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Now question is that there are many types of death visible in the habitation of mortal, so how my death, it can be —

1. Natural death
2. Death by sickness
3. Death in war
4. Accidental death
5. Death in an auto accident
6. Death by poison
7. Death from the snake bite
8. Death by murder, etc
In this article, I am going to analyze the astrological yoga of political assassination. It has often been seen that
people who are involved in politics or social work are assassinated. Now again raise the question in mind is it
possible to warn a person before the assassination? The answer is Yes, The astrologers are able to predict before
the assassination on the analysis of the native original birth chart but it is possible only if a person asks the
astrologer about their concern.
Now in this article, I am trying to analyze the horoscope of some of the main political personality who was
assassinated. Why assassination happened an astrological analysis on the base of person Horoscope.

Death Related Houses in Horoscope

1st House or Ascendant
The 1st house and its lord are responsible for all type of events of the native. This house indicates the overall
personality of the person.

2nd and 7th House and Lord

Both houses are the Marak house in the native Horoscope.

3rd House and Lord

3rd house is 8th from the 8th house so it is also death house in the birth chart.

6th House and Lord:

This house represents enemies, injuries, obstacles, and litigation.

8th house and Lord

This is the most important house of death because this is the house of longevity, sudden death, and type of death.

12th house and Lord

This is the house of expense, loss, secret enemies, imprisonment and unseen troubles etc.

Role of Planets in Unnatural death

Mars and Rahu are planets of injury, arrogance, excitement, explosions and sudden events.

Saturn is the significator or death, For this reason, Shani is called “Yamraj. If
Saturn is related to a bad house or planet in the birth chart, it becomes itself a
dangerous for life.

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu

These are malefic planets it indicates unnatural death by weapon, accident, suicide,
electric shock, fire, poison etc.

Combinations of Houses and Houses Lords

Ascendant or 1st House
1. If Ascendant degree is in eight Navamsha and eight house sign placed as an
ascendant sign in Navamsha chart then the unnatural death is possible.
2. If the Ascendant lord is the eighth sign in the Navamsha Chart then the
probability of sudden death increase.
3. If the Ascendant and ascendant lord is joining with 6th, 8th or 12th house or its
lords indicates the unnatural death of the native either by the accident or
4. If ascendant or its lord is placed in between two or three malefic planets the
possibility of the assassination of the person, is to be increased.
5. If the ascendant lord is in the very weak situation and malefic planets occupy
6th, 8th or 12th houses with without influence of any benefit planets then the
person is short lived.
Role of Malefic House: 6th, 8th, and 12th
1. The bad relation between ascendant and 6th, 8th, 12th house indicates unnatural
2. Malefic planet Mars placed in the 8th house indicates unnatural death by a
sharp weapon.
3. If planets Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are situated in the 8th house then unnatural
death is possible.
4. If Mars placed in the 6th or 12th house and Saturn placed in the 8th house it
indicates unnatural death from a sharp weapon.
5. If Ascendant lord and 8th lord are conjoined then the unnatural death is
possible but at least on lord should be malefic.
6. Mars, Saturn, and Moon aspect or conjoined in the Trik house but the relation
with 8th house or lord must be, then the unnatural death like murder or accident
is possible.
7. A natural malefic placed in 8th house and badly afflicted by Mars indicates
death by assassination.
8. If the 12th house lord is placed in 1st, 3rd or 8th house and aspect by Mars or
Saturn indicates death by murder.
9. If 6th, 1st, 8th and 3rd lords are aspect or conjunction then the sudden death is
possible because all are the house lord of longevity.
Role of Planets aspect and conjunction
1. If Mars, Saturn, and Rahu are the conjunction and anyhow ascendant lord is
also joined in birth chart then it indicates the sudden death of the native.
2. If Malefic Saturn aspect Ascendant lord or Moon then increase the possibility
of sudden death.
3. If Jupiter is in the 8th house or anyhow connected with the 8th house and one
or two malefic planets aspect/conjunction then unnatural death is also possible.
Timing of death or Assassination
1. It is always noticed that the many politicians and other persons were
assassinations when they were undergoing the period of the malefic planets and
malefic houses lords like 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th.
2. If malefic planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are joined with 2nd, 6th, 7th,
8th or 12th house or with their lord during transition or period/sub-period the
possibility of assassination is increased.
3. During period /sub-period of Saturn or transition of Saturn over 2nd, 6th, 7th,
8th or 12th house increases the probability of political assassination.

Case Study of political person Smt. Indira Gandhi

DOB: 23-11-1984, TOB: 23:08, POB: Allahabad, UP
The above horoscope is Ex Indian Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. Everybody knows that she was a very pretty
and strong lady but why because three powerful exchanges of planets are present in her birth chart.
1. Ascendant lord Moon is in the 7th house and 7th house lord Saturn is in the Ascendant it is the exchange of house
2. The second lord Sun is in 5th house and 5th lord Mars in 2nd house.
3. The sixth lord Jupiter is in the 11th house and 11th house lord Venus is in the six houses.
Above chart, the ascendant lord is the eighth sign in the Navamsha chart and ascendant is in the ASTMANSHA it is
indicated unnatural death of the person. In this chart, Ascendant lord in the 7th house and the eighth lord Saturn is an
aspect from ascendant in the natal birth chart so it is clear that ascendant lord is weak. Ascendant is also weak
because it is hemmed by malefic planets Mars and Ketu and occupied by 8th lord (House of death) Saturn. lord is

Mrs Gandhi is well known Prime Minister for hard decisions in the crucial span of time. Mrs Gandhi is Cancer
ascendants native and Saturn is the malefic planets for cancer ascendant but the exchange between Saturn and
Moon, this exchange gave prestige, dignity, respect to Indira Gandhi, but also created many problems.

When the major period of Saturn was started from Dec. 1970 she became Prime Minister of India. Saturn – Ketu
period started from 1976 to 1977 she defeated in the election and lost her power & status in political life. She won
the election to the Parliament and was sworn in as the PM in January 1980 in the Saturn-Venus period.

It was Saturn/Rahu/Rahu/ven/Me period when she was assassinated by her own bodyguard on dated 31 Oct 1984 at
the age of 67. In Gandhi chart Saturn is the lord of the 7th and 8th house, Rahu and Venus are placed in the 6th
house, and Mercury is the lord of 12th house so it is clear that all fatal houses (6th, 8th, and 12th) or lords were
active when she was assassinated by her own bodyguard.

From Moon Chart

Mars is in the 8th house it indicates sudden death by the sharp weapon. Ascendant lord Saturn placed in 7th house
and hemmed by two fatal planets Mars and Ketu so ascendant.