitally controlled and timely

maintained on accuracy of the system withing printing facility.
Loading Activities

• We are highly experienced in Bulk shipments direct to vessels or

container shipments with flexitanks or ISO tanks
• Strategically located in South Sumatra in proximity to a large
international port of panjang. In a new industrial region.
Our Global Markets

Our Office and Facility

Lampung Office and Factory
Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Km 9 Lebak Haur
Campang Raya, Sukabumi, Bandar Lampung 35244, Indonesia
0828 8000 7000 | 0828 8067 7777
“ a business that is truly sustainable towards a clean environment“
Contact us for all your feedstock requirements
Our Offices in Indonesia, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore

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call us at +62 8112757512 or +62 248455531
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