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FPSESSSSESSESSSSSSSESESSSSSSSCGCSCGCSCSCHSSSCEY Advanced Placement European History. Book 1 Name Lesson 13, Handout 23 (page 1) Date ‘The European World at War Part A. Directions: Use your textbook and the chart below to answer the questions that follow, ‘States Involved in the Thirty Years’ Wer AO ep PEP TERE EEA =a |= Fig. 18.1 1, What states outside the Holy Roman Empire were involved in the Bohemian phase (1618 1625) of the Thirty Years’ War? 2. During the Swedish phase (1630-36) of the war, which states fought for the Holy Roman Emperor? Which states fought against the Emperor? 3. Which states switched sides during the course of the war, and when did each switch? 4, The Thirty Years’ War has been considered an early model for a world war. What evidence from the chart leads to this conckision? ig, 19.1, Geatey Parker The Tity Years! War anda: Routed and Rag Pa, 1968, 155. © COPYRIGIT Me Centrex Learning, Used wth permloin. Na fore a ‘Advanced Placement European History, Book 1 Name__ Lesson 13 Handout 28 (page 2) a Read the following excerpts from the Treaty of Westphalia, and answer the questions, ‘Treaty of Westphalla Munster, 24 October 1648 Peace Trealy between the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of France and their respective Alles In the name of the most holy and tndiidual Tunity: Be Ht known to a, ad every one whom St may concern, o to whom In any manner f may belong, That for many Years past, Discords and Cel Divisions being std Up tthe Roman Empire, wie inereard to much a degre, that not only tl Germany, but sleo the neghbouring Kingdoms, and Prance particularly, hhave been tively in the Disorders of ong and cruel War: And tn the frat place, between the moet Serene and most Pulssant Prince and Lord, Ferdinand the Second, of famous Memory. elected Roman Emperor, always ‘August, King of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slav ‘lar with is Allen tnd Adherent on one side: and the most Serene, find the most Puesant Prince, ews Use Tietenth, most Christan King of ‘France and Navarre. wilh his Alles and Adherent an the olber se = ‘After having implord the Divine Assistance. and recelvl a reciprocal ‘Communication of Letters. Comatssons, and full Powers, the Conys of ‘which are inserted at the end ofthis Treaty, in the presence and with the Consent of the Electors of the Sacred Roman Empire. te other Princes find States, to the Glory of God, and the Benefit of the Christian World, the fallowing Articles have been agreed on and eonsented to, and the same 1, That there shall be a Christian and Universal Peace: and a perpetual ‘uc, and sincere Amity, between his Sacred imperial Majest. ad his moet Christian Majesty: a also, between all and exch of the Allis, fn Adherents of his said Imperial Majesty. the House of Austria, anc ito Heiss and Succeazors| but chlely between the Blectors, Princes, land States of the Empire on the one side: and ll and each of the A lies of his eaid Christian Majesty, and all thetr Hers and Successors, thiely between the most Serene Queen and Kingdom of Swedeland, the Blectors respectively, the Princes snd States of the Empire, on the ter part. That this Peace and Amity be obser and eulivated with Such a Sincerity and Zeal, that each Paety shall endeavor to procure fhe Benefit. Honor. and Advantage of the other that thas on all sides {hey may see this Peace and Friendship in the Roman Empire, and the Kington of France flourish, by entertaining a good and fsithfal Neighbourtood 2, That there shall be on the one aide and the other a perpetal Obivion. ‘Amnesty, or Purdon of al chat has been commited stace the beginning Gf these Troubles, In what place, or what manner soever the Hosliys hhave been practi, in such a manner hat no body. under any pretext ‘whatsoever, shall practice any Acts of Howiiy. entertain any Ena ‘or eause any Trove to each olber [©COPYRIGHT Me Centr Lating Une with persion, Not for resale 2 Geena grr a aaa 2 ee ee ee ee ee ‘Advanced Placement European History. Book Lesson 13, andout 23 (page 3) Name Date. — 464, And to prevent for the future any Dilferences arising tn the Flick Siete and every one ofthe Elector, Princes, and States ofthe Ro- Seat ire are o eatablis’d and confirm in thelr ancent Rights Fae ee’ pert, Priveges, fre exercise of Territorial Right, 05 ere cleialick oo Politiek Lordships, Regales, by virtue of ti wel ant Transaction; that they never can or ought to be molested rere by any whomeoever upon any’ manner of pretence 118. Final. thatthe Troops and Armys of al howe who are making Was 8 Aaa pre shal be disbanded and dischargd: only each Pay shall Wier and weep up as many Men tm his evn Dominion, as he sball Jindge necessary for his Secu 129, ‘That nevertheless the concluded Peace sball remain in force, and all Panga in this Transaction sball be oblifd to defend and protect all Pee ary Arle of thls Peace against any one, without distinction of ution and tf happens any petnt shall be vilated, the Offended seu pciore all things exhort the Offender not to come to any Host Ryu submitung the Cause to a felendly Composition, or the Ordinary Proceedings of Juste. 128, in Testimony ofall and each of these things, and for their grater Va tio tne Unbaasadors of thelr Imperial and most Christian Majesty. we ae eputyas in the pume of al the Electors, Princes, and States eine empire’ sent particularly for this end iy virtue of what has Peete Sackudea the toth of October, tn the Year hereafter mention’ ae ean delivered to the Ambassador of France che very day of lens “PoRr le Seat of the Chancellor of Menta) vz. For the Pec, erence: Moncteur Nicolas George de Reigersberg, Koight and Mean ar the Elector of Bavaria, Monsieur John Adoiph Krebs, Counselor: for the Elector of Brandenburg, Monsieur Jahn Count EP Sun and Witgenstein. ord of Homburg and Vallendar, Privy Coun 1. According to the Treaty of Westpahlia, what nations partic 2, What caused the war? pated in the war? 3. How was the religious base of society recognized by the treaty? 4. What rights were given to the states of the Holy Roman Empire ta the treaty? 5, What provisions were made for the military in the treaty? ‘ren of Westphal” The Avalon Prec at Ye Law Set Documents oe, Zap et gee avaanwestphal > (27 one 2008. ow, Hon, a Diplomacy, 27 ase "O COPYRIGHT, The Center for Learning Used wit pean, Na for res 93