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Name: Points: / 45

LISTENING 6 points
You are going to hear four conversations. For questions 1-­­6, circle the correct
answer: A, B or C: (Track 1:12)

Conversation 1
Conversation 3
(1) What is the person’s last name?
a. Mr. Ryan (4) What city is the woman from?
b. Mr. Willis a. Montevideo
c. Ms. Yilmaz b. Buenos Aires
c. Argentina
(2) Where does he live?
a. Istanbul Conversation 4
b. Ankara (5) What is the man’s last name?
c. Turkish a. Harris
b. Brown
Conversation 2 c. Smith
(3) What is the woman’s
occupation? (6) What is his nationality?
a. Interior designer a. American
b. Graphic designer b. Australian
c. Carpet designer c. Canadian

GRAMMAR 13 points
Complete the conversation with words from the box. You will not use all of the words.
Use a capital letter when necessary.
is it’s what’s who’s your

A: Hi ____________________ your name?

B: My name Samantha Lynne.
A: What’s nickname?
B: Sam.

Ann’s he’s is what’s where’s who’s

A: that man over there?

B: Oh, that ____________________ Fernando. He’s ____________________ friend.
A: he from?
B: from Argentina.

Alpes idiomas 1
are his I’m my what’s

A: your name?
B: name is Amalia.
A: Where you from?
B: from Mexico.


Look at the picture. Complete the sentence with the name of the correct occupation.


I write new software for your computer. I

I love music. I am a musician . am a _____________________________ _.
1. 3.

I fly a jet from Paris to Caracas. I am a I work in a store. I sell computers and TVs. I
____________________. am a ____________________ _.

Alpes idiomas 2
READING 12 points

A. Read the paragraph. Then read the statements and check true, false, or no

true false no info

Example: Ms. Jaramillo’s first name is Inéz.
(1) Ms. Jaramillo is Colombian.
(2) Ms. Jaramillo lives in a house.
(3) Ms. Jaramillo has two sisters.
(4) Ms. Jaramillo’s two friends are Colombian.
(5) Ms. Jaramillo is from Bogotá.
(6) Cartagena is on the coast of Colombia.
(7) Ms. Jaramillo’s father is a computer programmer.
(8) Ms. Jaramillo is a teacher.

B. Complete the chart. Fill in Inéz’s name, occupation, age, city, and hometown.

Name: Inéz Jaramillo

Lives in:
Comes from:

Alpes idiomas 3
WRITING 7 points

Write about a friend or family member. Include information about his / her name,
nickname, age, occupation, nationality and any other interesting fact to introduce that
person. Write at least five sentences.

Alpes idiomas 4