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What are advance technologies in design management in Construction?

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Construction Management

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Mr. Nimitt Karia Yash Vaja
Adani Institute of infrastructure management PGDM (2018-20), Rollno-44
Assignment 2

What are advance technologies in design management in Construction?

Purpose of the assignment:-
To explore the various technological advancement available or been discovered in the field of
construction and how the technologies can help various companies to achieve their goals smoother and
What is design management1?
Design management encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable
innovation and create effectively-designed products, services, communications, environments, and
brands that enhance our quality of life and provide organizational/company’s success.

List of various technologies for design management in construction:-

 Artificial/virtual reality
 3D printing
 Building information modelling
 Automation
 Drones
 Cloud
 Artificial intelligence
 Modular building
 Wearable’s
 Self-healing concrete

1. Virtual Reality(VR)

 Virtual reality in construction allows real-time comparison of 3D models to physical spaces;
overlay of location and position data (wireframes) during installation; virtual walkthroughs
with project stakeholders.
 VR and AR tools are already reducing rework and increasing safety.
 The Daqri helmet (smart helmet), for example, offers users improved situational awareness,
calling attention to environmental factors, such as temperature differentials and unsafe
conditions. It can also be used to increase the precision of complex installations, and is
creating a whole new world of possibilities for collaboration between innovative designers
and builders.

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Yash Vaja
Assignment-2, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (PGDM 4)
2. Safety Equipment’s
 A variety of new technologies are helping to improve safety and health conditions on worksites.
 Advanced versions of traditional gear, including headsets, safety classes, and clothing, are now
being made even safer. Various companies are helping to make safety and health regulations,
which may have previously been overlooked more often, a part of standard procedures.

 More advanced technologies like drone and stationary cameras are also helping to improve
 They not only help to monitor conditions on the worksite from new angles that would have
previously been difficult to reach, but they can also help to prevent theft and security breaches

3. Advanced Task Management Software

 Task management software is used to manage your tasks, help with the estimation and
scheduling, track dependencies, resources and milestones and help you make decisions when
changes in priority are needed2

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Yash Vaja
Assignment-2, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (PGDM 4)
 Construction management software has changed a lot over the years, especially since the
growth and development of the internet.
 Increase productivity, and also track progress and organize the entire construction team. It can
be used for billing and as a time clock as well.
 Other technologies, such as Building Information Management, or BIM, allow contractors and
engineers to create 3D building plans.
 These can then be integrated into the construction schedule, which can help to make time
estimates more accurate.
 They can also help to improve onsite safety, because these technologies also allow for many
pieces to be pre-fabricated and constructed offsite, which means less work is being done in
possibly dangerous conditions.

4. Drones surveillance:-
 Drones are being used to map out construction sites, because they can reach places that humans
and traditional machinery can’t.
 Drone footage, as it becomes even more detailed, can then be used in creating more accurate
 Increased efficiency as well, which often means time and money saved.

5. Self-Healing concrete (Bio Concrete)3

 It’s a special type of concrete invented by a group of microbiology researchers.
 Bio concrete is also called as self-healing concrete or bacterial concrete.
 It’s specially made to increase the life span or the durability of concrete structure by the self-
 This type of concrete will be very helpful in making green buildings.

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Yash Vaja
Assignment-2, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (PGDM 4)
6. 3D Printers
 Construction 3D Printing (C3DP) or 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) refers to various
technologies that use 3D printing as a core method to fabricate buildings or construction
 Firstly, 3D printing concrete saves a lot of time. In particular, using these technologies
potentially reduces a 2 week job to just 3-4 days. Moreover, this reduces risks of injury
at work.

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Yash Vaja
Assignment-2, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (PGDM 4)