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a Wellness Program

Group 5
A Wellness Program
Teens are known to be vulnerable and are often
confused due to being in the stage, thus, as the
title implies, this wellness program aims to help
out teens to be able to understand themselves
more and to get through the adolescent stage.
Program Description

• This wellness program is a requirement for

Human Kinetics 11 which aims to help young
adolescents to cope with different stress and
changes that come/may come to their lives.
This program is designed to engage adolescent
into a fun but mature way of embracing a
heathier lifestyle.

• To strengthen the complete state of

physical, mental, emotional, social
and spiritual well-being through
excellent wellness experiences with
an aid of assistance and counseling
to young adolescents

• To see the physical and emotional

improvement of the target group of
adolescents; and to have them
empowered with effective coping
mechanisms as a response to
various types of stressors

• Group of 20 adolescents (10 female

and 10 male)
• 12-17 years old

• General Objective:
✓To create a wellness program suited for
young adolescents.
✓To guide the young adolescents in
attaining a holistic health with the aid of
various activities
• Specific Objectives:
1. To spread awareness with regards to
mental health
2. To help young adolescents understand
3. To restore physical activities into the
lifestyle of young adolescents
4. To establish social relationships among
young adolescents

• To successfully meet the goals of the program

to be conducted which is mainly about
improving the target group of adolescent, a
number of activities are planned by the
committee. Such activities are as follows:
Schedule of Activities
Item Activities Resource Person/s Schedule
1. Journal 21 Nicole Carubio Daily
2. Wellness Dance 21 Chini Mercado Weekly

3. Open Forum 21 Erica Biscocho Monthly

Madellaine Olarte & Darryl

4. Film showing 22
Anne Dimapilis Quarterly

Representatives of
Mental Health Check
5. 25 Sponsoring Hospital & Twice a year
Chini Mercado
Representatives of
Sports and
6. 25 Sponsoring NGO & Darryl Annual
Recreational Activities
Anne Dimapilis
Representatives of
7. Mental Health Seminar 25 Sponsoring Hospital & Annual
Nicole Carubio
LGU, Church Seasonal
8. Outreach Program 25 Representatives & Erica • Christmas
Biscocho • Summer

• Erica Biscocho, Nicole Carubio, Chini Mercado,

Madellaine Olarte and Darryl Anne Dimapilis
• Municipal Officials
• Parents
• Sponsors
• Volunteers
Collaborators and Sponsors

• Milka Krem
• Church
• Department of Social and Welfare Development
• Department of Health
• Childfam Possibilities Psychosocial Services