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28-30 Aug 2019
Darul Hedayah Rohingya
Ipoh, Perak
Sustainability Teaching and Refugee
Support (STARS) is an engagement project
that is to be conducted under HDB 1012
Community Engagement Project (CEP) and
Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU4). MPU4 is a
part of the national requirement, MPU,
prescribed by the Ministry of Education
Malaysia that aims to support students’
development in terms of knowledge, skills,
moral, value, patriotism and personality. This
falls in line with UTP mission and vision in
Under the supervision of Dr. creating well-rounded graduates who are
Shafirah binti Samsuri f rom creative and innovative with the potentials
Chemical Engineering of becoming future leaders of industry and
Department, STARS is proposed the nation.
to be a 3-days project that will be
held on 28th until 30th Aug 2019.
This project will be organized by
25 UTP students who participa-
ted to be STARS committees.

Strengthening their basic education Raising environmental awareness Providing resources and funds
knowledge and introducing STEM and instill environmental related habits through charity and fund raising
STARS project focuses on providing and STARS focuses on raising environmental Musical instruments and books are some
improving theknowledge of and problem awareness to Darul Hedayah children for of the items that will be provided to
solving skills and also refining them to be more responsible in their Darul Hedayah children as part of
selfdevelopment for the participants. impacts on the environment and the charity. Activities and bonding
STEM modules are also to be introduced appreciate the importance of taking care sessions will be held as to create
to further improve their knowledge of nature. Sustainable way of living such bond between STARS committees
and exposing theparticipants to STEM. as reducing plastic waste and reducing and Darul Hedayah children
energy and water consumption
is also introduce for them.
STARS(Sustainability Teaching and
Refugee Support )

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Dr. Shafirah Binti Samsuri

28-30 August 2019

Darul Hedayah Rohingya Academy,

Ipoh, Perak

Department of Chemical Engineering

25 students
Why Boost company’s recognition

STARS will also promote your company’s brand by

strategically placing the company’s logo on STARS

support shirt, banners and posters so that the public will be

more aware of your brand. As this project involves
university students, STARS will be able to extensively
promote your brand to the university students as well
as the community around the university and other

us ? potential target market.

Promote Sustainability

One of STARS’s main objective is to teach about

sustainability to the refugees. Sustainability is one
of the crucial matter that needs to be focused on
and it is a public knowledge of how important
sustainability is to our life. Other than that, it also
aligns with the focus area of the company.
Therefore, by sponsoring this project, your company
could also play a part in promoting sustainability.

Ta x Deduction

STARS is an University Social Responsibility (USR)

or charity project that involves Rohingyan refugees.
Therefore, the sponsorship contributed by respective
company will allow the income ta x of the company
to be reduced or exempted.
All amount and benefits in the proposal are negotiable to better suit
respective sponsors.
All replies must be submitted before 1 August 2019(Thursday).
Please attach along the proof of payment(attachment) as evidence.

All form of publication material/logo or video should reach us no later

than 1 August 2019 to avoid any complications regarding the
publication of the promotion materials.

Any changes made will be notified.

For payment thorugh fund transfer, the details are as follows :

Account name : Yayasan Universiti Teknologi Petronas
Account number : 8001062118
Proof of payment through above methods must be attached
and sent to following
email address
Email :

The email should include the following details ;

Title of the email : STARS SPONSOR
Banking methods : Fund Transfer/ Cheque
Date of transaction : DD/MM/YYAttachment of your
proof payment
For fund transfer , please state the name of the bank and
the name of bank account holder to avoid any confusion.
con cl u s i o n

It is our pleasure and commitment to make

sure that our sponsors receive the best
in return of their investment values .
Thus , it is our priority to work closely
with your company to meet your
specific needs and request. It is a
blessing for us if your company
would consider to collaborate
in this meaningful project as it
help refugee children to
gain some hope and education
to create a better future . After
all , we might not know the future
but ‘we rise by lifting others’ said
Robert Ingersoll. We are counting
and looking forward on your company’s
immense support and consideration.