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Associated with the element of fire, the suit of wands represents passion, inspiration and
willpower. The wands imbue their users with primal energy, for it is through them that the
cycle of creation can begin. Because of their ability to bring energy into any situation,
they are also associated with action, ambition and making plans. At their worst, they can
refer to situations that are filled with recklessness and lack of direction. As you follow the
journey within the wands, you'll come across these themes again and again.


The Seven of Wands has an image of a man who is standing on a tall hill and being
challenged by the opponents below. He seems to be defending this position and
attacking in retaliation. It is interesting to note that in the Rider-Waite depiction of the
Seven of Wands, the man is wearing not matching shoes. This is linked to the
symbolism of being on uneven ground or not having a stable footing in life.

Upright Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands has a similar in meaning to the Five of Wands; both cards indicate
struggles after the initial fulfillment and satisfaction of an event. The Seven of Wands
however is different as it is is about the struggle that you need to go through to maintain
your position, rather than to attain it. This is about the difficulties we face to continue to
have success. You should be ready for the competition to you defend your title, and to
prove yourself. Others are going to desire the same results that you do, so you need to
stay ahead of the them.

There will be challenges to the success of your project or venture from an outside
source. You must remain dedicated to your desires, and with a clear purpose and effort,
you will overcome them.

"The overall meaning of the Seven of Wands is to hold your ground, no matter
what is challenging your position."

The overall meaning of the Seven of Wands is to hold your ground, no matter what is
challenging your position. You will need to defend this position and take a stand against
those who are aiming to take your spot. There are setbacks during this time, but you
need to keep fighting for your beliefs and confront those that may threaten or oppose
you and your beliefs.

·0 Perseverance

·1 Defensive

·2 Maintaining control

Reversed Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands reversal meaning is that you could be feeling overwhelmed by all
the responsibilities and challenges that you are facing. This can make it difficult to see
the whole picture. You can also feel that you have to compete and compare yourself to
other people, which leaves you feeling vulnerable and inadequate.

The Seven of Wands reversal meaning can also reflect your feelings of being criticized
and judged constantly by others. Your friends and family could be questioning you about
your decisions and choices, and you feel overwhelmed by their judgement.

Avoiding conflict and backing down is common with the reversed Seven of Wands. This
can lead to unhappiness because you run away from activities and relinquish your goals,
when you are challenged by anyone. Remember all that you fought for to be here, and
think carefully on whether you truly believe that is worth giving up now. Another reading
of the Seven of Wands reversed can also be that you are being too aggressive when you
are protecting yourself and damaging your relationships by doing so.

·3 Give up

·4 Destroyed








The Four of Wands depicts a couple which dances beneath the welcome wreath which is
tied between four wands, which are crystal tipped. There is a canopy of flowers on the
card which resembles the canopy that is particularly characteristic of the traditional
Jewish ceremony. There seems to be a party that is going on, or some kind of welcome
committee for the couple in question. You can see from the image that it represents a
time which is sprinkled with feelings of fulfillment, satisfaction brought by the actual
attainment of a goal.

Upright Four of Wands

The overall meaning of the Four of Wands is that it heralds celebration as well as a
harmonious, happy and relaxed home environment. In terms of numerology, the number
four symbolizes stability as well as particularly reliable foundations. These are
associated with a period of happiness and balance.

The symbolism within the Four of Wands poses that this is the perfect time for you to get
together with close people such as friends and family. This could be with or without any
special occasion. Oftentimes the card is known to reflect a period of holidays when you
are together with your friends and family for an extended period of time. It might also be
suggesting for you to invite your closest friends for a great and intimate dinner and share
a laugh or two.

"Oftentimes the card is known to reflect a period of holidays when you are
together with your friends and family for an extended period of time."

Furthermore, if you have been working on a certain project, this card entails that you will
be reaching a particularly important milestone. This is going to provide you with grounds
for celebration which is also to be considered. You have managed to complete a proper
and paramount phase of that project, and meaning you have every reason to be feeling
proud and satisfied, which are amongst the general feelings induced and reflected by the
Four of Wands card.

·5 Community

·6 Home

·7 Celebration

Reversed Four of Wands

If the upright position of the card reflects balance, stability, and harmony, the reversal
position of Four of Wands implies that there is a breakdown or complete lack of harmony
in your family or in your home. It’s highly likely that there is a lot of tension between the
members of your family or other loved ones. If you have completed something that is
important to you, you are expecting to share it with those that are closest to you, and to
come home to a welcome celebration, but instead, you find a lack of support. This may
leave you feeling rather uncertain when it comes to your own relationships as well as the
things that you can and cannot depend on.

·8 Lack of Support

·9 Transcience

·10 Home Conflicts








Wands are associated with fire energy, and the Ace of Wands is the core representation
of fire within the deck. The card shows a hand that is sticking out of a cloud while holding
the wand.

When we look at this card, we can see that the hand is reaching out to offer the wand,
which is still growing. Some of the leaves from the wand have sprouted, which is meant
to represent spiritual and material balance and progress. In the distance is a castle that
symbolizes opportunities available in the future.

Upright Ace of Wands

Wands symbolize creativity, and the Ace of Wands is the boldest among the cards in the
suit. It is not the kind of creativity that you learn from school or as a hobby. It is bravely
finding your own voice, it creates a place where you can develop your own vision. In
other words, it is associated with willpower, and creativity in the cosmic sense.

When you draw the Ace of Wands, it is an indicator that you should just go for it. Take
the chance and pursue an idea that you have in mind. Take the first steps to start the
creative project. The Ace of Wands calls out to you to follow your instincts. If you think
that the project that you've been dreaming of is a good idea, and then just go ahead and
do it.

"The Ace of Wands calls out to you to follow your instincts. If you think that the
project that you've been dreaming of is a good idea, and then just go ahead and
do it."

The Ace of Wands can also perhaps mean that you are waiting for a sign to start a
project. To draw this card pushes you to act now, instead of brooding over research and
more planning. Take small steps today, and then continue to grow your ideas over time.
Action is what helps you grow, and build momentum. Don't remain in the abstract.

Another Ace of Wands meaning is the occurrence of a breakthrough moment in your life.
It is a time when you are motivated and inspired about a passion project or idea. You are
excited about the opportunities that are opening up for you in the near future.

·11 Creation

·12 Willpower

·13 Inspiration
·14 Desire

Reversed Ace of Wands

The reversed Ace of Wands indicates trials and tribulations that you will face in the near
future. You might not have any direction, which leads to being uninspired or unmotivated.
At this point of your life, you might not know what you really want to do. You don’t know
how to get out of the slump.

In the case that you already have a goal, you are not excited to achieve it. When you
draw a reversed Ace of Wands, you should consider taking some time off to allow
inspiration to come to you. You feel weighed down by your current commitments and
responsibilities that you can’t come up with new ideas, or muster the passion to push
forward in your projects.

The Ace of Wands reversal meaning can also indicate delays with your current projects.
You want to finish your tasks, but there are things that get in your way. Or you have an
idea but don’t know how to execute it and make it a reality. When this is the case, you
should be patient and wait for the right time.

·15 Lack of Energy

·16 Lack of Passion

·17 Boredom







A man is shown carrying a heavy burden of wood, in the form of ten bundled wands,
approaching a town which is not too far. This image on the ten of wands indicates a
person who has already struggled in life and has succeeded, and he is now carrying the
harvests to his final destination. Although he is not near the destination, it shows that he
has finished the hardest part of life struggle and he just needs a place to relax and revel
in his success.

Upright Ten of Wands

This card shows that you have already completed the circle of struggle. After spending
too many resources and lots of energy looking for success, you have finally overcome
the obstacles. The sweat off your brow was worth it - your efforts have finally been
rewarded. You may find yourself living in a world of abundance where poverty and
suffering have no chance to intervene.

Although it sounds marvelous and satisfying, the card depicts a lot of responsibilities on
your side. You are now the sole problem solver in your circle of family and friends which
could even propel you into another world of challenges. At this point, you are also
flooded with responsibilities to maintain your success. The businesses that you have
started are flourishing and keeping you on your toes. The main problem is that these
issues could overwhelm you if you lose control, which requires you to make sure that
you know how to prioritize and solve the relevant ones.

"Although it sounds marvelous and satisfying, the card depicts a lot of

responsibilities on your side."

In the real world, this card expresses how people try to burden themselves with
responsibilities after they attain initial success. It is like graduating from college, getting a
job and then starting to make it in the real world. More challenges keep coming, you may
find yourself looking after you parents, starting a family and at the same time look to
others, which may make you feel as though you not yet successful. It becomes a burden
because at some point you find out nothing is enough to accomplish all these duties.
The general lesson of the card is that people should be moderate, prioritize and
understand that they cannot solve everything, some things must be let go, given to
others, the burden shared.

·18 Accomplishment

·19 Responsibility

·20 Burden

Reversed Ten of Wands

When the Ten of Wands card is reversed, it indicates that you are truly burdened by
circumstances which are not necessary in your life. Look around and see what is
bothering you that will not positively impact yourself even if you rectify it. Drop them all
and be a free being that can think soberly and do things accurately. Anything that does
not add value in your life is not worth your time, so let it go.

·21 Can't Delegate

·22 Overstressed
·23 Burnt Out








The Nine of Wands shows a weak-looking man holding on to a wand with 8 other upright
wands standing behind them. The man looks injured, but he still seems ready to fight
another battle, and desires strongly to win. He has a look of hope and determination
about him that should help him go through that one last battle. It is a card that shows a
mix of challenges, hope and triumph.

Upright Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands tarot card is one that symbolizes great hope even when one is faced
by many problems that threaten to make them lose their balance. The Nine of Wands
symbolizes one's life, which has undergone too many trials but through their
determination and will, they were able to overcome them. These won battles are
symbolized by the eight upright wands; however, there are still more trials that the
person may face. This can be one major trial or challenge that they are supposed to face
for them to reach their goals or be successful in their quest. The card is a sign of hope
and encouragement that you should face your trials with courage so that you may attain

"The Nine of Wands symbolizes a life of someone who has undergone many trials,
but through determination and will, they were able to overcome them."

The Nine of Wands may also mean that a person has been betrayed and has thus
become mistrustful towards others. This may be because of something that has
happened a number of times, and might on the first glance seem hopeless. But there is
also hope and courage here, and the belief that this outlook is about to change.
Someone or something may come into their life that will change their whole view of their
past struggles. It encourages one to take that risky move because they may be

·24 Resilience

·25 Grit

·26 Last Stand

Reversed Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands reversed shows a person who may not be a risk taker; they may not
want to make a long-term move or commitment since they are afraid that they may not
be able to come out of it. They are mistrustful and hence have created a boundary
between themselves and others which is turning to be their own personal prison. You
may be afraid that you do not have enough resources to face some upcoming
challenges, which is why you may be open to running away or avoiding it.

However, this is a situation that needs to change since this could be your self-created
restriction to prevent you from attaining the new heights you need to grow. It encourages
you to be brave, but also be careful not to make careless or hasty decisions that may
cost you in future.

The Nine of Wands may be an indication of a great personal fear or mentality that could
affect you. Hence, it is important that you do something to deal with it before fear
consumes you and prevents you from moving onward.

·27 Exhaustion

·28 Fatigue

·29 Unsure Motivation








The Eight of Wands is depicted as eight flying staves that appear as if they are
suspended in the air. Some may look at them as wands that are blossoming that are
traveling at a maximum speed. The background where they travel through is a clear sky
which represents that there is likely nothing that will stand in the way of these making it
to their destination. It shows a majestic landscape with a river that is streaming, the
water breathing life to the image. The wands also appear like they are about to land,
which signals the end of a long journey.

Upright Eight of Wands

The image depicted by the Eight of Wands means that the difficulties that were brought
by the Seven of Wands are finally over. It signifies a strong level of energy which states
that different aspects of your life will be trailblazing. Perhaps important news will be
coming on your way, and you may experience a sudden, yet steady positive growth. The
Eight of Wands meaning may also pertain to your work. There is a chance that the
decision that you are waiting for will come your way soon. You need to be patient and
just wait for it.

"Perhaps important news will be coming on your way, and you may experience a
sudden, yet steady positive growth."

When it comes to love, the eight of wands meaning pertains to your readiness to be
committed on a relationship; however, the card advises you not to force the other party
to also be ready on the commitment. Your significant other will soon be ready - forcing
things to happen may affect the result negatively. In terms of finances, it appears like this
is not the best time to make hasty investment. Just like in your love aspect, we advise
you to be patient. Save your money and wait for the perfect time to invest. All things that
you fought for are building in momentum. Where you didn't see progress earlier, you'll
soon discover that they paved the way for the coming wave of action.

·30 Rapid Action

·31 Movement

·32 Quick Decisions

Reversed Eight of Wands

Just like the upward Eight of Wands, the Eight of Wands reversed meaning is generally
associated with patience. There is a possibility that you are feeling frustrated about
something. You might now see that what you set in motion earlier created the obstacles
that you are discovering right now. It is time for you to understand that you cannot
change the past. You must forgive yourself, and adapt your strategy.

In terms of work, there may be an existing disagreement in your office. You need to
settle this quickly in order to avoid derailing any major issue. Breathe, think and try to
relax. Be patient and believe that everything will be just fine. The Eight of Wands
reversal meaning on love may pertain to possible jealousy. The jealousy that you are
feeling right now has no basis and will just affect your good relationship with your
partner. In the aspect of Health and Spirituality, you need to improve your focus,
cooperation, and determination. The energy of the card will just dissipate if you are
losing your focus.

·33 Panic
·34 Waiting

·35 Slowing Down







The Six of Wands tarot card depicts a man who is currently wearing a wreath of victory
around his head. He is depicted riding a horse through a crowd of people who are
cheering. The horse is white, which is a well-known symbol of strength, purity as well as
success. The crowd is there to show the public’s recognition for the achievements of the
man riding the horse. The wand that the man is carrying also has a wreath which is tied
to it in an attempt to further emphasize his success. The man is not afraid, or shy about
all of this attention but rather proud with his accomplishments. To this, the crowd around
him reacts with cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

Upright Six of Wands

This particular card is all about public recognition, victory, and success. Not only have
you managed to properly succeed in achieving all of your goals, but you are also being
publicly acknowledged for them and the results that you’ve managed to attain. You may
have received an award or some sort of public acclaim.

The card is indicative that you have managed to harness the strengths and talents that
you have within you in an attempt to bring a particularly successful outcome in your life.
You have managed to properly get through the confusion which is brought by the card
before this one – the Five of Wands, and managed to properly minimize distractions,
thus successfully focusing on your goals and achieving them.

"The card is indicative that you have managed to harness the strengths and
talents that you have within you in an attempt to bring a particularly successful
outcome in your life."

It’s also worth noting that there is a slight downside apart from the overall positivity that
stems from the card. It can bring self-importance as well as egotistical behavior and
arrogance. This could make you think that nobody is better than you.

·36 Victory

·37 Success

·38 Public Reward

Reversed Six of Wands

When the card is reversed, this suggests that you might find yourself doubting all of your
abilities as well as your overall potential to achieve any kind of success. You might be
feeling particularly negative about your entire self as if you have failed others as well as
yourself. This is a symbol that means that you lack the confidence and drive that you
need to achieve. You need the overall support as well as recognition of third parties in
order to pick you up, to emotionally provide you with some much-needed strength.

·39 Excess Pride

·40 Lack of Recognition

·41 Punishment







The Five of Wands depicts five men all holding their own wands and brandishing them
up in the air. Like with most fives in the tarot, it is about some kind of disagreement that
is facing the querent. This disagreement can either be taken to be as a sign of conflict
between the men, or that all of them are simply enjoying the adrenaline rush of this
conflict, and that the competition amongst them is of a good natured rivalry, not anger.
The relaxed way in which they seem to be holding their wands gives a sense that this
argument may be one of show rather than a fierce one.

Upright Five of Wands

From the image on the card, the symbolism in the Five of Wands suggests that there is
form of conflict in one’s life. This may be an existing conflict or one that is brewing and
may eventually blow up in one's face. It may also depict a problem in communication, for
example in a situation where no one really wants to listen to the other - meaning that no
agreement or understanding takes place. The five men may signify problems in a group
of people who are not patient enough to listen to what anyone else is saying. They only
want to be heard, and since none of the others will listen, they all argue at once.

Much of this can be solved by the querent taking the first step to try and initiate
communication in such a way that you suggest that everyone airs out what they have to
say, one at a time. By doing this, you will be able to address the problem, and everyone
will be heard. Meaning they’ll all be satisfied.

The Five of Wands can also mean that you are or will be facing competition in an area
that you are not used to. This can be at work or school where you will meet people with
the same abilities as you who pose quite a challenge - leading to feelings of jealousy,
greed, and envy. This tarot card encourages that you accept the competition as a way
for you to improve yourself without feeling any malice towards them. This means that
you should learn how to cope with them in a civil way.

"This tarot card encourages that you accept the competition as a way for you to
improve yourself without feeling any malice towards them."

The Five of Wands meaning could also be a personal struggle that you are dealing with
on your own. This can be on a number of issues that affect you, hence you need to
address them and find a solution for them. You will need to identify where the problems
are and offer a solution that will handle the case.

·42 Competition

·43 Conflict

·44 Rivalry

Reversed Five of Wands

The Five of Wands reversed meaning can be that your natural method of dealing with
disagreements is avoiding any kind of conflict by getting away from that place as fast as
you can. Sometimes this can be regarded as a good thing, but other times, it may lead to
a number of issues that are brewing up within you, for which you will have to address
soon. On the other hand, it can also mean that you have worked through your troubles
and that you do not have any more issues to worry about.

·45 Avoiding Conflict

·46 Respect Differences








The Three of Wands depicts a man who is standing on the edge of a cliff, looking over
the ocean and the mountains. From the cliff edge, he sees everything that is ahead of
him. The Wands are planted into the ground and surround the man as he grasps one in
his hand. He seems to look forward and reflect on both the commitment that he has for
his plans, as well as the method of execution in order to bring them to reality.

Upright Three of Wands

The meaning of the Three of Wands hints that you are planning or going to plan for the
future with more conviction. This could mean that everything around your plans is going
smoothly, as you have taken the time to plan your future, and are taking steps to turn
plans into action. It hints that you are perhaps creating a stable foundation for yourself.

The symbolism within the Three of Wands is that opportunities that can take place to
widen your horizons in many areas. It also is a warning to keep your mind open as better
opportunities could open up to you. As you take steps towards achieving what you set
out to do, you are also becoming more aware of opportunities that are coming your way,
and this could be take you out of your comfort zone. This pushes you to sometimes
embrace change, and to start thinking in the long-term.
"The Three of Wands hints that you are creating a stable foundation for yourself."

The Three of Wands can show that you are in control and have a strong position, just
like the character that overlooks and stands strong. The Three of Wands is one of the
main cards of foresight and vision.

The last Three of Wands meaning is that of travel in search of what you are seeking.
There is a sense of leaving home, a voyage that must be undertaken. Great things do
not happen to those that simply wait for them, you must expand. For most readings, this
shows that you may travel to a new land over the water and that you may find an
opportunity during your travels.

·47 Looking Ahead

·48 Expansion

·49 Rapid Growth

Reversed Three of Wands

The reversed Three of Wands indicates that you may have been embarking on personal
journeys or developments, but you have not received the achievements that you were
hoping for. This could be due to delays or road blocks. Despite all this, the card reminds
you that all of your work has not been for nothing, but rather that it has helped you with
your personal strength and fortitude.

The Three of Wands reversed can also mean you need to take some time to plan your
future. This is especially true if you have not started on your long term goals or have
become overwhelmed by the tasks that you face now, or will have to face soon. You are
only reacting and not acting with thought and deliberation.

However, the most common Three of Wands reversed meaning is a nudge to include
planning for future changes, and to watch for better options in case that they show up.
The figure on the Three of Wands knows this and always keeps his eyes open for how
the future could change, and it is a worthy lesson to learn.

·50 Obstacles
·51 Delays

·52 Frustration







II - The Two of Wands

The Two of Wands card features a man standing on top of what looks like a castle and in
his right hand he holds a miniature globe. From the way he is standing, the man is
looking down upon the vast terrain, in which an ocean lies on the left-hand side, whilst
the land stretches over on the right-hand side. The man is wearing an orange tunic and
a red hat, symbolizing his enthusiasm towards life itself and hunger for adventure
respectively. The miniature globe in his hand represents potential for possible expansion
of his reach to broader life experiences.

Upright Two of Wands

The Two of Wands is a more mature version of the ace of wands, meaning that that this
tarot card is all about planning and moving forward – progression. Look at it this way;
you have already set out to achieve a particular task, which means you have turned an
idea into a realistic plan. Such a plan will require fulfillment and therefore you have to
progress from just having the plan to actually achieving what you set out for.

Discovery is being considered as another two of wands meaning. This is because it

means that you are stepping out of your cocoon and exploring new experiences and
worlds. While the beginning might seem tough and difficult, the Two of Wands card
encourages you to strive on and push forward.

"The Two of Wands is a more mature version of the ace of wands, meaning that
that this tarot card is all about planning and moving forward – progression."

The Two of Wands card also means that you are beginning to realize your objectives
and long-term goals before you set out to achieve these objectives. In other words, you
have strived to get to where you are and now, moving forward, you have your long-term
goals in mind.

In summary, the Two of Wands meaning revolves around making decisions. In other
words, you are either satisfied with your current knowledge, or you are moving forward
and taking risks. It means, leaving our comfort zones and exploring new territory.

·53 Planning

·54 Making Decision

·55 Leaving Home

Reversed Two of Wands

The Two of Wands reversed meaning suggests the need to set up long-term goals.
Begin the process of setting up your goals by identifying what to you is important.
Proceed by planning how you intend on achieving such goals.

Another Two of Wands reversal meaning suggests that you have ignored important fine
points associated with planning your future. Lack of proper planning could be the reason
for your downfall.

Other interpretations can include either overconfidence or lack of patience, both are
possible in bringing you disarray in your path forward.

·56 Fear of Change

·57 Playing it Safe

·58 Bad Planning








Upright Page of Wands

When we see the Page of Wands, we see a youth with enormous excitement and
curiosity for the world. He knows what to do, he has the passion to succeed, but due to
his inexperience and maybe a little fear of the unknown, his ideas remain abstract. He
identifies new worlds to explore, new opportunities he could take advantage of quite
easily, and he is even gifted with the "big picture" vision needed to succeed. Even with
all of this, he still has the tendency to either remain dormant, or get easily distracted with
one idea after the other. If he doesn't learn to control this, it might be that he squanders
the opportunities to advance himself.

"When you get the Page of Wands, it simply means something is within you,
something that triggers you to make discoveries, indulge in investments or take
the next advancement in life."

When you get the Page of Wands, it simply means something is within you, something
that triggers you to make discoveries, indulge in investments or take the next
advancement in life. You could be just about to take a move on a certain idea, but some
conflicting messages keep coming to your mind, and you get discouraged. This card
resembles your inner battles which are preventing you from expressing your heroism to
the world, to let the world know that you exist for a reason.

If you are wise enough, this card is normally a trigger of courage. It should make you
overcome the personal discouragements and move forward boldly to launch your ideas
in the real world. Remove the fear, gather your resources and do something. Let the
world know that you are there and you have no jokes about moving forward in the path
that you choose. Conquer every obstacle, let your ideas shine and be known to the
world because this card indicates a level of success that can only be achieved when
courage is deployed.

·59 Exploration

·60 Excitement

·61 Freedom

Page of Wands Reversal

With the Page of Wands reversed, it tends to emphasize the more negative character
traits of the upright version. He tends to show up when your mind is filled with one great
idea after another, and are unable to progress beyond the beginning planning stages.
Perhaps you have started a project or a hobby expecting that it would grow to great
levels and instead you end up nowhere. As painful as it is, it is a good way of telling you
that you should venture into other meaningful projects and avoid wasting time.

·62 Lack of Direction

·63 Procastination

·64 Creating Conflict







The image depicted in the Queen of Wand shows a queen sitting proudly on a throne
while facing forwards which is a clear symbol of strength and fire. She is holding a
sunflower in her left hand, and the image of the sunflowers are also carved on the throne
- meaning happiness, satisfaction, and fertility. In her right hand, she is holding her wand
which is starting to blossom, and symbolizes life. In her positive aspects, the Queen of
Wands can be associated with fidelity, sustenance, and warmth. Her hidden side is
hinted at with the placement of the black cat at her feet, which is traditionally a symbol of
witchcraft and occultism, but can also point at her ability to grasp with her deep intuition.

Upright Queen of Wands

In general, the Queen of wands in a reading meaning may depict a person of extreme
focus and fiery passion. She is courageous and individualistic, though at times she may
appear self-centered. They have a positive and an uplifting energy; they represent
someone who is willing to be by your side and stand up for you.

"The Queen of Wands has a positive and an uplifting energy; they represent
someone who is willing to be by your side and stand up for you."
In terms of work, the Queen of wands signifies that you are planning to accomplish a
significant amount of achievement in just a small amount of time. In the event that you
are looking for a job, the appearance of this card may mean that a woman will play a
major role in your career move. Generally speaking, in terms of your career, things are
looking pretty good. The Queen of Wands in questions of love also sends a positive
energy. For people who are searching for love, there is a possibility that you will find it

When it comes to your finances, there is a chance that you are being carried away on
spending a significant amount of money. We advise you to keep your expenses on
check, or you will regret it in the end. In terms of health and spirituality, the Queen of
Wands meaning may pertain to a spiritual hunger, a quest, or a search for meaning.

·65 Courage

·66 Determination

·67 Joy

Queen of Wands Reversal

Regardless of its position (upright or reversed) the Queen of Wands symbolizes fertility,
and all the feelings, emotions, and aspects that it brings. It may mean that there is
someone who needs your help right now. In terms of work, there is a probability that
you will encounter obstacles that will hamper your progress. Do not mind these
obstacles and continue doing your job as you see fit. To see this card may also be a
reminder to adhere to your rational side - to balance your sometimes chaotic energy
with clear though, and you will be more successful.

·68 Selfishness

·69 Jealousy

·70 Insecurity







The King of Wands depicts a man who has in his hands a blossoming wand, which is set
to represent creativity and life's passion. His throne, as well as his cape, are decorated
with the salamander and the lion, which are symbols of fire and strength. The
salamander that is biting his tail represents the infinity as well as the overall drive to
move through all obstacles. The robe is bright and orange resembling a flame, while the
crown is shaped like a tongue of fire. Let’s go ahead and take a deeper look at the
symbolism behind the King of Wands.

Upright King of Wands

The meaning of the upright position of the King of Wands represents pure energy. Unlike
the other wands cards in the deck however, this particular one is not focused on pure
creativity. Instead, this king is actually way more likely to take an idea and to decisively
implement it himself. The King of Wands is a natural born leader of people, and he is
also extremely capable. Once the king sets for himself a certain aim or a goal, he is
going to conveniently stick to it in order to ensure that it becomes a reality.

"The King of Wands is a natural born leader of people, and he is also extremely

The King of Wands looks forward to all sorts of different challenges - whether great or
small, for he gets a natural adrenaline rush associated with the solving of problems.

·71 Big Picture

·72 Leader

·73 Overcoming Challenges

King of Wands Reversal

The negative aspect of the card is associated, as you may guess, with a feeling of
arrogance. He can even be rather aggressive in the actual pursuit of his goals,
regardless of whether he’s actually conscious or not of it. He wouldn’t show restraint, nor
even the humbleness to know when his assistance isn’t actually required.

When reversed, the card depicts a personality which is prone to taking rash, impulsive
and hasty decisions. This person could be pushy, overbearing as well as dominating at
times. Even though he might rarely do this with a sense of malice or with an intention to
make someone feel submissive, this is without a doubt a part of his character that one
can be frustrated at.
In reversal, the card represents the worst spectrum of the qualities of the fire –
selfishness and ruthlessness. He can be manipulative as long as you are serving his
purpose. With this in mind, the card definitely points out strong and weak aspects, and
reflecting on his image can help you dig deeper in your personality.

·74 Impulsive

·75 Overbearing

·76 Impossible Expectations







The Knight of Wands is seen on his horse that is reared up and ready for action. Judging
from the knight’s clothes and armor, as well as his horse, he is prepared for what’s
ahead. He is wearing a yellow patterned shirt on top of his metal armor. He is also
wearing an armor helmet with red plume sticking out of it. He seems to be ready for
battle, except he is holding a large wand instead of a sword. His horse is orange in color
and has a mane that looks like flames. When you look at the Knight of Wands' face,
you’ll see the determination of wanting to be successful in his endeavor. Fire is a
dominate factor in the Knight of Wands' symbolism. The decorative tassels hanging from
his arms and back, as well as the horse’s mane, are all in the color of flame. He is also
wearing a yellow shirt printed with the fiery salamander symbol.

Upright Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands' symbolism is straightforward. When it appears, it means a great

time to get away and travel. The person should feel charged up and full of life. One is
also ready to get things done. He is adventurous and can find fun things to do no matter
where he is. There is never a dull moment when the Knight of Wands is around. When
the Knight of Wands shows up in a reading it seems to suggest that the seeker wants to
complete important tasks. One wants to impress others with one’s knowledge and skill.
The card also shows up when the person is planning to move to another place of

If you are starting a creative project, then you should do so with lots of energy and
enthusiasm. However, you should balance it with realistic and well-rounded views. You
should also have a plan that takes into account the consequences of your actions.

"If you are starting a creative project, then you should do so with lots of energy
and enthusiasm."

Getting the Knight of Wands in a reading can also mean that there is an event that you
don’t expect to happen soon. If it is accompanied by the Eight of Wands, then you
should expect a lot of changes in your life. More often than not, the Knight of Wands
indicates a hasty change of job, residence, or anything in your life.

·77 Action

·78 Adventure

·79 Fearlessness

Knight of Wands Reversal

When you get a reversed Knight of Wands, it indicates frustrations and delays. You may
feel angry and that you are not getting anywhere. A reversed Knight of Wands can
translate to a loss of power. You may be trying to compensate for something that you
don’t have total control over - this might lead to pessimism and loss of self-esteem.

·80 Anger

·81 Impulsivity

·82 Recklessness






The suit of cups rules over all that is associated with emotions, the unconscious,
creativity, and intuition. They frequently talk about relationships, whether romantic or
otherwise, and one's imagination and inner world. They are associated with the element
of water, which becomes a frequent visual theme within this suit. At their worst, the cups
suit is fret with uncontrolled feelings, fantasy, and a disconnect with one's inner voice.

The King of Cups is a card in the tarot that shows generosity, control, and emotional
balance. The card itself depicts a king seated on a throne, who has an amulet that is
shaped like a fish. The fish in his necklace represents his creativity and spirit, which
thrives on the calm waters that surround him. We can see from the background that
there is a steady balance between the conscious and unconscious.

Behind the king, there is a fish jumping out of the ocean on the right side, and a ship on
the left side, representative of the emotional and material worlds respectively. The King
of Cups shows that you do not suppress your impulses, but have learned to deal with
them in a balanced manner.

Upright King of Cups

The King of Cups is one of the most influential cards in the suit of Cups. He represents
creativity, emotion, and the unconscious. The card shows the ability to restrain one's
emotions and be fully in charge of your feelings and impulses. Therefore, the King of
Cups represents a balance between the intellect and emotions. He indicates that there is
a strong relationship between understanding and feeling.
"The King of Cups represents a balance between the intellect and emotions. He
indicates that there is a strong relationship between understanding and feeling."

When you have balanced your emotions and are able to control them, it means that you
have a deeper knowledge and awareness of yourself. When you are faced with
challenges that would normally throw you off balance, the King of Cups is there to
remind you that you should act as he does - do not fly out in a rage, or immediately
throw yourself into despair! You first need to temper the state of your emotions, so that
you can progress forward in reality. Learn to evaluate yourself so as to determine how
you can create a stronger awareness of your own internal state.

There are instances when the King of Cups can symbolize an older male who is in your
life. This is a mature man who is willing to take responsibility for his actions and has
mastered his own self-understanding.

The King of Cups tends to be political and diplomatic, and this makes it possible to for
him to balance the needs of others, and enhance the harmony among all parties
involved. The King of Cups shows that you are sensitive as a leader and you are careful
with the way others respond to your emotional needs. The King of Cups implies that you
should remain mature when dealing with negative energy.

·83 Compassion

·84 Control

·85 Balance

King of Cups Reversal

The King of Cups reversed signals what happens when he is at his worst: volatility,
emotional manipulation and moodiness.

When the King of Cups falters, his usual ability to handle situations with compassion and
wisdom are turned upside down. He is unable to balance the needs of all that seek his
guidance, and while appearing kind to some, may be cold to others. His talent in
navigating the emotions of others may be put to dubious uses, manipulating
circumstances to fit his needs.

The reversed King of Cups suggests that there is a character in your life that is depicted
by this card, whether a part of you or someone else. While he is normally very in touch
and controlled with his emotions, he has lately become manipulative and emotionally
controlling. His actions will be used for vengeance and vindication, impulses that he
normally has under control, and is eventually aimed at being some form of punishment.

·86 Coldness

·87 Moodiness

·88 Bad Advise







The Queen of Cups rules the emotional realm. She is the woman whose throne is right
on the ocean’s edge, and water is typically symbolic of the unconscious and feeling. Her
position at the shore indicates that she lies between land and sea, the place where
feeling and thought exist. She holds a cup that has handles shaped like an angel. This
cup is closed, which is why the Queen of Cups symbolizes the thoughts that come with
our unconscious mind. The queen sits alone, which allows her to think. The calmness of
the water and the sky symbolizes the serene mind of the queen. Her feet are not
touching the water, which stands for her looking at her thoughts and feelings from the

Upright Queen of Cups

We can understand the meaning of the Queen of Cups from taking a closer look at the
woman in image. She is seen as compassionate, caring, sensitive, and nurturing. She
connects with people on the emotional level, so people enjoy her honesty and fairness.
The appearance of the Queen of Cups in a reading can be guiding you to find help from
others. Most times, like the other queens, this is a female figure that will come into your

The Queen of Cups has an intuition which is very powerful, and is only rivaled by the
one of the High Priestess. The Queen of Cups acts as a mirror and reflects the depths
present in others, so they see themselves in a new light. Most times, the Queen of Cups
can also represent the trusted inner voice you have within you. She seems to say that
you should take the time to focus on your emotional health before trying to help others.
Self-love creates compassion.

"The Queen of Cups can also represent the trusted inner voice you have within

The Queen of Cups can also reflect your relationships with other people. You may be the
emotionally strong rock that serves as an anchor for someone else. You may be here to
help teach and support others using your intuition, instead of logic.

The Queen of Cups normally thinks with her heart, instead of her mind. She can lack
rationality and common sense, but she can also be intuitive, dreamy and almost psychic
at times. The Queen of Cups could be the answer to your problems when a logical
approach is not working.

·89 Compassion

·90 Calm

·91 Comfort

Queen of Cups Reversal

The Queen of Cups reversed means that you are not in sync with your emotions. You
can also feel restricted in the expressing the way that you truly feel. Most times, bottling
up your emotions can be very damaging and will lead to a boiling point in the near future.
You may have high levels of stress that you are not able to cope with anymore.

The Queen of Cups reversed can also reflect that your mind is wandering too far, and
you are letting your imagination run away with itself. While you still mean well, you
should take a pause to really see whether your emotions can be trusted, because you
are allowing them to control you. You need to take some time to think if these dreams
can be turned into reality. You should try to be more emotionally stable during these
times, so you will know when your emotions are getting the best of you.

·92 Martydom

·93 Insecurity

·94 Dependence







The Knight of Cups is a card which depicts a young knight who is gloriously riding a
white horse while at the same time holding a cup as if he is a messenger of a certain
sort. Unlike the Knight of Wands or the Knight of Swords, this particular one isn’t
charging along with his horse. He is instead moving slowly forward which provides the
entire setting an overall impression of peace and calmness. The horse is known to
represent one's drive, energy, and power. The horse's color is white, which is a well-
known symbol of spirituality, light, and purity.

Upright Knight of Cups

The truth is that the Knight of Cups is the most feminine amongst all the Knight cards in
the tarot. It's important to note though, that this doesn’t even slightly suggest that he is
any less of a worthy knight. It implies that he is in proper touch with his emotions and his
intuition, and that he uses them for his own well-being and during his many romance and
seduction quests. He is usually quite attractive and charming to others, regardless of
their gender.

When faced with an actual decision, the Knight of Cups is going to listen to his heart,
regardless of whether this is actually a logical choice or not. He can also manifest as an
event or a person in your life, or a part of your own self. He appears as a messenger –
and with him, he carries an invitation or an arrival of something or someone which is
going to have a certain emotional benefit for you. As a knight, he is also charged with
taking the gifts of his suit, and bringing it outward into the world. He therefore can also
represent the undertaking of some project with significant emotional or creative value for

"He appears as a messenger – and with him, he carries an invitation or an arrival

of something or someone which will benefit you."

·95 Following the Heart

·96 Idealist

·97 Romantic

Knight of Cups Reversal

Now that you are aware of the upright Knight of Cups meaning let’s take a look at what
the card says when it is upside down. Reversed, the Knight of Cups means that you
allow your emotions to control your life a lot more than you should. You might be overly
jealous, emotional or moody. In fact, this could get up to the point of actual incapacity to
take action, which is most definitely to be avoided. Jumping to conclusions too fast is
characteristic of a reversed Knight of Cups, and making judgements without having the
necessary information is very common.

The card indicates a situation which could be considered appealing at first but quickly
turns out to be something very different. With such high expectations, everyone will walk
away quite disappointed.

·98 Moodiness

·99 Dissapointment







The Page of Cups represents the unexpected inspiration that comes to us from the
unconscious, perhaps in ways that we may not truly understand. In this card, a youth at
the seashore wears a blue tunic adorned with floral prints, and holds a golden cup. She
also wears a beret that looks quite bohemian, and a long flowing scarf. She is surprised
by a fish that pops out of the cup, as if to greet her from a fairytale. She can neither drink
nor toast with the cup as the fish stares at her and seemingly tries to engage with her.

Upright Page of Cups

One of the most important meanings within the Page of Cups is that you should be open
to new ideas, especially ones that stem from intuitive inspiration. The card seems to
state that such inspiration should be embraced, despite it being something that you may
not expect. It could lead you to adventure and open many doors. If it is a calling of a
creative nature, for example, one to get into music or art, there's an especially strong
push from this card to go for it.

When you are being faced by difficult situations, and you have stopped chasing your
dreams, the Page of Cups seems to say that you that you should tackle the issue from a
totally different perspective. It symbolizes persistence as this is the only way that you
can make your dreams come true. Listen to your intuition, follow your calling, and
believe everything is possible.

"It symbolizes persistence as this is the only way that you can make your dreams
come true."

For those that are afraid to reveal their emotions, the Page of Cups could mean that it is
time to release and show those emotions. The creative you and the emotional you
should both be expressed, no matter how insignificant they may seem. In most cases,
some people cannot express themselves as they want to protect their ego. The Page of
Cups indicates that it is alright to have a new beginning - to welcome the real you.

·100 Happy Suprise

·101 Dreamer

·102 Sensitivity

Page of Cups Reversal

One Page of Cups reversal meaning is that you are undergoing a block in your creativity.
There are things or projects that you find interesting, but you seem to do them for other
reasons than for the joy of it. You may be doing them for money, for fame, or something
else. A reversed Page of Cups could indicate that you should remember the joy that your
projects brought you in the first place to reclaim your imaginative spirit.

Another Page of Cups reversal meaning is that it can symbolize a troubled person. One
who is afraid of reality whether it’s emotional, financial, illness or something else. They
find these issues difficult to face, perhaps leading to abuse of alcohol or drugs to
escape. It could be an image of you or a loved one who is struggling with self-

The Page of Cups could indicate that someone lacks inspiration, they are battling low
self-worth, and they are easily depressed. What can you do to help inspire them to be
their best self?

·103 Emotional Imaturity

·104 Insecurity

·105 Dissapointment







On the Ten of Cups, there is a couple holding each other while facing a beautiful house
and a green garden. Beside them, there are two children playing joyously. The couple is
seen holding each other in a loving and romantic embrace, while the children are freely
playing. The couple seems to be in a stable relationship, while also blessed with the
abundance of a comfortable home and beautiful children. The green land signifies
fertility, and the river shows how freely the feelings of the couple are flowing, meaning
that their relationship is quite peaceful. Above in the sky, there are ten cups, shaped in
an arc, which are meant to symbolize blessings from heaven. The rainbow behind them
shows the end of hard times and sorrows, and a new happy life where each and every
one of the family will enjoy. The Ten of Cups card depicts ‘having it all’.

Upright Ten of Cups

From its joyful depiction, we can assume that the Ten of Cups embody happiness, joy,
contentment and emotional satisfaction in your family, relationship or companion. It
represents an idyllic state of comfort, harmony, peace and love which makes you feel
like you are in paradise. This is where all your dreams, wants, needs and wishes have
been fulfilled, and you feel a complete sense of satisfaction. Take a moment and
breathe, look around you and be thankful for all your blessings. This card signifies
something that so many of us are searching for.

To see the Ten of cups is to indicate a true emotional fulfillment - one where the lonely
self-satisfaction of the Nine of Cups is shared with others to create a true sense of
community and family. It is the crystallization of the innocent will of the ace of cups. After
learning how to love oneself, the Nine of Cups matured into the Ten of Cups, which at its
core about how true happiness stems from forging authentic bonds and connections with
others. This card is most associated with a sense of 'happily ever after' - of family, of
lasting harmony and peace.

To see the Ten of cups is to indicate a true emotional fulfillment - one where the lonely
self-satisfaction of the Nine of Cups is shared with others to create a true sense of
community and family.

This is an indication of harmonious family, for the card shows you that you are living in
the perfect peace. No more adjustments or shifting is needed, you are in the right, just
relax and enjoy your moment. In a love reading, this card shows that it is romantic, real
and genuine - and has a strong potential for something long term. It deserves all your
effort to make it come true.

The Ten of Cups could also indicate a family holiday where you can relax and spend
time with family members.

·106 Inner Happiness

·107 Fulfillment

·108 Dreams Coming True

Ten of Cups Reversal

When the Ten of Cups is reversed, the strong bonds that one forges with family and
community are broken, or twisted. The Ten of Cups is truly the most 'happily ever after'
card, but somehow this idealized image of domestic peace and comfort is broken, or
was unrealistic all along. Instead of connections, you may find distance. Instead of
coming together, you may be pulling apart.

Your hopes for happy times and special moments seem to not meet your expectations.
You should learn to treat each other well, love each other and care for each other. This is
the best way to ensure that you retain your harmonious living.

·109 Shattered Dreams

·110 Broken Family

·111 Domestic Disharmony







In this card, a middle-aged man is sitting on a wooden bench while his arms are
crossed, and his face are showing quite a level of contentment. He is dressed elegantly
and has the look of the true satisfaction. The head-dress on his head is red, and is a
depiction of his active mind. At his background, you will notice there are nine golden
cups, structured and arranged in an orderly manner. The Nine of Cups symbolizes a
representation of fulfillment and success, both spiritually and materially. The man shows
that expression of success after achieving his innermost desire.

Upright Nine of Cups

After a long journey, the Nine of Cups symbolizes the finding of self-satisfaction. The
emotional journey of the cups is starting to come to a close after the volatile ups and
downs you faced in the earlier numbers of this suit. You have struggled to find purpose
and joy after loss, you have tasted the different things that life offers, and you have left
comfort in order to find greater heights. Here, you have found them, and you are
indulging yourself as you celebrate this new stage of your life.

When we look at the Nine of Cups, it can initially seem like one of the most pleasant
cards that may appear during a reading. This is also referred as the wish card, which
means that the things that you desire for, or your most perfect dream is bound to
happen. The Nine of Cups is normally associated with extreme happiness and

"The Nine of Cups is normally associated with extreme happiness and


With regards to your work, there is a good change that something wonderful will happen
in your workplace. It is time for you to push on your stalled project or if you have a
something that you desire greatly, there is a possibility that you will finally achieve it. It
also holds a positive meaning when it comes to love. Your romantic relationship with
someone is destined to reach a new level. In case you are still single, this is the time to
socialize with new people.

In terms of finances, the Nine of Cups is also a positive messenger. It can mean that the
financial state that you are hoping for will soon be achieved. In your health, the test that
you have to undergo will lead to positive result. The good energy that you are receiving
at the moment should be used to improve your health habits.

·112 Satisfaction

·113 Emotional Stability

·114 Luxury

Nine of Cups Reversal

When the Nine of Cups is reversed, you need to think more carefully about the things
that you really want in your life. The Nine of Cups reversed can signify that you are
looking for a more authentic feeling of fulfillment.

Your path has been a hard one, and you've arrived at a period where you may have the
appearance of fulfillment, but something else is missing. This may outwardly appear as
smugness, and can indicate your desire to receive attention and recognition for all that
you have achieved. But you personally still feel dissatisfaction in yourself - it seems as
though your desires are never-ending, a black hole. Where does this stem from? In what
parts of yourself are you lacking confidence?
The Nine of Cups reversal denotes that it is time for you to stop placing a value on all
your blessings, and instead pay attention to the quality of your life. The true treasures lie
in your relationships with your family, friends, and community

·115 Lack of Inner Joy

·116 Smugness

·117 Dissatisfaction








In the Eight of Cups, we are confronted with the moment of transition. We see a cloaked
figure taking off to a barren land leaving behind eight golden cups. He is tired of what
those cups that he has spent so much time collecting, and is now setting out to seeking
a higher purpose. It may be a result of a boredom or unhappiness that comes with
realizing that whatever they have been looking for in life isn’t as pleasurable or as
satisfying as they once assumed it would be.

The person undertaking this journey might also signify be seeking excitement in the
unknown. The mountainous barren lands that he sets off to can also be symbols of
facing new challenges. Their stark emptiness seem to indicate that they are waiting for
one to come and shape the. The journey that is taken can be done in the guise of trying
out new things that have the potential to help one grow both mentally as well as

It also shows the willingness to detach oneself from others so that one can work on self-
improvement, self-understanding and growth.

Upright Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups signifies time for change or transition, by means of walking away from
something. Just like a caterpillar has to die before transforming into a beautiful butterfly,
we all need to transform ourselves in our lives from time to time. This is the case
especially after being tired of living what was the day to day, and embarking on a journey
that will help one have a deeper understanding about life in general.

Getting the upright side of this card shows that you are dissatisfied with your life and
need to experience a higher purpose in life. You may have been exploring your options,
flitting about from one choice to another, tasting the wine in each cup, as a means to sort
out what it is that you really want with your life. You are now experiencing a feeling of
exhaustion - and are coming to a realization that you must step away from what is
familiar. It is a choice, and a recognition that true happiness will not be found in what you
have already created.

"You are coming to a realization that you must step away from what is familiar."

More often than not, getting the Eight of Cups shows that one is tired of the worldly
things and is about to embark on a much more spiritual journey. And if that’s the case,
then be happy, because change happens when we most need it.

·118 Walking Away

·119 Disillusionment

·120 Leaving Behind

Eight of Cups Reversal

Getting the reversed Eight of Cups can show that one is in a state of confusion about
which path they are supposed to take. The confusion usually arises from not knowing
what is best for you and in the end, drifting in a sea of uncertainty is going to be the
resulting effect.

One is likely to find themselves being aimless and not having clear cut goals in their
lives. And in the end, they almost always end up following wherever the waves of life
take them.
On the other hand, you may be aware of what you need to do. There is something that in
your life that has for a long time stopped bringing you joy or pleasure, and though your
soul's desire is to fly away from it, you find yourself remaining. The thought of leaving the
security of what you have built fills you with fear - you are scared of both change and of
losing something that has given you great comfort.

Most people usually find themselves stuck in limbo because they are stuck between two
important decisions. For instance, one might want to change and work on themselves for
the better, and at the same time, they may not in a position to make the necessary
sacrifices that are necessary in order to achieve. We must have courage, to believe that
we deserve better, that there are even more joyous things that are awaiting us if we take
this journey.

·121 Avoidance

·122 Fear of Change

·123 Fear of Loss








The Seven of Cups symbolizes imagination, choice, wishful thinking, illusion and fantasy.
The card shows person with their back turned towards us, contemplating 7 images that
are creeping out of the cups, all of which are floating in the clouds. Clouds are a
representation of dreams, illusions, thoughts and imagination. There are numerous
fantasies that are appearing from the cups, which are representative of the many visions
that one sees while dreaming. The Seven of Cups may imply that you have a number of
options to choose from.

Upright Seven of Cups

To draw the Seven of Cups in a reading shows that you need to clearly see the shadows
and visions in your imagination, not only in your dreams but also in the real world. You
should be careful of wishful thinking and be alert of the choices that you make. In one
sense, the Seven of Cups indicates that you are a dreamer who is both excited and
afraid of the things that you see in your unconscious. In another, the Seven of Cups is a
reminder that although it is good to have dreams and wishes, it is even better to take
action attaining those dreams. At one point in life, you will need to stop fantasizing and
face the reality of life.
If you are unable to make a decision due to the many options that are available, you
should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option so as to make the
best choice. It is important to exercise caution when you are making your decision, as
the card itself seems to show there is not only wonders and treasures that are available
to you, but also monsters and shadows.

There are some cases when the Seven of Cups may show that you are living in ways
that are not necessarily grounded in real life - that your actions are guided by illusions
that you feed yourself. Your ideas may be so up in the clouds, developed only on your
imagination. As such, you will need to separate what is real and what is not so that you
can make better choices.

"You will need to separate what is real and what is not so that you can make
better choices."

The Seven of Cups is also linked with temptation. This applies in the upright meaning
and also the Seven of Cups reversal meaning.

·124 Searching For Purpose

·125 Choices

·126 Daydreaming

Seven of Cups Reversal

The Seven of Cups reversal is somewhat similar to the upright, as they both indicate
dreams, illusions and temptations, but seem to emphasize the more negative qualities of
this card. Your views may be inclined towards fantasy, and not grounded in reality. It may
imply that you are unclear about the things that you are searching for.

The Seven of Cups reversed may also demonstrates your unwillingness to face the
realities of life, and you are seeking to escape through imagination and daydreaming.

On the other hand, the Seven of Cups reversed may also indicate an end of confusion,
of cutting out illusions, and moving forward with clarity.
·127 Lack of Purpose

·128 Diversion

·129 Disarray

·130 Confusion







The Six of Cups symbolize the joy of nostalgia, the comfort of home and childhood
innocence. In the card itself, there are six cups filled with white flowers. Two children are
depicted in the foreground, and one is passing a cup to another. This handing of the
flowers from the boy to the girl shows the passing of traditions and happy reunions. The
children seem to be in a castle of sorts, that we can imagine give them a sense of
security and comfort.

Upright Six of Cups

The Six of Cups upright generally represents generosity, naïve happiness, and
childhood. It can stand for you wanting to return to a happier time, whether it was when
you were a child, teenager, or young adult. Many times, these memories are things of
the past, which reflect the aspects of ourselves that have vanished. You may feel that
remembering these times is the only way to feel happy. The Six of Cups appearing in a
reading seems to indicate that while we may look upon the past with a happy eye, we
must avoid living in it.

The Six of Cups can also mean that you are be returning to a familiar place. This could
be your hometown, an old friend’s home, a school, or any place that holds a lot of
meaning for you. You are seeking to reconnect with people from your past. Bringing back
old memories reminds us of our childhood, a time when things were simpler.

"You may be seeking the comfort and warmth of people that unconditionally love

Coming after the Five of Cups, this card can also suggest that you may have suffered a
loss or disappointment of sorts, and you are making the journey home. You are looking
to the past to find the answer to the crisis or challenge that you are facing now. You may
be seeking the comfort and warmth of people that unconditionally love you, gathering
strength to face the trials that are in front of you.

·131 Familiarity

·132 Happy Memories

·133 Healing

Six of Cups Reversal

The Six of Cups reversed can mean that you are clinging to the past. You should explore
your memories, but you should not allow yourself to remain there. While you may find it
comforting to be in the security of home, you must also learn to forge your own path. The
past should be used as a guide for the future. Learn to focus on the present, and truly be

Another reading of the Six of Cups reversed is that you may feel as though you are
disconnected from your childhood self, and that child's dreams, which may sometimes
be unrealistic. Not reaching these goals can be painful, but sometimes reality carves a
path for you that you must follow, and you shouldn't blame yourself for your choices.
Take the time to think about where you want to be now and how you can reach your
goals, instead of just dreaming about them.

·134 Moving Forward

·135 Leaving Home

·136 Independence








There are certain Tarot cards whose imagery immediately conjure up negative emotions,
and the Five of Cups carries such weight. This is a card which signifies loss as well as
the painful challenges which stem from that particular loss.

The card depicts a figure that is wearing a black cloak. The person hides his face in what
seems to be despair. There are five cups on the ground, three of which have fallen while
the other two remain standing. The person, however, seem to notice that there are two
standing cups as is too busy mourning over those which are fallen. There is a powerful
river which flows between him and a house or a castle in the distance, indicating that a
torrent of emotions have separated him from home.

Upright Five of Cups

The Five of Cups symbolizes disappointment, and the feelings that come when things go
differently as you expected. You are feeling unhappy that a certain situation hasn’t really
turned out the way you have hoped it would. Instead of moving towards a more positive
perspective, this card seems to say that you are dwelling in the past, inducing feelings of
self-pity and regret. The water which is actually spilled from the cups shows that you
might have missed an opportunity. It also shows that the problem is mostly emotional
and not material or financial.

"Instead of moving towards a more positive perspective, this card seems to say
that you are dwelling in the past, inducing feelings of self-pity and regret."

The meaning of the Five of Cups shows that you may have certain issues letting go of
things which are in the past. What is more, it also shows that you are unwilling to learn
from mistakes that you have already committed. The card is often going to reflect a
person who is so caught up in his past that he is absolutely incapable of moving on. This
means that he has a high chance of missing out on what new joys that the future can

·137 Loss

·138 Grief

·139 Dissapointment

Five of Cups Reversal

When the card is reversed, the Five of Cups shows a significant recovery from the regret
as well as proper acceptance of your past. You are beginning to realize all of the
implications of your actions, and you have finally come to appreciate the lessons which
can be learned from that experience.

You may even start to recognize the overall value of the painful experience you had in
the larger scheme of things. You are seeing that the suffering and grief that you endured
gave you strength and imbued you with resilience. You are ready to pick up the two
remaining cups which are still full and go on with your life in full force.

·140 Acceptance

·141 Moving On

·142 Finding Peace







The Four of Cups displays a young man sitting under a tree on a mountaintop, far from
others. He seems to be in contemplation and meditation. In front of him are three cups
laying on the grass while another cup is being offered to him by a hand in the air. The
man has crossed his hand and legs, and he is looking down at the three cups,
unimpressed, such that he cannot see the cup being presented to him by the stretched

The Four of Cups represents our tendency to take for granted the things that we have,
making it hard for us to see what treasures the universe presents us with. We tend to
have the answers to our troubles right around us, but we tend to focus too much on what
we do not have.

Upright Four of Cups

The Four of Cups tend to appear when you are feeling discouraged and unmotivated.
You may feel as if there is no solution or way forward in your situation. Life has become
stagnant, and nothing seems to make you happy or passionate. You are feeling
apathetic - regardless of what happens, whether the day is good or bad, none of it
matters to you. The Four of Cups commands a self-evaluation of your attitude so that
you can pull yourself out of this rut. The solution is likely right in front of you, the hand is
offering you a way out, but you release yourself out of your mental stubbornness and
deploy new approach.

"You are feeling apathetic - regardless of what happens, whether the day is good
or bad, none of it matters to you."

You must search your motives, instincts and thoughts so that you can find your passion
again. The Four of Cups revolves around finding your true interests and working towards
fulfilling them. Our lives are short, and sometimes monotonous, but we must create
meaning for ourselves. Our individual callings are not just there for us to find, but to
decide and to imagine.

·143 Apathy

·144 Contemplation

·145 Disconnectedness

Four of Cups Reversal

While in the upright four of cups, you may be suffering from apathy and ignore the
opportunities that the universe offers you, the reversed four of cups signals the desire to
have a new start.

The sudden awareness of the transient beauty of life may strike you now, while
previously you may have been too deeply disconnected from yourself to see it. You are
coming to the understanding that though life is not perfect, there is beauty in it, and joy
comes from choosing to see this beauty.

Embrace new ideas, new people and new places; because you never know where these
adventures can take you. Many may miss these chances because they are too confined
in their own beliefs and ambitions.

·146 Sudden Awareness

·147 Choosing Happiness

·148 Acceptance








When you draw the Three of Cups, you will see three women lifting their cups up in the
air in a celebration of some sort. Good times are in the air, for the three ladies have
wreaths made of flowers in their hair. Wreaths are often associated with success and
victory, so their happiness is well deserved. The ladies are also seen standing on top of
a field of flowers and fruit, further adding to the joyful feelings in this card. There are
feelings of beauty, growth, compassion and happiness that the women share between
each other.

An interesting note though, in the Rider-Waite the woman in the middle is turned away
from the reader and her face hidden from view. However, the two other maidens are
seen smiling.

Upright Three of Cups

The meaning behind the Three of Cups represents a period of happiness. You will be
able to forget the worries of your daily life and spend quality time with family and friends.

To see the Three of Cups can indicate a happy reunion with a long lost friend, relative, or
loved one. It can also mean a celebration, whether it is your own or for someone who
you love. The event can be a birthday, wedding, or any other happy occasion. In general,
it is about spending quality time with people you cherish in your life.

"The Three of Cups is about spending quality time with people you cherish in
your life."

The three maidens represent your circle of friends who you turn to for love, compassion,
and support when you need them the most. It can be old college buddies, colleagues at
work, or people you have shared a special bond over the years.

If you've had problems with your social life, this card can signal the end of those
hardships. You will be able to resolve differences and learn how to deal with the

·149 Friendship

·150 Community

·151 Happiness
Three of Cups Reversal

When the Three of Cups is reversed, it means that you may have no time to socialize or
go out with friends. You may be too busy with school or work that you can’t spare some
time to have fun. The Three of Cups reversed can also mean losing touch with some of
your friends. As time passes, you may find that you are growing apart from one another.
When we grow older, we must put in effort to make sure that our friendships are not

Alternatively, the Three of Cups reversed can mean that there is a lack of balance and
harmony within your social circle. Gossip and scandal can rear their ugly heads.
Perhaps there is envy hidden within this circle, and as a result, you are feeling isolated.

·152 Overindulgence

·153 Gossip

·154 Isolation







This card shows an image of a man and a woman that are exchanging their cups in a
ceremony. There is the symbol of Hermes’ caduceus in between which is often related to
negotiation, trade, cosmic energy, protection, proper conduct, and duality. The Two of
Cups refers to something quite positive, for it is one of the most auspicious cards in the
tarot for relationships, whether romantic, business or otherwise. It suggests a new
partnership is in the works, and it will be created with balance, respect, and honor.
Above the caduceus is a chimera, which symbolizes fire and passion also governs this

Upright Two of Cups

To see the Two of Cups is an indication of a partnership that is built on the union of
forces, a strong connection and a balanced and equal partnership. The exchange of
cups suggest that each party's emotions are intertwined with the other's, and each
participant's feelings have profound affects on the other. A strong pair is indicated here,
the joy of two becoming one.

"A strong pair is indicated here, the joy of two becoming one."

When it comes to work, you may notice that the people around you will start to
appreciate you more. There is a mutual respect here, meaning you will also be more
comfortable in your workplace. If you are looking for new job opportunities, this card may
be a good sign. In terms of love, the card represents commitment, a balanced
relationship, and love. But this does not simply mean that you will no longer need to
nurture your love to make it last. The card only signifies that true love and affection is

In your finances, the Two of Cups is associated with fairness and balance. This means
that you are currently financially capable and you have the right amount of money to
deal with your obligations. In relation with your health, people who are currently facing
some health issues need to look for a practitioner that they will be comfortable working
with and whom they can trust. In spirituality, it is a call for you to be more endearing and
loving towards the others. You are receiving positive energy from the universe, and you
need to share that energy.

·155 Unity

·156 Partnership

·157 Connection

Two of Cups Reversal

When reversed, the Two of Cups can mean that the balance that was once there is
broken. This balance was an integral part of keeping the individuals together, but to
break it is to create disconnection and discord. The negative energy of two forces is
present, and instead of them joining or attracting, they seem to repel each other.

You may be finding that certain small details that were not problems before are
coming into play, signaling that one party may have resentments. A line of
communication that allowed you and the other party to openly talk about
disagreements has been cut off, only worsening the cycle of resentment and

Be the first to open up, and you may find the problem much easier to repair than you
thought it would be.
·158 Imbalance

·159 Broken Communication

·160 Tension







In the Ace of Cups card, there is a hand emanating from the clouds holding out a cup, as
if in a offer to the querent to take a drink. This cup is overflowing with sparkling water
which symbolizes pure and pristine emotion. If you take this offer, drinking from this cup
will surely bring you nothing short of emotional as well as spiritual fulfillment.

The cup has five streams of water overflowing from the brim. These five streams
represent the power of intuition and show the importance of listening to your inner voice.
In order to obtain the kind of emotional or spiritual fulfillment that is depicted in the Ace of
Cups, the querent will need to follow this inner voice, and remain true to it, regardless of
the situation. This will require emotional discipline, but the rewards that this can bring are
hinted at within the card itself: overflowing joy and happiness.

Upright Ace of Cups

Getting the Ace of Cups upright shows that it's time to let loose of whatever emotional
baggage you have and start living your life to the fullest. Like with all the other aces,
there is a new beginning that is indicated here - a chance to start fresh. It might come in
the form of opening yourself up to the possibilities of new relationships, romantic or
otherwise, that have the ability to make you emotionally fulfilled.

The release indicated by this card may either be spiritual or emotional, depending on
what you are going through. The Ace of Cups may come to a reading after a long period
of being lonely or enduring something that deeply hurt you emotionally, and it's
appearance may be there to herald the turning over a new leaf.

"The release indicated by this card may either be spiritual or emotional,

depending on what you are going through."

It is important for one to open themselves to more opportunities for friendships, love and
spiritual learnings. There is a chance now to put your past behind you, for you are being
offered the gifts of the cups.

It is up to you whether you take the cup and drink to the fullest.

·161 New Feelings

·162 Spirituality
·163 Intuition

Ace of Cups Reversal

When the Ace of Cups is overturned, the image here is clearest - the waters pour out of
the cup, it becomes empty, the gift of its waters are being wasted. Seeing the Ace of
Cups upside down during your reading means you have been enduring emotional
instability or pain for some time. There is a loss that is indicated here, and perhaps
something that has meant much to you is no longer giving you the joy that it once had.

Since the cups also govern creativity, you may also be experiencing a creative block of
sorts, and where the waters of inspiration once flowed, they have now dried up.

In all these cases you must examine who or what is in control of the cup - which party
allowed it to overturn? What can you do to place it right side up again?

·164 Emotional Loss

·165 Blocked Creativity

·166 Emptiness







The swords is the suit of intelligence, logic, truth, ambition, conflict and
communication. It is associated with the element of air. In readings, these cards focus
on the faculty and power of intellect, which like the swords themselves, are double-
edged. This can be used for both good or evil, to help and to harm, and our greatest
conflicts usually come from this delicate balance. At their worst, the swords can be
abusive, harsh, and lack empathy.


The King of Swords tarot card shows a king who sits on his throne while holding a
double-edged sword that points upwards in his right hand. The King of Swords radiates
intellectual power, clear thinking, truth, and authority. He understands that power holds
great responsibility.

The blue tunic that the king wears is a symbol of his spiritual understanding. The
butterflies on the back of his throne are indicative of transformation.

Upright King of Swords

The King of Swords appearing in a reading suggests that you should remain objective in
your current situation - you must establish truth by sticking to the facts. The King of
Swords and his intellectual power implies that you will need to use your intellect to make
your point known and attain your goals. Besides your experience and education, you
should be sharp and observant, to see deeply into problems that come your way.

Because he rules over the suit of swords, he has a special connection to rules, laws, and
diplomacy, which are systems of logical thought applied and manifest on earth.

The King of Swords meaning also shows that you need to be stern in your role while
ensuring that you have clarity of mind at all times. When judging a situation, you need to
consider all the possible consequences to make an appropriate judgment. You will need
to leave your emotions out of the judgment so as to maintain rational thinking at all
times. The King of Swords meaning suggests that you should take time to reason with
others and be candid with the observations that you have made.

As far as your personal life goes, the King of Swords urges you to use your intellect and
logic to maneuver the path that lies ahead. You will need to confront the issue at hand
and make a sober decision. The King of Swords implies that you should be able to look
at any situation and make a decision with complete impartiality. He can also be an
indicator of the high ethical standards that the King of Swords demonstrates.

·167 Head over Heart

·168 Discpline

·169 Truth

King of Swords Reversal

The King of Swords in reversed shows tyrannical, abusive and manipulative habits. It
may indicate the misuse of one’s mental power, drive, and authority. This is an
illustration of persuasion and manipulation, so as to fulfill selfish desires. The King of
Swords reversal meaning may also imply that you are showing off your level of
intelligence by using big words when discussing ordinary topics. Another interpretation is
that you may also be a loose cannon, especially where there are angry outbursts and
·170 Manipulative

·171 Cruel

·172 Weakness







What a rush we see this Knight in! The Knight of Swords card depicts a young man who
is dressed in his armor and rides a strong white horse into the midst of a battle. The
white color of his horse is a reference to the overall purity and intellectual energy which
motivates this young rider. The sky behind him holds stormy clouds as well as trees
which are tossed wildly around by the strong winds. The horse’s harness is also
decorated with images of birds and butterflies. The cape of the knight is also decorated
with those same birds.

Upright Knight of Swords

When we are thoroughly obsessed by a certain idea and strongly wish to manifest it, we
are oftentimes so blinded by the actual desire for its fulfillment that we fail to note the
difficulties which we may come across, or the actions and consequences that it could
bring. The Knight of Swords is a very powerful figure that is full of life as well as energy.
This needs to be balanced with a proper and actual realization of compassion and

"Once the knight sets forth towards his goals, there is absolutely no stopping
him. He doesn’t see - and he doesn’t care - about any upcoming challenges."
Once the knight sets forth towards his goals, there is absolutely no stopping him. He
doesn’t see - and he doesn’t care - about any upcoming challenges. He is filled with
sheer ambition, strength and determination to succeed with his quest no matter what.
However, this determination could also blind him to see the potential consequences of
his actions on others as he makes his way to success. He may charge forth into a very
dangerous territory without preparation or actual foresight, and this could lead him to
great danger.

·173 Action

·174 Impulsiveness

·175 Defending Beliefs

Knight of Swords Reversal

The reversed Knight of Swords suggests incredible impatience, impulsiveness alongside

his bursting with energy. This Knight of Swords has a lot of energy but lacks any kind of
direction, and this oftentimes results in them making rather rash decisions as well as
pulling down other people with them.

Their thoughts are oftentimes scattered throughout without any actual organization or
logic. They are most likely disorganized and unprepared for the things that they actually
want to achieve. The Knight of Swords reversal meaning indicates that you still have a
lot of miles to walk in order to get the valuable life experience that you need in order to
overcome adversities along the way. This is something to consider.

·176 No Direction

·177 Disregarding Consequences

·178 Unpredictability







The Queen of Swords wears a stern look as she sits high on the throne - looking off into
the distance. A queen of the air element that the swords represents, her place in the
clouds shows that no one can trick or fool her. The sword in her right hand is pointed
towards the sky, whereas the left hand is extended like it is offering something. The
Queen of Swords gives us the gift of judgment for everyday decisions and having the
flexibility to take in knowledge from others.

Upright Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is an archetype of an older, wiser feminine intellect. She could be
thought of as the most masculine of the all the queens, and may come off as quite stern
and emotionless. This card represents the importance of making judgments without
relying on emotion alone. The Queen of Swords beckons you to look at all the facts
before making a decision. This queen does have compassion, which is why she has her
hand reaching outwards in offering, but she wants to connect to people using an
understanding that is intellectual.

"This card represents the importance of making judgments without relying on

emotion alone. The Queen of Swords beckons you to look at all the facts before
making a decision."

This card also means that you will need to become independent with your judgments.
You must rely on the unbiased intelligence, which has you researching alternative
viewpoints and thinking carefully on your decision. Compassion and empathy in these
cases can distract you from your task, so you need you are trying to keep a strong
objective view while avoiding getting emotions involved.

The Queen of Swords can also be about the way that we speak with others. This queen
has the ability to tell people the way it is. This allows her to get her point across, so there
is no confusion about what is being said. Above all, truth is important to her, so she feels
no need to soften her comments, thoughts, or opinions. She also expects the same
frankness from other people, so this means that you need to be clear with everything
that is being said, even if it may hurt.

·179 Complexity

·180 Perceptiveness

·181 Clear Mindedness

Queen of Swords Reversal

The Queen of Swords reversed meaning is that you may be thinking too much with your
heart, and you are becoming too emotionally involved with your current situation. You
have to start thinking more objectively, because your emotions could lead you astray.
Take the time to look at the situation using various facts and use your head to create a
clearer picture of what is really going on. Only then, can you decide what your next move
should be.

When reversed, the Queen of Swords can also be quite bitter, coldhearted, or resentful.
You may have started to isolate yourself for a number of reasons, but the outside world
could be taking this in the wrong way. You may have some explaining to do, especially if
your relationships end up being stressed by your desire for solitude.

·182 Cold Hearted

·183 Cruel

·184 Bitterness







The Page of Swords card is representative of a person in one's life who shows an
abundance of energy. With wind-blown trees, turbulent clouds and the their tossed hair,
a youth stands proudly on a rocky precipice. This energetic youth has a sword in her
hands. Her expression is one of determination, and perhaps a little bit of defiance - she
seems ready to pounce at the slightest word.

Upright Page of Swords

Bright and alert, the Page of Swords is someone who never seems to run out of ideas.
She is curious, always asking questions, and gifted with a sharp tongue and quick wit to
match. Her aptitude for language also makes her an incredible communicator, and with
her love of ideas, you may find her always engaged in some passionate debate.

"Her aptitude for language also makes her an incredible communicator, and with
her love of ideas, you may find her always engaged in some passionate debate."

She seems to thrive on almost a kind of nervous energy, as if there was too much inside
her to say, the wheels in her head always turning. As a news bearer, she may bring
news that is represented by her suit - particularly, gossip, legal matters, agreements.
Alternatively, you may find yourself required to use her energy - be alert, keep your eyes
open and stay sharp and vigilant.

This card may indicate that you are very eager to execute an idea that you have been
having or a project that you cooked up just recently. You are quite passionate about it,
and you cannot wait to share the progress with others. Compared to your passionate
heart, time seems to be standing still. It is time to be talkative. When a Page of Swords
appears in a reading, it signifies communication and sharing of ideas. Whether it is
someone else’s ideas or yours, it is time to open up and talk about them as long as it is a

·185 Curiousity

·186 Restlesness

·187 Mental Energy

Page of Swords Reversal

When the Page of Swords is reversed, all the negative characteristics of her come out -
and she may become almost dangerous. Being gifted with a sharp and alert mind, she
may be using it for deception and manipulation. The sword that she wields may be used
to create pain, her natural gift for language turned to a weapon. She may lack the
understanding or the maturity to understand the suffering that she causes, feeling the
rush that one gets upon lashing out. On the other hand, this page may be someone of
empty words or promises - who though loves talking, does not really talk about much of
substance. Take care to show strength and action behind your words, for you may be
damaging your reputation.

·188 Deception

·189 Manipulation

·190 All Talk







Another one of the most striking and ominous cards in the deck, the Ten of Swords
shows a man lying flat on the ground with his face facing the dirt. He is covered with a
red cloth from the chest down to his legs. Ten long swords are stabbed into his back, he
may not have seen this end coming. There is a terrible stillness in the air: the sky above
him is black and cloudy indicating the fear and negativity associated with death. The
waters in front of him are still, with no ripples - adding to the eerie stillness and finality of
this card. Looking into the horizon, in the east, the sun is rising, and the weather seems
very calm despite the darkness. The Ten of Swords seems to intimate that this is the
lowest point in one's life, and it cannot get worse than this. At least, even in this state,
the sun is rising.

Upright Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords indicate a major disaster of some sort. It shows that a certain force of
extreme magnitude has come to hit you in your life - one that you may have not
foreseen. There is a sense of betrayal that is indicated here, for the character is stabbed
in the back. This seems to be a reminder that despite how much we try, we cannot
control everything - there are things that are beyond our ability to change. Here, this
situation is unavoidable.

The tale of the suit of swords is a powerful metaphor, one that ends in tragedy. The
swords are a symbol of the intellect, of intelligence and logic, and yet we find the final
culmination of this suit a complete and total defeat of the spirit. We must realize that the
swords are a weapon that can have immense potential for destruction or for good. The
story as it unfolds from the ace to the ten is one where an untrained individual uses this
weapon for faulty reasons - makes many mistakes, and then spends an entire lifetime
attempting to run away from the power that he misused.

"The story as it unfolds from the ace to the ten is one where an untrained
individual uses this weapon for faulty reasons - makes many mistakes, and then
spends an entire lifetime attempting to run away from the power that he misused."

This person believes the swords are external to him when they are part of him, and
when they inevitably return, he once again suffers. His pain is not the pain of his
circumstances usually, but the pain of fear, of anxiety, of not being able to be a master of
his surroundings. After the hopelessness of the nine of swords, what could have
happened? Were you overwhelmed by the pressure? Or did you take the final sword
upon yourself and admit defeat?

The Ten of Swords depicts that situation where your mentality is ‘poor me’, you feel like
there is nothing you can do. Pause and remember that as with the death card, the end of
something means a new beginning. Let go of what you have lost, and focus on the new
path forward because that is where your life is meant to go. A good example is a break-
up with your partner - though it could be intensely painful, it could also be the beginning
of a new sense of independence.

·191 Failure

·192 Collapse

·193 Defeat

Ten of Swords Reversal

When we see any version of the Ten of Swords , the feelings are powerful. Whether
reversed or upright, the card signals the finality of defeat. There is no way to avoid this
tragedy - it has happened over a long course of events that have been a long time

With the reversal though, also comes to a recognition that you have hit rock bottom,
there is no more that is left for you to give. With that also comes the release that things
can only get better and the cycle can start anew. But like with the eight and nine of
swords, this release must be initiated by you. There is an opportunity being presented
here to correct what has hurt you, but you must make the effort to climb out yourself.
What has happened was terrible, but everyone has a part in the responsibility.

·194 Can't Get Worse

·195 Only Upwards

·196 Inevitable End







The Nine of Swords depicts a woman that is sitting on her bed while she holds her head
in her hands. It appears as though the woman has just awakened from a very bad
nightmare. She seems to be upset, anxious and fearful. Nine swords are hanging on her
wall, and a carving that depicts a person defeated by another can be found in her bed.
The quilt has been decorated with various astrological symbols and roses. Here we see
the same woman in that we saw earlier in the Eight of Swords - and perhaps, she was
finally released, but haunted by the nightmares of the suffering she endured while she
was left and deserted.

Upright Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is often associated with fear and anxiety, about all the things that
worry you and keep you up at night. Sometimes this card can be associated with trauma
- one which may be shameful for you to confide with others about, and all the
psychological responses that come from experiencing that trauma.
Sometimes this card can be associated with trauma - one which may be shameful for
you to confide with others about

When we are never released from the entrapment depicted in the Eight of Swords, we
escalate into the Nine of Swords, where we are plagued by nightmares. The suit of
swords is one that is concerned with the mind, with logic, with intelligence, and with
communication, but somehow the Nine of Swords was caught on the destructive end of
the mind, the one which turns inward on itself, multiplies and festers. Questions are
plaguing you, and you find yourself reciting all the possibilities - all the things that can
happen to you. You are haunted by what could be.

There is a sense of repetition within this card, that some event which has troubled you
before, and one which you managed to either repress or run away from, is coming back
again. Sharing your grief does at least provide an outlet for your pain and may release
you from carrying this burden alone. Is there anyone that you can feel comfortable
speaking to?

"Sharing your grief does at least provide an outlet for your pain and may release
you from carrying this burden alone."

In cases where it is less about trauma and more about general anxiety, analyze yourself
and think if this is a feeling that is within your control or if there are other factors that
contribute to your anxiety. Concentrate on the matters which you can control, and learn
to ask for help.

·197 Anxiety

·198 Hopelessness

·199 Trauma

Nine of Swords Reversal

To come across the Nine of Swords reversed still signals something similar to the upright
version - that you may find yourself being terrorized by nightmares, by anxiety and
stress. Some trauma from your past is coming back, and you find the grief of unresolved
issues overwhelming.

But here we also see hope, at least there is the desire to leave this nightmare. You must
understand that this suffering will not cease until you yourself put in the effort to leave it.
There is much work that you must do to drag yourself towards release. But just as you
have a ways out, you must understand that you can still fall deeper into despair. Your job
is to avoid that outcome, if you push forward you may find yourself out, but if you do not,
you may find yourself sinking deeper.

·200 Hope

·201 Reaching Out

·202 Despair








On the Eight of Swords is a woman who is tied up and blindfolded. There are eight
swords placed strategically around her in a way that restricts her movement as though
she is in some kind of trap or jail. However, it seems as though whoever built the trap
was a little lazy or hasty, leaving some open space where she could escape. But
because of the blindfold preventing the woman from seeing, she has no way of finding
her way out of this trap. The barren land around her might signify a lack of creativity of
some sort, while the grey sky in the background can signify despair, since there she
feels that there is no hope of her breaking free from the kind of situation that she is
bound to. If only she could take the blindfold off, she would see that she could simply
just walk out of this situation.

Upright Eight of Swords

The general meaning in the Eight of Swords is that of a feeling of being trapped and
victimized. You may feel powerless because, in your mind, you feel that changing the
situation might be beyond you. This feeling of helplessness that you have, the feeling
that you have no agency in your life, has played a major role in making your situation

"Surrendering one’s power to an unknown entity, whether it's fate, or God, the
government or something else means that you are giving away your own personal
responsibility to affect change."

Surrendering one’s power to an unknown entity, whether it's fate, or God, the
government or something else means that you are giving away your own personal
responsibility to affect change. You have willingly relinquished the driver's seat in the
journey of your own life, and it isn't going well for you. It is advisable for you to avoid
making an important decision at this time since your judgment is likely clouded.

The good news is that because these traps are things that we create ourselves, we can
also leave them if we put our minds to it. It is simply the matter of taking off the blindfold,
and seeing beyond the limited perspective that we created for ourselves - to see the
possibilities, and to recognize that you have your own internal power.

·203 Imprisonment

·204 Entrapment

·205 Sef - Victimization

Eight of Swords Reversal

Getting the reversed Eight of Swords is a good sign, since it shows maturity and self-
acceptance, and a recognition of one's own power and responsibility - especially after a
long struggle of doubt. It means that one is capable of making conscious decisions
because they are confident in who they are, and their power to affect change in both
themselves and the world. It's time to free ones self from the past and proverbially clear
out their closet, creating room for new things and experiences.

·206 Self Acceptance

·207 New Perspective

·208 Freedom








In the Seven of Swords card, there is a man that is seen running away sneakily from a
camp of some sort, while carrying five swords in his hands. Behind him, two other
swords are on standing on the ground. From this image, we can deduce that the Seven
of Swords is about stealth, getting away with something, deception or betrayal.
The expression on the man’s face shows quite a bit of confidence, and he seems to be
sure of his success on this mission of stealing the swords. Unfortunately for him though,
on the left there seems to be a group of soldiers who have discovered the theft and one
soldier is actually raising a flag or a weapon as if to signal his pursuit.

Upright Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords in general, is said to be about betrayal and deception. When you
get this card, it may imply that you or someone else in your life is having difficulty getting
away with something. There are instances when we are forced to be sneaky, hoping that
we will not be discovered. When we are found out, we have to face the consequences -
whether it's embarrassment, punishment, or worse. Sometimes this happens when there
are instances when you had to think on your feet, and did something that was somewhat
shrewd and out of character. Now there is a danger of the secret coming out.

"There are instances when we are forced to be sneaky, hoping that we will not be
discovered. When we are found out, we have to face the consequences."

You may be tempted to sneak away from somewhere, indicating a situation that is no
longer working as expected. Instead of dealing with it, you choose to sneak away and
hope that you will go unnoticed. Perhaps you were hoping that this issue would just
resolve itself over time, and you've neglected it - leaving it to only grow and get worse.

The big question, when looking at the Seven of Swords, is whether escaping will solve
this problem that you are facing. While you might be thinking that you have gotten away,
you discover that the situation has cornered you and you are found out as you are trying
to escape.

There are instances when the Seven of Swords may indicate the willingness to go solo.
You may have the urge to explore and discover some things on your own. This can be
an effective approach if you want to assert your independence and bypass group
agreement. The Seven of Swords symbolism may be encouraging you to go on this
path; sometimes innovation comes from a rogue genius.

·209 Deception

·210 Trickery
·211 Tactics and Strategy

Seven of Swords Reversal

The Seven of Swords reversed can have multiple meanings depending on the context of
the other cards within the reading. It can suggest firstly a need to change your approach
- the tactics you've been using are not working. While upright, this card can stand for a
cunning victory attained by deception and trickery, the reversal can stand for either a
more extreme version of such behavior. Or instead, a kind of renewal of conscience. You
or someone in your circle may be deciding to unburden themselves with their guilt, and
come clean about some piece of manipulation they have been involved in. Trust has
been broken, but with a confession, you may be on the road to repairing it. There is a
desire here to try and do things in a different way, one that is collaborative rather than

·212 Coming Clean

·213 Rethinking Approach

·214 Deception







The meaning of the Six of Swords is that you are experiencing a transition of some kind,
but one that is not happy and filled with regret. This transition will most likely be the
result of decisions you made in the past, and now they are forcing you to leave
something behind in order to move forward. Despite your sadness, you need to
remember that moving on is the ideal option for your future.

"Despite your sadness, you need to remember that moving on is the ideal option
for your future."

Life is filled with moments when you are going to be forced into letting go of things that
you have become attached to. This will be challenging. The Six of Swords shows the
sadness that you may be feeling, but you have to remember that the pain will not last, so
you should look instead to the future for strength.

In life, there will be times that the only way to fix a problem is to leave it and move to
start anew. You may feel like this is the coward’s way out, but escape is the only
approach that is left when you have tried all other methods. The important part is to plot
your new course that will lead you to happiness. The Six of Swords in this case, is to
plan using your logic, clarity, and objectivity about where you are now, where you have
been and where you want to go. Intuition can help, but you need to think logically to
ensure your success.

·215 Transition

·216 Leaving Behind

·217 Moving On
Six of Swords Reversal

The Six of Swords reversed can indicate that you have been trying to move on and
make the transitions you need. However, you may be experiencing challenges making
these a reality. You may keep returning to the past, whether it's because there are issues
that are not resolved, or you are questioning your decisions.

Another Six of Swords reversal meaning is that you have been resisting the transitions
that life is giving you. You may feel that you are being forced into making moves before
you wanted to or you do not want to move at all. In this case, you should think about the
benefits of the moves, instead of the drawbacks. Like Orpheus in the underworld, you
must only look ahead and not backwards, for if you do look backwards, you risk falling

·218 Emotional Baggage

·219 Unresolved Issues

·220 Resisting Transition







The Five of Swords card depicts a young man who has a very convenient look of
contempt on his face. He is looking at the enemies that he has managed to conquer.
There are five swords that he possesses – which he has taken from the other
combatants who are in the card. The two other figures are walking away from him in a
slow manner with a sense of loss and sadness. Above them, the sky is tumultuous and
cloudy, which indicates that not everything is well, despite the fact that the battle is
already over.

Upright Five of Swords

This card indicates that you are engaging in a conflict of some nature. It can also
suggest a disagreement with others, which leads to hostility and tension. Despite the fact
that you think you’ve won, you might still lose in the big picture, because you have
annoyed or hurt those that you have argued with, and as a result, you are on the road to
isolating yourself. Perhaps, at the moment, you believed that it was more important to be
right rather than appreciate and understand where the other side was coming from.

Right now, it's important to attempt to pick up the pieces. You still have the chance to act
while the conflict is still fresh. You may feel as if everyone and everything is against you.
You might also lose some friends along the way. This is why you will need to make a
significant decision about your point of view. What is more important to you? Mutual
progress, or winning? This might require you to stand up to a conflict within yourself.

"What is more important to you? Mutual progress, or winning?"

The card represents ambition in a way which is rather negative. Too much ambition
without actual regard to the consequences or the people that you affect is never
something good. Misplaced ambition such as the one depicted by this card can leave
you as a dejected loser or a callous winner – in both cases, the connotation is rather
negative. This card instead asks us to be more considerate of those that we surround
ourselves with, to let go of ego.

·221 Unbridled Ambition

·222 Win at All Costs

·223 Sneakiness

Five of Swords Reversal

In the upright position, the Five of Swords is a card of tension, conflict, and
disagreement. The Five of Swords reversal meaning shows you that all you want is for
that particular period to be over so that you can forget and forgive. Because you are
beginning to understand that winning is not everything, you will be capable of focusing
your energy on something a lot more constructive and positive.

Another interpretation of this card in reverse is that the conflict you are experiencing is
actually going to become more upsetting as you realize that there can only be losers.
These are terms that you need to come to grips with.

·224 Resentment

·225 Desire to Reconcile

·226 Desire to Forgive







There is a quiet stillness that is present in the Four of Swords, a sense of calm peace
that is contrasted so deeply with the pain in the Three of Swords. Here, in a church,
there is a carving of a knight that lies upon a tomb with three swords hanging above him
while the fourth one lies beneath him. These three swords are a reminder of the suffering
that he has endured in the earlier card. The position of the fourth sword seems to be a
signal that the fight has ended. A child and a woman are depicted by the stained glass
place behind the statue, giving the scene a sense of warmth and welcoming after the
retreat. The knight has his hands positioned as if he is praying.

Upright Four of Swords

After the time of chaos, anger and pain depicted in the Three of Swords, the Four of
Swords can signal that it is time to retreat. The Four of Swords is a moment of rest.
Whether this is from a choice to withdraw, or whether it is from pure exhaustion, it is not
clear. We are still tender from the wounds that were inflicted, and the battle weapons still
hang above us as a grim reminder of what was lost. In order to continue and re-emerge
in your daily life, you must take the time now to take a breather. There is always the faint
fear that something more is bound to happen again and it is advisable that you take all
chances to rest.

The Four of Swords is a moment of rest. Whether this is from a choice to withdraw, or
whether it is from pure exhaustion, it is not clear.

You need to gain strength and clarity in a quiet environment away from your current
circumstances. It is time to re-evaluate, organize and understand your priorities. This
helps to rejuvenate one’s spirit, and you come out stronger than before.

The Four of Swords indicates it is time to gather new strength and prepare to face a new
challenge. You have faced crisis after crisis, and it is wearing you out. You can face a
new challenge only after getting away from everything and embracing a new

Take the time to nurture yourself to re-enter life. Within us glimmers hope, and it lies
quietly, waiting to reveal itself after we are healed anew.

·227 Rest

·228 Restoration

·229 Contemplation

Four of Swords Reversal

Although the Four of Swords card in a reading could mean it’s time for healing, a
reversed card could mean restlessness. Your heart is willing to relax, but this is not what
your mind wants. You feel that you have too much that is depending on you. Following
this path is not advised, as it could have affects on your health.

You can continue to fight, but sometimes that is ineffectual and you must have enough
awareness of your own strength to decide when to back out. To rest, to retreat, is a
means of self love sometimes, and though you may try to push ahead, that will only
make it difficult for you in the long term.

·230 Restlessness

·231 Burnout

·232 Stress








One of the most iconic images in the tarot, the Three of Swords displays a floating heart
that is pierced by three swords. Above it, there are heavy clouds. There is also a heavy
downpour in the background. The symbolism is pretty opaque, and the emotional effect
that it has is immediate. The heart is the seat of warmth, affection and spirit, and the
three swords indicate the power to harm, cause pain, and create suffering to what it
pierces. This is an image of grief, loss and literally heartbreak. The clouds and rain
depict the surrounding grimness of the situation. All these symbols point to the Three of
Swords showing a low point in one's life.

Upright Three of Swords

The Three of Swords depicts the message of rejection, betrayal, hurt and
discouragement. In moments like these, we are well served by the mind. If you can think
logically about it and prepare for the experience, the impact of this pain may be

But remember too, that pain and grief are a normal part of life, because they make us
appreciate what joy and happiness we have, as well as teaching us. It is through pain
that we learn to be avoid mistakes that could lead us into danger and grief. It is therefore
a necessity in the journey of life. The Three of Swords therefore is a depiction of
suffering that is meant to make us stronger, more careful and more vigilant.

"Sometimes life gives us no choice - we are knocked down. But what determines
one's future is the choice of whether to remain down, or rise again."

Sometimes life gives us no choice - we are knocked down. But what determines one's
future is the choice of whether to remain knocked down, or rise again. Each little piece of
suffering you encounter serves as a stepping stone to find a deeper meaning in this
world. This card comes at a time when you need to prepare yourself for this next stage
in life. While the grief may be extremely hurtful, it enables you to forget your past and
focus on your future knowing that you have control of what actions you take afterwards.
Don’t dwell so much on what is troubling you but instead, focus on what is approaching,
because you determine your fate.

·233 Heartbreak

·234 Suffering

·235 Grief

Three of Swords Reversal

The Three of Swords reversed indicates that have faced a recent loss, a break-up or a
moment of grief. You may be still recovering from this, and your emotions have not
completely calmed, making it difficult to move on. Although you may still be thinking of
your past suffering, this card may be a signal that it's time to let go and look forwards
towards life ahead of you, because there is much for you to enjoy.

Many don’t see this, and they end up being immersed in their own pain for too long,
delaying their own recovery process. Don’t focus too much on what happened, renew
your emotions and gather your courage. The reversed Three of Swords card is here to
let you know that all difficult moments pass - they are not there to stay, and when we fall,
we can also rise again.

·236 Recovery
·237 Forgiveness

·238 Moving On








The Two of Swords symbolizes the confusion we face when we are forced to make
difficult choices. In the Two of Swords card, there is a seated woman that is blindfolded
while holding a sword in each of her hands. In the background, there is a sea
surrounded by crags and rocks that serve as obstacles for vessels and ships, stalling
progress and action. The woman in the card being blindfolded is a representation of a
situation which prevents her from seeing both the problem and the solution with clarity.

The swords that she is holding in each of her hands show that there are two choices that
lead in different directions and are mutually exclusive to one another. It may also depict
a stalemate, which means that the problem should be addressed with a logical and
rational thinking. The Moon positioned on the right side of the card signifies may signify
the role of illusions and deception in the difficulty that the woman has in making a

Upright Two of Swords

When we see the Two of Swords in a reading, we are encountering a stalemate. Two
equal and opposing forces are joined in battle, and there seems to be no end in sight.
This wasn't what you had in mind when you chanced to walk down this path, and you
find yourself caught in the middle. Without something, or someone to intervene, this may
continue indefinitely. We find ourselves in a situation where we must make a choice, we
can side with one part of the situation, or we can side with the other. Neither seems
particularly appealing, which makes the decision even more difficult. But unless we
move past this stalemate, there can be no more progress.

"We find ourselves in a situation where we must make a choice...Neither seems

particularly appealing."

The Two of Swords is often related with balance and partnership. It signifies the need to
keep your relationships balanced. Regardless if it is in business, friendship or romantic
relationship, you may find yourself struggling to maintain the current state of affairs, and
may find yourself caught in the middle. In regards to your work, you may be currently
stuck in limbo and are perhaps waiting on another party's decision. Remain patient and
avoid pressuring people in making their decision abruptly.

The Two of Swords meaning may depict a warning to have caution. Like the woman in
the card, you may be choosing to keep the blindfold on, hoping the problem will just go
away. You should avoid evading any issues that you are facing, since it will not solve
your problems.

·239 Difficult Choices

·240 Indecision

·241 Stalemate

Two of Swords Reversal

The situation we see in the reversed Two of Swords is a stalemate of a legendary kind,
one where two forces are battling each other. This battle can be representative of both
something internal or external, and you are forced to be in between and be the decision
maker. However, because neither party seems particularly pleasing to work with, you
may find yourself confused, the pressure is too much, and you are unable to make a

When you do make the decision, it will be choosing between two bad outcomes. Do not
worry, the more important thing here is to make a choice, from then on, we can deal with
whatever consequences come.

·242 Lesser of Two Evils

·243 No Right Choice

·244 Confusion







The Ace of Swords shows a hand emerging from the clouds wielding a double-edged
sword. This double edged sword carries a golden crown while being encircled by a
wreath. The wreath has for a long time been associated with victory, success and great

The crown is used as the symbol for both royalty and the power to rule that comes with

Behind the foreground, the sword stands floating over a varied setting - which holds both
mountains and sea, which are used as symbols of the vast reach and distant lands that
the swords can be used to conquer, as well as ambition.

Upright Ace of Swords

As with all the aces, the Ace of Swords indicates that one is about to experience a
moment of breakthrough. With its sharp blade and representing the power of the
intellect, this sword has the ability to cut through deception and find truth. In layman's
terms, this card represents that moment in which one can see the world from a new
point of view, as a place that is filled with nothing but new possibilities. It is, therefore,
the best time to work on your goals - as the aces all give green lights, and are signals of
waiting opportunities and new beginnings.

"The Ace of Swords indicates that one is about to experience a moment of


It might also be a good time for you to seek justice and the truth in all matters since your
conscience is clear, and your thoughts are swift. If you rise to the occasion, your
sharpness and clarity in thought will be rewarded.

When we look at the swords closely, and see its double-edge, we are also reminded that
this sword may be either used for noble deeds or to deal destruction. It all depends on
the wielder, and is a warning too that excessive power holds the danger to corrupt. If you
stick with principles, the sword will serve you well.

·245 Breakthrough

·246 Clarity

·247 Sharp Mind

Ace of Swords Reversal

Getting a reversed Ace of Swords might mean that one's thoughts are confused, unsure
and very chaotic. This isn’t a good time for one to make any decisions since they don’t
have any clarity on what you should be doing, meaning that the chances of failure can
be pretty high.

At this time, it would be better to prepare yourself and take baby steps - work
methodically as you slowly move towards achieving your goals. This would be a good
time to lay back and rationally think your way through each stage rather than acting on
impulse, since everything appears in a blur and is not very clear at that moment. It might
also be a good time to seek advice since things may not be as they seem.

·248 Confusion
·249 Brutality

·250 Chaos







The pentacles is the suit of all things worldly and material. Though we will immediately think
of the pentacles as relating to financial matters, we also can understand them as being
associated with security, stability, nature, health, and prosperity. The pentacles are of earth
element. When we see pentacles show up in a reading, they are usually concerned with
your long term future, career, generosity, your household, business investments and your
feelings of sensuality. The negative side of the pentacles show up as greed, jealousy,
miserliness, and unbridled ambition at the cost of all else.
Upright King of Pentacles Meaning

When we meet the King of Pentacles, we feel immediately his regal and generous
presence. He is a provider and a protector, for under his care is a flourishing and abundant
kingdom where its citizens are prosperous and encouraged to grow. He is naturally
responsible and reliable, and through the wisdom granted to him by his suit, he has grown
all that he has acquired from practically nothing. To see him in the cards is to envision
success - one that was won by earnest work.

He is a provider and a protector, for under his care is a flourishing and abundant kingdom
where its citizens are prosperous and encouraged to grow.

Generally, this card reminds us to stay in control of our energy and our resources in pursuit
of a larger goal. When it comes to work, the King of Pentacles may refer to a more
established man who will pay a significant role in your career. This man can be wise and
rational, but he may also be careless when passing judgment. He can be your biggest
supporter, but be prepared to receive unsolicited and harsh criticism. In love, this can
indicate that the person that you’ve been waiting for can come along and will love you for
who you are.

With regards to finances, the King of Pentacles is one of the best cards to receive. This
may mean that your financial situation is stable as a result of your wise investments and
hard work. In case you are taking a gamble, be sure to initiate a calculated action.
Reversed King of Pentacles Meaning

When reversed, the King of Pentacles falls from his throne. Once the king of a prosperous
kingdom, it has been taken away from him, or lost. Disconnected from the energy of his
suit, he may have been impatient, he may have been too indulgent, he may have gambled
too far and overstretched himself, he may have sought shortcuts that led him to ruin. He
may become too focused on the material, only understanding the cost of things, and never
their value.

The King of Pentacles reversed may also signify that your definition of success and
happiness is only determined by outer appearances, and not by the true value that security
and stability can bring to you. It is a time for you to cultivate an more wholistic attitude to
the material world to find an authentic happiness. In terms of love, this card can mean that
someone dear to you is currently facing issues due to matters concerning his or her career.

When it comes to finances, the King of Pentacles reversed is telling you to look at the long-
term goal. You may be facing financial issues but do not look at yourself as a failure. Stay
positive and understand that this is just a phase in your life. When given the chance again,
do not make choices based only on the short-term picture.

The King of Pentacles' appearance in a reading can indicate some sort of material loss or
loss in reputation - beware that you do not replicate his mistakes.
The Queen of Pentacles card depicts a beautiful woman sitting on a decorated throne
holding a golden coin. Surrounding her are beautiful blossoming trees and green floral
gardens. Her throne is decorated with various beasts of the earth, tying her closely with
nature and abundance. At the bottom of the card, on the right-hand side, a rabbit is
pouncing into the frame, which symbolizes her high energy and fertility. The Queen of
Pentacles, therefore, depicts a certain level of success and prosperity. But the rabbit at the
bottom cautions us that we should be careful of where we leap when we are chasing that

Upright Queen of Pentacles Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles represents both a down-to-earth woman who plays many roles to
ensure that she keeps her family happy. She knows how and when to show love - keeping
an orderly home, cooking comforting meals and takes care of the children. But do not
mistake her for being only a homebody - alongside all these motherly attributes, she can
plan business ventures and execute her plans successfully. It is through her naturally
talented business sense that she is surrounded by such luxury. She is quiet and does not
like disclosing her financial accounts, fearing that it could bring more complexity to her life,
which she desires to keep rather simple. She may have a secret bank account that nobody
knows about - for she may choose to be careful, vigilant and self-sufficient.
But do not mistake her for being only a homebody - alongside all these motherly attributes,
she can plan business ventures and execute her plans successfully.

The Queen of Pentacles therefore represents a motherly figure who desires to help you
maneuver your way and achieve your goals with a the helping of her common sense. She
will not only show you love, but she will also show you the way forward whenever you seem
to be stranded and confused. With her advice, she will ensure that you do not make
dangerous financial decisions. She offers you precautions, principles and support, all
lessons that she has learned in her personal life. Because she is a self-made woman, she
wants too for you to be independent and wise, such that you are also able to raise others
and make them responsible.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles Meaning

When the Queen of Pentacles becomes disconnected with the energy of her suit, she can
become someone who is completely self-absorbed. Gone is the upright generosity in her
suit, she can be selfish and even envious when others successes seem greater than hers.
Upright, her home is usually a sanctuary for her guests, but reversed it may instead be
slovenly - she loses the ability to take care of herself and her surroundings. Her focus on
the material may manifest negatively, making her greedy, and yet lacking in her sense of
duty and capability. How can she ground herself again, how can she re-enter the sacred
relationship she naturally feels with the earth and all its living creatures?

The Queen of Pentacles reversed may also indicate that you have misplaced priorities,
which may eventually be compromising to your future. You may find yourself distracted and
unable to focus on your work and your long-term goals. You could also be busy working on
projects without taking time to consult experienced people who can guide you away from

This card could also suggest those that you care for are now ready to become accountable
and responsible for their own lives. You must learn to let go and given them their
independence - the role of caregiver is most rewarding when your loved ones have grown
strong enough to make their own decisions.
The Page of Pentacles card depicts a youth standing all by himself in a wide field
surrounded by flowers. In the background, you will also notice several lush trees and a
furrowed field. The young man seems to be walking in a slow manner and appears
unaware of his surroundings, for his attention is completely captured by the coin he is
holding, and all that it represents: ambition, security, wealth, nature, and sensuality. The
Page of Pentacles symbolizes a person who is grounded, loyal and diligent.

Upright Page of Pentacles Meaning

When we meet the Page of Pentacles, we see immediately that she is one that is ambitious
and focused. She is protected, nourished, provided for by the suit whose name she bears.
Guided by it, she is deeply tied to the earth, nature, and all of its gifts. She cherishes the
body, for it too is something which is a manifestation of her element. Her diligence, ambition
and loyalty drives her to quickly make plans for the future - for it is there where her focus

Guided by the pentacles, she is deeply tied to the earth, nature, and all of its gifts. She
cherishes the body, for it too is something which is a manifestation of her element.

When you meet her, she may be the bearer of news connected to all earthly and material
matters. When you hear her message, be inspired as she is - lay down the foundations to
follow your ambitions.
Generally, the Page of pentacles refers to the kind of energy that you need to complete all
that is needed for your work. It may point to the determination, focus and the ability to stick
with a particular task no matter how boring it may seem. In terms of work, the Page of
Pentacles may signify that there are a lot of tasks you are responsible for, but your time to
complete them is much too limited. This is not the time to feel stressed and overwhelmed.
Assistance will be there for you, you just have to ask for it.

In relation to finances, the Page of Pentacles can refer to the reward for your hard work.
For those who are investing their hard–earned money, this is not the perfect time for you to
take the risk. Invest your money in a safe and traditional way - the diligence will pay you
back. If you are currently experiencing a health issue, this problem may be the result of the
continuous neglect. Let a professional make sure that this is not the case.

Reversed Page of Pentacles Meaning

When the Page of Pentacles card appears reversed, it may point to your lack of focus.
There is a possibility that you are being distracted with lots of things. Try to borrow the
talents of this page and focus your mind before moving on the next thing.

It may also indicate that you need to give yourself a break to refresh your mind. With
regards to work, the Page of Pentacles reversed may signify that you are currently feeling
overwhelmed due to the heavy demands in your workplace. Remember that it is always
better to ask for assistance and complete the work rather than to try to finish it all by
yourself and end up failing to do so. In terms of love, you are probably in a solid and steady
romantic relationship, but perhaps someone else has caught your interest lately.

When it comes to your finances, the Page of Pentacles reversed may refer to that urge to
play and gamble. Be sure to stay responsible and be in control of your actions. In terms of
health, do your best to stay away from dangerous activities.
Much like the other court cards of this suit, the Knight of Pentacles revolves around work,
effort, and a general responsibility. The Knight of Pentacles sits on a dark horse in a field.
Unlike the other knights, who are always off on one adventure or another, this knight
decides to stay home, and instead, focus on tilling the fields. He prepares for the next
harvest - it is on this land that he believes that he can do the most. In his hands, he has a
single gold coin. He gazes into it, and in his eyes we see a careful consideration. Perhaps
he is dreaming of what it could bring him. The other knights may think he's a little boring,
but this knight is more concerned about the long term future of his kingdom.

Upright Knight of Pentacles Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles is about the daily tasks and the responsibility that one has to gain
through a specific project. This knight has the patience to accomplish all his given duties
and is considered by others reliable and committed to his work. To see this card is an
indication that there is a need to be trustworthy and reliable.

This knight has the patience to accomplish all his given duties and is considered by others
reliable and committed to his work.

You are fully committed to your assignments and you make sure that you complete your
work efficiently. You are absolutely loyal and do the best you can in order to make sure the
job will be properly completed. Though your sense of duty is admirable, beware that it does
not turn into perfectionism - which can manifest itself in every aspect of your life.

The Knight of Pentacles can also represent routine, or the kind of general hard work that
you go through everyday. The meaning of the Knight of Pentacles also advises that the
querent should continue to do exactly what he is doing. Sticking with the tried and true
methods, he will accomplish everything he has set out to do. Sometimes, going with what
has already done is not necessarily bad.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Meaning

When the reversed Knight of Pentacles shows up in a reading, the traits that were once
positive in the upright position are now taken to the extreme. You may feel stuck in your
own routine, and bored of everything that surrounds you. You may desire a change of
scenery in order to avoid this tiring repetition. The Knight of Pentacles reversed could also
indicate that you have totally ignored many serious aspects of your life. Financial or
personal issues are often be neglected in favor of work matters when this card appears

You may be a driven and ambitious person who struggles to carry the weight of your
responsibilities - so much so that you sacrifice your social life. Perhaps you can try taking
more risks, or spend more time with friends and loved ones. The Knight of Pentacles
reversed is a strong indication that you need to change this way of living, lest you risk
burnout and exhaustion.
In the Ten of Pentacles card, there is an old man seated in an archway leading into a great
estate. It seems he is the head of the family, for he is surrounded by younger loved ones.
He wears a robe that is decorated with moon crescents and grapevines - indicating the
joining of spirit and matter. He has his family and dogs with him. There is a happy couple in
front of him, presumably his children and a playful child behind this couple, his grandchild.
The child playfully reaches out to pet the dog.

Upright Ten of Pentacles Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles deals with permanence and satisfaction. The card shows that
everything you have put your efforts into for a long time will pay off in the future. It suggests
that everything will work out well in the end - for you have always kept the long term picture
in view, choosing to take no shortcuts. Your legacy is sure to stand for quite a long time to
come. This is a relief, for the path to get here has been filled with setbacks and challenges,
making this point of the journey even sweeter.

Your legacy is sure to stand for quite a long time to come.

In the card, the aged man is able to sit back and relax while watching the lives of his
children and grandchildren. The satisfaction he derives from his achievement is interwoven
in his children’s happiness. The meaning of the Ten of Pentacles also relates to the
happiness that you experience because you have planted many seeds of happiness and
shared in the lives of others, particularly family members and relatives. It points to the
importance of these people in your lives.

The Ten of Pentacles symbolism is rooted in both financial success and stability. It shows
affluence and lack of financial struggle. It also implores you to make decisions that will not
only have positive results in the present but also in the long term. The decisions that you
make should produce positive results that last for generations to come, trickling down to
your offspring as well.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles reversed meaning may be a warning about your future financial
status. It could point to problems and hiccups later on in life, even though they may not
currently be an issue. It could also show the faulty nature of an investment that you have
put a lot of time and effort in. In general, this reversed card seems to signal that you are
placing too many bets on your short-term success, while harming your long-term potential.
Take a step back and evaluate whether your decisions right now will lead to more damage
in the future.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed meaning can also deal with relationships. It could show the
sudden end of a marriage that has been going strong for years. It could also show that you
have hit a rough patch, but there is still hope for things to get back on track. For those who
are single, it could point to the fact that some of your relationships have been great for
short term fun, but lack the substance to lead to lifelong commitment.
The Nine of Pentacles depicts a woman in the middle of a vineyard. The woman wears
what appears to be a long, luxurious dress adorned with sunflowers. She seems to be part
of a wealthy house, for in the far background, we see a castle. A falcon is sitting peacefully
and playfully on her left hand. The vines behind her are rich and filled with grapes and
golden coins, signaling that she has been very successful in her ventures, which are
yielding a great and plentiful harvest.

Upright Nine of Pentacles Meaning

This Nine of Pentacles card indicates that the querent has reached a stage in their lives
where they are confident, independent and self-sufficient. Through hard work, this person is
now ready to enjoy money, leisure and material comfort.

The difficulties that were faced in the earlier journey of the pentacles appear to be over. The
Nine of Pentacles conveys not only joy, but also the feeling of security and freedom that
material wealth can bring. Looking back, the querent can now celebrate the difficulties, the
struggles, and the hard work that lined her path. Her previous challenges gave her the
wider perspective she needs to understand the spiritual value of her success. Knowing how
difficult it was to get here, she intends to enjoy every single day that is given to her.

The Nine of Pentacles conveys not only joy, but also the feeling of security and freedom
that material wealth can bring.
Like the other nines in the tarot, sometimes this card indicates that the querent has not yet
reached completion in their journey. There is something that is missing here - the element
of her community and relationships. The gifts of the suits are meant to be shared, and yet
this woman is so far from home.

The Nine of Pentacles can also be about a specific time period of this person’s life. This
time is about restraint and grace. Diplomacy and grace will lead to the desired outcome.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles reversed can be indicative of suffering from financial issues. It can
perhaps indicate a false display of security and stability. There may be a desire here to
keep up appearances - to have all the finer things in life even when we cannot afford to do
so. Where does this stem from?

Take this as an opportunity for you to figure out what it is most important. The Nine of
Pentacles reversed indicates a moment when one truly sees - perhaps for the first time,
that we cannot depend completely on material wealth to bring happiness.

Other meanings of this card differ with context - you may instead find yourself at a period in
life where you should be able to rest and relax after years of hard work, but you find
yourself unable to unwind. In this case, rejuvenation is the ultimate advice of the Nine of
Pentacles reversed. You need to take a few steps back and allow yourself to rest and
regain your strength.
The Eight of Pentacles card depicts a young man who is etching a pentacle shape into the
eight golden coins. The card symbolizes someone who is completely focused and
absorbed in what they are doing. The town that is far in the background means that he
successfully isolated himself from the distractions so that he can fully concentrate on his
task. The Eight of Pentacles refers to that moments in your life when you are dedicated to
completing a certain task. You are fully-immersed, and you are committed in delivering the
best version of your work.

Upright Eight of Pentacles Meaning

This card indicates a time that you have to work hard and focus entirely on your tasks. This
is not necessarily a negative situation, but this means that you must really strive to be the
best. The task that you need to accomplish can be personal or professional. No matter
what type of task it is, do not be afraid to ask for help when things get overwhelming. The
Eight of Pentacles refers to the efforts that you undertake. There is a possibility that there
will be a lot of things that you need to address. Hard work is essential, but you still need to
find a balance.

The Eight of Pentacles refers to the efforts that you undertake. There is a possibility that
there will be a lot of things that you need to address.

When it comes to work, those who are seeking employment should expect that the nature
of their job will be demanding. The Eight of Pentacles also indicates that you need to be
confident in yourself that you will be able to fulfill the job. For those who are currently
employed, you will be responsible for carrying out more tasks and responsibilities. Never
hesitate to ask the assistance of your co-workers. In terms of love, your work may possibly
be affecting your relationship. Regardless of how demanding your job is, you need to make
some time for your emotional connections with other people.

On the matters of finances, The Eight of Pentacles may signify financial assistance that you
have been hoping to receive. Be careful on how you are going to spend this money,
remember that this is a fruit of your hard labor and not luck. When it comes to health, the
Eight of Pentacles can mean that it is time for you to commit and work hard in order to
improve your health - you must stay vigilant about exercise and diet.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles Meaning

When reversed, the Eight of Pentacles signifies something similar to the upright position,
but the tasks may be even more demanding. This means that you need to execute swiftly
and with great care if you want to be happy and successful with this outcome. In terms of
work, the Eight of Pentacles reversed refers to the importance of impressing your employer
through your diligence, dedication and intelligence. Never avoid any task or responsibility in
your work - or else this can damage your reputation. In love, the Eight of Pentacles may
reveal that both of you may not be prepared to handle the responsibilities to make your
relationship work.

With regards to finances, you may be delusional about your current financial state. Perhaps
you are currently relying on pure luck to make it. While there is absolutely nothing wrong
with dreaming, you should understand that you should be patient and be ready to work
hard if you want to improve your standing. In relation to health, the Eight of Pentacles
reversed may point to a situation that is worrying you, but you have no idea how to fix it.
Never be afraid to ask the help of a medical professional to help you understand your
condition and improve.
The Seven of Pentacles shows a young man who seems to be taking a break from his hard
labor to admire the fruit and blossoms in his garden. He rests on his shovel as he is
admiring the seven pentacles hanging from the lush green vegetation. The way that he is
laying his head over hands seems to suggest a kind of fatigue - he has worked hard to
make sure that this year's crop is a good one. Because he is focused on long term goals,
he cannot touch his harvest right now, and only reserves one of the pentacles for himself,
choosing to invest the others. With his efforts, he hopes to grow his crop for the long term.

Upright Seven of Pentacles Meaning

The meaning of the Seven of Pentacles relates to investment and effort. It follows the Six of
Pentacles which refers to the end of financial or material hardship. If you have been putting
in time and effort in your work, it signifies that your efforts are paying off and they are going
to pay off in the future as well.

If you are looking to invest, the Seven of Pentacles suggests that you are ready to put in a
lot of effort, time and work into whatever you want to achieve. It reaffirms you of your long-
term vision and helps to show that you are not confined to seeing results in the short term
only. It shows how much you value the investment because of the effort that you are willing
to put in.

It reaffirms you of your long-term vision and helps to show that you are not confined to
seeing results in the short term only.
The Seven of Pentacles is also related to fear of failure. You do not know whether you are
going to reap fruit from your hard work. It could also signify frustration when there is a
delay. You may have been putting a lot of effort into your projects, but it does not seem to
bear any fruit right now. The good thing is that it means that you are learning from your
failures and mistakes. It may initially not seem like it, but mistakes allow you to look into
how to better invest your time to get the most out of your future ventures.

Reversed Seven of Pentacles Meaning

The Seven of Pentacles reversed means that your returns may be scattered for now. It
could also mean that the rewards of your labor are not as significant as you thought. The
advantage of this is that it shows that you know when to stop investing your time, money or
energy in a particular project. You, therefore, need to reevaluate your choices, and figure
out where you should put your resources. The Seven of Pentacles reversal meaning could
also be applied to relationships and the effort and emotions that you have invested.

The Seven of Pentacles symbolism often deals with business ventures and investments.
However, it also cuts across relationships, viewed as investments as well. The effort put
into these investments could be time, money and hard work.

In the image on the Six of Pentacles, there is a man who is dressed in purple robes. The
color purple symbolizes is the status and wealth of this man. He has a scale that is
balanced in one hand, which stands for equality and fairness. We are reminded of the
Justice tarot card, which suggests karma, cause and effect, and that we receive what we
give. His other hand is giving money to two beggars who are kneeling at his feet. The Six of
Pentacles suggests that you are in a secure enough position to give to others without
affecting your own stability.

Upright Six of Pentacles Meaning

The Six of Pentacles means is that you are in a position where you have a good
relationship with your income. Like the main figure in the card, the amount of money that
you bring in and your expenses are balanced well, and you are fortunate enough to not
have any stress. You are also grateful for all that you own and can happily share your
wealth with others. As you can tell from the imagery in the card, the Six of Pentacles can be
about charity. You can either be the man giving away money to the needy, or a beggar
gratefully receiving what you need from wealthy donor.

As you can tell from the imagery in the card, the Six of Pentacles can be about charity. You
can either be the man giving away money to the needy, or a beggar gratefully receiving
what you need from wealthy donor.

If the card is showing that you are the giver, you have built up wealth, and you are now able
to help others with financial assistance. You may have lived long enough in the darkness of
the Five of Pentacles to be able to see the light. You are thinking about giving to charities or
helping someone who could need your support and was in the same position you were
before. The Six of Pentacles does not have to be about material gifts or money, it can also
mean your time and presence.

If the card is showing you are one of the beggars, you could be receiving someone else’s
charity. This could help you recover, so take the help - you will be able to repay the
kindness in the future. You may also be able to find ways of becoming self-sufficient in the
future. Despite this situation, you should be mindful that you should not become desperate
or submissive during this time.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Meaning

The Six of Pentacles reversed can suggest that charity can be one-way. If you have loaned
someone money, you should not be expecting your money to be paid back, or your favor to
be returned in the future. You should be cautious about the people you are lending money
to, especially if you are not financially stable. You could also have problems with spending
and giving away more than you can really afford.

The Six of Pentacles reversed can also warn you about the debts that you have. This could
mean that you are in over your head and it is going to come back and be a major problem
in the future. You should also be careful of entering business endeavors during this time
because you could end up with a huge loss, instead of getting a return on your investment.

The last Six of Pentacles reversal meaning is that there is selfishness related to giving and
charity. This may mean that you are willing to give others in a way that is not to benefit
them, but to benefit yourself. You should be cautious that you are not just being charitable
to prove you are giving or generous to others. The source of generosity should be selfless,
not selfish.

Just like the fives of the other suits in the tarot, the Five of Pentacles symbolizes adversity.
It shows two individuals walking outside while it is snowing. Not only are they cold, they are
also sick, poor, tired, and hungry. It looks as if they are lacking the basic necessities of life.
A lot of people can relate to the two individuals in more ways than one.
One of the individuals in the card has crutches, while the other figure has a shawl covering
her head. She is walking barefoot in the snow. There is a black wall in the background with
a stained glass window featuring the five pentacles, suggesting a church of some kind.

More often than not, the Five of Pentacles is a bad omen. However, do not fret, as it can
change depending on where it is placed in the reading.

Upright Five of Pentacles Meaning

Whenever the Five of Pentacles shows up in a reading, it suggests a time of hardship and
insecurity. The meaning of this card can be deep loneliness, illness, poverty or loss. Your
status might take a turn for the worse in the near future. There is a chance that you will lose
something significant, whether it is financial wealth or an important item. Deterioration of
your health might be already ongoing or be very sudden.

There is a chance that you will lose something significant, whether it is financial wealth or
an important item.

The person with crutches has a lot of symbolism. This person may be feeling cursed - that
their bad luck is something that they can’t shake off easily. The Five of Pentacles
symbolism can also be that of old debts, high credit card balances, or unpaid loans. It is a
reminder that you should consider sorting out your finances. Mistakes you have made in
the past might also haunt you.

The Five of Pentacles is not a good sign when it comes to questions relating to love. It can
be an indicator that the person you love is not feeling the same way. And just like the
figures on the card, you might feel like you were left out in the cold.

Reversed Five of Pentacles Meaning

Unlike the upright version, the Five of Pentacles reversal meaning can be a positive one.
The snow is now on top, which represents brightness coming into your life. The stained
glass now symbolizes a passageway with the Pentacles serving as the light at the end of
the tunnel. The reversed Five of Pentacles means change is coming.

When drawing this card, it can mean that the worst is now over, but don’t expect changes
to happen overnight. It will take some time before you can recover, and find strength once
again. This means you will be able to regain stability in terms of property, health,
relationships, business, or finances.

Slow recovery from illness can be indicated by the Five of Pentacles reversed as well. You
will be able to find a treatment that can lead to recovery. If you are caring for someone,
then it can mean that help will be made available, whether it is financial or practical

This card depicts a man who is sitting on a stool, who is holding onto two pentacles in a
very defensive and tight posture. It’s almost as if he is hoarding them out of fear of loss.
One pentacle is balanced precariously on his head, while another one is tightly clutched
between his own hands, and there are two of them which are securely placed underneath
his feet. He is making sure that there is absolutely no one touching his coins. At the same
time, he is also unable to move because he is holding the coins so tightly. In other words,
he is restrained from acting because he is holding too tight to his possessions. To some,
money does not always bring freedom.

Upright Four of Pentacles Meaning

The Four of Pentacles card is capable of generating both negative and positive
perceptions. On one hand, the card signifies that you have successfully managed to
accomplish much of your goals and you have managed to attain a significant material
wealth in the process. However, on the other hand, there is a significant chance that you
will start valuing things only for their material worth. You have worked hard to get to the
point where you are now, and it is absolutely natural for your to desire to make sure that
you remain stable. But this also has a chance to turn you into an overly possessive or
greedy person who wants to ensure that no one is capable of taking away your own wealth.

There is a chance to turn you into an overly possessive or greedy person who wants to
ensure that no one is capable of taking away your own wealth.

The Four of Pentacles is also a card which shows that you are currently in a position in
which you have solid investments and that you are financially stable. Because of your new-
found wealth, you are being particularly conservative about money, and you are most
definitely not inclined to gamble when it comes to any kind of financial matters. You are
protective of what you have managed to accumulate throughout time, and you desire to
steadily increase your overall net worth.

Be aware that without risk, there is no reward - if you spend too much of your time
attempting to conserve, you may become a prisoner to your own material possessions.
Wealth is a kind of energy as well, and we create what we express.

Reversed Four of Pentacles Meaning

When reversed, the Four of Pentacles veers sharply into the negative meanings of the
card. Instead of being protective you become greedy, and you succumb to stinginess. You
are haunted by certain fears of poverty which compels you to be nothing but materialistic.
You are incredibly self-protective and defensive in terms of materialistic things, and you are
not opening up to trust other people out of fear that they may be taking them away.

On the other side, you might actually be spending too much money, and you need to start
getting a proper hold of your actual financial resources. In any case, the card is capable of
inducing both positive and negative associations, and you need to be very accountable and
considerate if you get the Four of Pentacles in a reading.
The Three of Pentacles displays a young apprentice who works in a cathedral. In front of
him, there are two others, a priest and a nobleman of some sort, that are holding plans of
the cathedral on a piece of parchment. We can tell from the way the apprentice has raised
his head that he is discussing his progress on building the cathedral. The two others are
keenly listening to him in order to more clearly understand what is needed of them and how
they can provide guidance. Despite the apprentice being less experienced, the two others
listen to him because they know his ideas and his experience are fundamental in the
successful completion of the whole building. The Three of Pentacles therefore represents
the coming together of different kinds of knowledge in order to build something together.

Upright Three of Pentacles Meaning

The threes in the tarot represent the successful completion of a goal - it takes the sources
of energy in the ace and the twos and adds a foundational factor, and usually involves a
group of some sort. In this scenario, the upright three of pentacles meaning is that there is
a successful achievement of all the requirements to pursue your business, deal, venture or
any other kind of endeavor. Successful projects usually require different kinds of expertise,
and at this moment, the Three of Pentacles means that all the skills required are coming
together. In short, you are enjoying enjoying working together as part of a team, and also in
the initial success of this bigger project.

Successful projects usually require different kinds of expertise, and at this moment, the
Three of Pentacles means that all the skills required are coming together.

The three pentacles reveals a successful beginning towards achieving your goals, it is a
sign of encouragement that you should press on with the same effort without giving up. You
may struggle to accomplish your goals as an individual, but the Three of Pentacles also
teaches people not ignore the talents of the others that surround you. You need the
collaboration of others, with diverse viewpoints, experiences and expertise to accomplish
something more than you could have ever dreamed of.

Reversed Three of Pentacles Meaning

The Three of Pentacles reversal meaning indicates that there is lack of team work; it shows
that people are working against each other and undermining the project along the way.
There seems to be too much competition between them - each person is trying to display
superiority. This result to scarcity of resources - too many people are viewing their project
partners as competitors.

When you are in such a team, it is good to ensure that you try as much as possible to
inspire camaraderie. With this constant bickering, it is hard for the projects in the reversed
Three of Pentacles to come into completion. You may find that people are not listening to
others, and everyone is working for themselves. This difference in motives and ambitions
yields complications. If you can be the first to reach out and give everyone a chance to be
heard and considered, perhaps this project has a chance to move forward.
The Two of Pentacles card depicts a man who is dancing as he is juggling two large coins.
The pentacles are surrounded by the infinity sign that denotes that the person can handle
all the issues the come his way and he can manage his life with grace. In the background,
you will notice that there are two ships that are riding the giant waves, and they reinforce
the balancing act that the man has to face - he is in rough and choppy waters, but manages
to stay afloat. The Two of Pentacles depicts the usual ups and downs that occur in one’s
life. Despite all the chaos that surrounds him, the man lives a very carefree life as he
dances, and handles all that comes to him with joy.

Upright Two of Pentacles Meaning

The Two of Pentacles is a card about balance - the coins are displayed in a manner that is
precarious, any small change in wind or weight can tip and send them falling. For those that
may have more coins to go around, they can afford to be less careful, but at this moment
things may be tight. Wealth too, is a kind of energy, and it is the kind whose goings in and
goings out are easiest and most tangible to see.

For those that may have more coins to go around, they can afford to be less careful, but at
this moment things may be tight.

There is a possibility that you are trying hard to keep the two aspects of your life in a
perfect and delicate balance. This could be your career, money, love and health. The
balancing act depicted in the card suggests that there are two major factors that you are
deeply concerned about. It is time for you to step back to have a better perspective of the
situation. While you may initially think it will save you time, multi-tasking may just worsen
the situation. Cut down on your tasks and concentrate on these two factors that are
troubling you.

You've done a good job keeping things stable, for you seem to be able to adapt well to all
the changes that ask you to continually re-balance.

When it comes to love, the Two of Pentacles is associated with your inability to provide the
energy and time required to make your partner happy. Your partnership should be your
main priority, but with all the madness in other areas of your life, you are finding it hard to
devote your attention to your loved ones. With regards to finances, you should pay heed on
the bottom line. You should have a clear picture on your financial state. Plan your finances
accordingly, control your expenditures and increase your stream of income to create a solid
foundation for your future. In terms of health, this card is asking you to find a balance
between your own well-being and your responsibilities. It's easy to make yourself the last
priority when you have so many things happening around you.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Meaning

When the Two of Pentacles is in reversed position, it can mean that you are trying to juggle
much too many things in your life. You need to take at least a short break to eliminate the
stress. In case you are feeling that you can’t handle everything, you need to consider your
own well-being and provide yourself with a time to breathe. In your work, the Two of
Pentacles reversal can be a positive omen. Avoid committing to a lot of things since it will
overwhelm you.

In your finances, you need to learn how to live in your capacity. The Two of Pentacles
reversal meaning reminds you to be aware of your income and expenditures since
overspending can become a large issue, especially when you are being pulled in many
In this card, there is a single mysterious hand that comes out of the clouds. In the hand is
what looks like a gold coin with a pentagram engraved on its surface. This pentacle is
associated with the element of earth, and seen as a sign of wealth and all things material
and earthly. Below the hand is a garden which appears to be flourishing with flowers and
other kinds of vegetation - giving off the aura of fertility, growth and prosperity. The
mountain represents the ambition required to drive one's search for the pentacle. The
flowing creek seem to indicate that emotions are flowing towards this ambition.

Upright Ace of Pentacles Meaning

The aces in the tarot are all indicative of new beginnings. When you draw any of them, it
means that you are at a point in your life where a new cycle is beginning - you are about to
start afresh.

Because the suit of pentacles is primarily concerned with all things material (not just
financial, but also with the sensual), this reset could manifest itself as a new career, the
undertaking of a new venture, or the start of putting more care into your health. Wherever
this beginning takes place, the Ace of Pentacles assures that what is to come will bring
great abundance and opportunity.

Watering this seed has the potential to be very rewarding - for anything that is grown on this
energy is meant to be stable, secure and give a good yield.

To see the Ace of Pentacles indicates a seed being planted in the material world, in your
feelings of security and stability. Like a seed, this opportunity must also be nurtured, and
sometimes invested in with energy, time or funds. Watering this seed has the potential to be
very rewarding - for anything that is grown on this energy is meant to be stable, secure and
give a good yield. Prosperity is coming your way.

One also has to make sure that they are psychologically prepared for the opportunities that
are appearing. To be able to harvest the gift of the pentacles, we need to be filled with the
calm that stability brings - this is a kind of spiritual prosperity, if you will. This kind of
mindset can mean we become open to trying new things and not sticking to the old,
washed out routine.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles Meaning

Though the Ace of Pentacles usually heralds an opportunity of some sort that would lead to
great gains, to see it reversed can mean that this might be a poor investment, requiring
much more resources than you had initially reserved - or alternatively, you might be missing
your chance.

When one gets a reversed Ace of Pentacles, it may mean that they are about to face hard
financial times as well as a lot of elusive opportunities. At this time, you are being advised
against taking large financial risks and to think all your choices through when you are given
a deal.

It might also be a good time for an individual to seek advice from others and avoid making
rushed decisions since the time isn’t just right. It wouldn’t be a good time for one to jump
into a new job or business opportunity - especially if the main motivation for joining is to
pursue prospects of higher financial gain. It might just be an illusion that can lead to your

This spread is perfect for the situations that leave you feeling stagnated, roadblocked, or
thwarted in your quest for progress and momentum.
Sometimes the frustrations that interrupt our flow are also invitations calling out for our
attention. As one of my favorite teachers, Michael Meade, writes: "Truth lies closer to the
earth, down in the mud where creation begins again, down where everyone finds the deep
imagination within their own soul."

Valuable treasures hide in the depths — but we must say yes to the descent before finding
the answers and solutions we seek. This spread will help you find your way out by diving in,
and using what you discover to set yourself free.

This is a reading that rewards prolonged contemplation. Don't try it when you're attempting
to rush your way to a solution. Spend time turning these messages over in your mind,
giving yourself plenty of room to consider the questions they provoke.

The matter at hand

Take particular notice if this card approaches the issue from a different angle than you'd
observed — this may be a key piece of the puzzle.

The block

Here's what's standing in your way, or preventing forward motion.

The hidden jewel

This card shows the hidden truth underlying the stagnation or frustration.
A shift in awareness

This card represents the shift in perspective necessary to break through what's blocking

The way out

The ultimate path to liberation.This spread is perfect for the situations that leave you feeling
stagnated, roadblocked, or thwarted in your quest for progress and momentum.

Sometimes the frustrations that interrupt our flow are also invitations calling out for our
attention. As one of my favorite teachers, Michael Meade, writes: "Truth lies closer to the
earth, down in the mud where creation begins again, down where everyone finds the deep
imagination within their own soul."

Valuable treasures hide in the depths — but we must say yes to the descent before finding
the answers and solutions we seek. This spread will help you find your way out by diving in,
and using what you discover to set yourself free.

This is a reading that rewards prolonged contemplation. Don't try it when you're attempting
to rush your way to a solution. Spend time turning these messages over in your mind,
giving yourself plenty of room to consider the questions they provoke.

The matter at hand

Take particular notice if this card approaches the issue from a different angle than you'd
observed — this may be a key piece of the puzzle.

The block

Here's what's standing in your way, or preventing forward motion.

The hidden jewel

This card shows the hidden truth underlying the stagnation or frustration.

A shift in awareness

This card represents the shift in perspective necessary to break through what's blocking

The way out

The ultimate path to liberation.