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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade 10

L.C. Compose an argumentative essay.

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
a. identify the part and features of an argumentative essay through a discussion;
b. appraise the importance of establishing a strong foundation when making or
presenting through an activity;
c. match the definition of key terms for argumentation through matching type
assessment; and
d. make an argumentative essay about Train Law.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Argumentative Essay
Concepts: Argumentative essays are a common assignment given by educators and are
an exciting opportunity for you to practice the valuable skill of persuasion.
Value(s): Establish a strong foundation when making or presenting something. Argue
in a logical and a right way.
Reference(s): Celebrating Diversity through World Literature pp. 133
Materials: Multimedia Presentation, Bond Papers and Scotch Tape

III. Procedure
A. Classroom Routine
B. Activity Proper
1. Review. Flash two statements and let the students read it then ask them the
following questions:
a. Which of the two statements is a persuasive essay?
b. Why did you say so?
2.Motivation - Tower Making
a. Group the students into five.
b. Instruct the students to make a strong and tall tower out from the
materials which will be given by the teacher.
c. The students need to finish the task in five minutes. After five minutes,
their tower should stand for at least ten seconds.
d. The group who can make the strongest at the same time tallest tower will
win the activity.
C. Analysis:
1. What have you realized while doing the activity?
2. Is it important to build a strong foundation of things? Why?
D. Abstraction
1. Presentation of the topic
a. Introduce the definition of an argumentative essay.
b. Present the parts and features of an argumentative essay.
c. Give at least one example of argumentative essay.

3. Generalization.
1. What is the minimal three – part structure of argumentative essay?
2. What type of an essay it is when it makes claim based on opinion?
3. What type of an essay it is when it makes claim based on factual

4. Reflection. Oral Recitation

a. Why do we need to know the parts and features of an
argumentative essay?
b. Why is it important to know the distinctions of an
argumentative and a persuasive essay?
c. What’s the importance of having a strong foundation when
presenting your ideas?
E. Application. The teacher will call each group the same group they have earlier

IV. Assessment: Matching Type

Instruction: Connect the key terms of argumentation to its corresponding definition.
Column A Column B

1. Your specific facts or specific evidence A. Refute

used to support why your claim is true
2. This part of an essay summarizes the B. Claim
claim. C. Qualify
3. This is a type of an essay which is logic-
based. D. Counterclaim
4. Your basic belief about a particular
topic, E. Rebuttal
Issue, event, or idea. F. Introduction
5. A solid and reasonable argument that
opposes or disagrees with your claim. G. Support
6. Argues against a position or prove it to
H. Conclusion
wrong. I. Argumentative Essay
7. A written or verbal response to a
counterclaim. J. Body
8. A “partly-agree” stance in which you
K. Persuasive Essay
(in part) with another person’s argument L. Logic
Position but also disagree with part of it. M. Emotions
9. This type of an essay which is emotion-
10. It is part of an essay where the thesis
Statement is located.

IV. Assignment
Research about Train Law and its advantages and disadvantages and make an
argumentative essay about the effects of Train Law to the economy of the country.

Prepared by: James D. Lacorte