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S4HANA Finance_Bank Account Management_NWBC_

Without Fiori

Date: July/04/2019. Author: CA Manoj Sharma

1.1 Overview:
In S4HANA , Bank Account Number for House Bank can no longer be maintained directly in SAP GUI but has to be
maintained either in Fiori or in Net Weaver Business client. Here I will explain how to maintain it through NWBC way.
Lot of material exist in Google to create Bank account through Fiori.

Notes: a. Screenshots and system specific details are from S/4HANA OP 1709.
b. House Bank and Bank Key can be maintained in directly in SAP GUI also.
c. SAP Copyright: All screenshots printed in this article are the copyright of SAP SE. All rights are
reserved by SAP SE.

1.2 Prerequiste to Open NWBC Transaction code in SAP GUI:

1. NWBC can be open in Chrome or IE11 or above.
2. Use SAP GUI version 740 or 750.
3. Please allow Pop Up in your browser.
4. Ask Basis Team to provide Hosts file.
5. Install this notepad like file. For set up Type WinR (To open Run Command) -> Open Folder named “etc“ ->
Paste Hosts file here. Sample file is given here.

6. Ask Basis team to provide Bank account management Roles like

SAP_FI_BL_BANK_MASTERDAT_DISPL – Display Bank Master Data,
SAP_FI_BL_BANK_MASTER_DATA – Maintain Bank Master Data.
1.3 Basic Concept:
When we used to conigure House Bank through FI12 in ECC, we used to create 3 items generally-

House Bank – It denotes a Bank with whom a compnay code have accounts.

Account ID- We create account ID under House Bank. It denotes a Bank account in the House Bank. Multiple Bank
account/ID can exist in a single House Bank.

GL Account – We assign Main Bank GL Account in account ID.

In HANA also, House Bank can be created directly through FI12_HBANK but creation of Bank ID and assignment of
GL can not be done directly through GUI. We have to use either FIORI or NWBC.

1.4 Basis Configuration for Bank Account

If you do not do basic configuration you will get error message like ‘‘Error FCLM_BAM_MAINT057 - Cannot find
configuration for Bank Account Management‘‘. The following screen shot are from S4HANA OP 1709.

a. SAP IMG-> Financial Supply Chain Management -> Cash and Liquidity Management -> Bank Account
Management -> Basic Settings ->

i. Define Number Ranges for Change Requests

ii. Define Number Ranges for Bank Account Technical Ids

iii. Assign Number Ranges

1.5 Login to NetWeaver Business Client
After you have created House bank, the next step is to create the bank account in NWBC and assign account ID
to this bank.

Go to Transaction Code – NWBC

After logging into NWBC, click on NWBC link. you should be able to view the following attributes to create a
bank account.

1.6 Create Bank Account in NWBC

Please note, House Bank and Bank Key has already been created by me in SAP GUI. Creation is not shown
here just to focus on delta change.

Click on Bank Accounts Tab and Click on New Bank Account

Enter the bank details as per your business requirement

Click on . Following message will appear.

After saving, it’s looking in the Bank list as shown in below mentioned screen.
Click on the Account Number in above screen. It’s going look like this as shown below

Click on and then click on

Click on

Enter House Bank Acct and Main GL

Click on , It’s going to update the Bank Accounts

1.7 Assign the House Bank & Account ID in the respective General
Ledger Master Records
Here we will enter HB and Bank ID in GL Master 113100 in CC 0001. It will confirm whether we are able to
create House Bank and Account ID correctly.