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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula
Division of Pagadian City
Tuburan District, Pagadian City

Narrative Report

School principals and head teachers from different high schools together with the
Public Schools Division Supervisors (PSDSs) from the Division of Pagadian City
participated the 3rd Division Clinical Supervision at Pagadian City Science High School
on August 15, 2019.
To welcome the participants and to present the rationale of the said event, a short
opening program was conducted. The school principal, Janet S. Negoso, PhD expressed
her warm welcome to the participants and oriented them on the flow of the event. She
introduced the teacher demonstrators; Ms. Stenely Marie P. Arao for the Junior High
School with the subject Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao 9 and Mr. Jotham C. Delos Reyes
for the Senior High School with the subject Earth Science 11. Afterwards, Dr. Romeo P.
Zason, PSDS instructed the assigned class observers to proceed to the teaching
demonstration classes.
Simultaneous Demonstration Teaching and Classroom Observation were then
followed. For Junior High School, Ms. Stenely Marie P. Arao, the teacher-demonstrator
discussed about “Modyul 5: Karapatan at Tungkulin,” a topic under the subject,
Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao 9. The Demonstration Teaching lasted 1 hour and 15
minutes on which the classroom instruction was maximize and students’ participation
was evident.

The Classroom Observation for the said demonstration teaching was spearheaded
by Mrs. Jovita Dugenia, one of the PSDSs of the East District along with the following
observers; Mr. Nilo Viador, the school principal of Tulawas Integrated School, Mrs.
Myrna Bodiongan, the school principal of Lala National High School and Mrs. Chona
Caballes, the head teacher of Co TEK CHUN National Trade School.

On the other hand, Mr. Jotham C. Delos Reyes, the teacher-demonstrator of the
Senior High School taught about “Mineral Resources,” a topic under the subject Earth
Science 11. The Demonstration Teaching lasted 1 hour on which mastery of the content
and enthusiasm of the teacher was observed and active participation of the students was
The Classroom Observation for the said demonstration teaching was facilitated by
Dr. Romeo P. Zason, one of the PSDSs of the East District along with the following
observers; Mr. Arnold C. Cabantug, the school principal of Otto Lingue National High
School, Mrs. Shiela Leonardo, the school principal of Manga National High School,
Mrs. Lilia Larubis, the school principal of Pagadian City Comprehensive High School
and Mrs. Mila Arao, the Division Education Supervisor in Science.
Right after the Demonstration Teaching, the rater-observers convened and
agreed in coming up unanimous ratings in each indicator specified in the Classroom
Observation Tool.

While having the Demonstration Teaching and Classroom Observation, a Plenary

Session with the school heads and head teachers was also conducted. Dr. Rainerio
Salomes, the school principal of Napolan National High School, talked about the, “Leave
Benefits of the Government Employees.” Queries and Clarifications about the discussion
were addressed and explained thoroughly.

To justify the agreed rating of the observers and to present the strengths and
challenges of the Teaching Demonstrations, a post conference with the Public Schools
District Supervisors - Dr. Romeo P. Zason and Mrs. Jovita Dugenia, was held. The school
heads and head teachers being the audience-listeners noted the how-to’s of the post
conference. They were observing how the supervisors processed the Demonstration
Teaching using the Classroom Observation Tool under the Result – based Performance
Management System (RPMS).

The 3rd Division Clinical Supervision ended successfully as it reached its goal of
providing continues support to the teachers in the teaching – learning process and
modelling the post conference to the school heads and head teachers in order to help
them utilize effectively the Classroom Observation Tool-RPMS in their respective

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