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Master of Computer Application Department



“Online Jewellery Shopping”




Saraf Shivani Vasantrao






PUNE – 411 041

Name of student : Miss. Shivani Saraf

Phone +91 7719999654 Email

Class MCA- III

Academic Year 2019-20

Date of submission
of project synopsis
Prof. Santosh Deshmukh
Name of Guide

Introduction of System

This project Online Jewellery Shopping has been developed using ASP.NET and
Microsoft SQL server . The main purpose to develop this project online jewellery
shopping is to sell the jewellery items online. This project Online Jewellery shopping
provides all facilities to shopkeeper to manage the shop on website and control the entire
jewellery business transaction form website. It can also help to shopkeeper keep for sale
as well as can updates from site with new ornaments time to time. This project manage
various product category, product, special offer, gallery, order, payment and customers
feedback. In this project customers can easily view various product, add to cart product,
place order. We have developed many modules in the project for performing all the
operations of this system. Some of the modules are jewellery product management,
jewellery type management, order management etc.
The high degree of emphasis on
adding, deleting, updating, manipulating in a user friendly manner. Jewellery shop
management is a used by the jewellery venders to record the sales and stock of
redymade, ordered ornaments, purchased by the customer.

Proposed System

The system study phase studies the problem, identifiers alternate solution, evaluates these
solutions and finally recommends best solution. The system gives the structure and
function of the system. A detailed system study is essential for developing an efficient
system. The proposed system provides a better user interface. The system is a menu
driven program.

Objectives of System
The main objective of proposed system, is to provide online jewellery shopping solution to
cusumers and vendors. It will automate some of the basic operations of an online store.

 To speedup user requirement.

 To satisfy the user needs quickly.

Scope of Project/work

1.The scope of system is to provide the users with an account through the process of
registration and with a mechanism that lets the cutomer give some feedback or ask a
query pertaining to the products being offered online.

2. The system is also helps in carrying out the transactions with the help of simple
shopping cart and checkout system.

3.The system will also reduce the manual operation associated with the maintenance of
the records consisting of the product order details, customer details.

4. The system also facilitates user by providing an easy search mechanism to search his
desired product on the basis of product name, category and brand.

Feasibility Study

As we know each and every project needs to have a feasibility study for the complete
understandability of the project. We will consider 3 types of feasibility study they are
technical feasibility, operational feasibility and economical feasibility.

1. Technical Feasibility
Technical study means the study of technical requirements of the system. The
requirements are very easily available to any concern. This project is technical feasible as
it does not need any new hardware or software to implement. No other costly software is
required to access this project.

2. Operational Feasibility
Operational feasibility aims to study if the new system can be accomplished as per
requirements within new date. All the operational requirements of this project can also be
fulfilled successfully. This project if operationally feasible because he provide with all the
information the screen itself the project is user friendly. All the option are provided on the
form itself. The user has to query himself which option he want to select and go further.

3.Economical Feasibility
This is very important aspect to be considered while developing a project. We
decided the technology based on minimum possible const factor.

Modules Description

1. Login:-
From here any valid user can enter into the site. Here user has to give
User Name and Password which are provided at the registration time. These will
compared with the database, if match entry found then user can enter into the site. If
the entry will not matched then user get the error message and will have to re-enter
the User Name and Password again.

Sign up:-
If a new user comes into the site, he/she first have to register with the
system by Providing user name, e-mail, pass, and con.pass.

This is Home page for the users; here user can access all other pages.
They also get the jewellary which we provide.

This is diamond page it consist a ring, pedant and user can
book all the jewellary which we provide.

This is gold page it consist a ring, pedant and earings. here user can book
all the jewellary which we provide.

This is silver page it consist a ring, pedant and user can
book all the jewellary which we provide.

In this form the customer have to payment by net banking, creaditcard, and
debit card.

Contact us:-
In this form user have to send their query us and we contact them soon via e-mail id.

Hardware & Software Requirements
Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Pentium III 800 MHz

Memory size : 128 MB RAM
Storage : 20 GB Hard Disk
Display : 14’ to 19’ InchMonitor

Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows OS (Microsoft Windows 10)

Front-End : ASP.NET, C#
Back-End : Microsoft SQL Server 2004


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