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SHUNGITE How is this mineral so

09 Feb, 2019


This rare mineral is so amazing, where do I even start? It’s hard to understand why so few people
know about Shungite, considering it's history, and now, the science behind it.

Shungite boosts your energy, heals, relieves stress, detoxifies and purifies body and mind,
protects from harmful EMFs, increases physical and mental balance

To understand Shungite better and to use it to its full advantage, here is what you need to know.

A natural mineral of unusual composition and structure, Shungite is an ancient rock formation
that's about 2 billion years old. It comes from only one place on Earth - a Russian region of
Karelia - near the small settlement called Shun'ga (hence the name), on the shores of Lake

Shungite has been used for centuries - its lore dates back to the reign of Ivan the Terrible. The
locals knew about its mysterious "great powers” and used it to heal diseases and purify water.
Peter I understood the powerful healing and antibacterial properties of this mineral - he even
made all soldiers in his army to carry a piece of it during military campaigns, to purify water and
use on their wounds. And he established the first Russian Healing Spa on Lake Onega, although
only aristocracy could use it at the time…

Shungite has been studied extensively by Russian scientists for decades, but only within the last
few years has information about this incredible mineral reached the Western world. No wonder
that in Russia, this mineral has been successfully used in medicine, ecology, agriculture, water
supply, metallurgy, energetics, chemical and construction industries.

Even though there are many scientific articles about Shungite, there is still much
misunderstanding in the West about what it can actually do, and it does provide awesome
benefits in so many different ways!

Here is a bit of scientific information - in 1996 scientists Robert Curl and Richard Smalley
discovered fullerenes, a special carbon-based molecular formation - which turned out to be a
major component of Shungite – for which they won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Shungite is the only known natural source of fullerenes on Earth... with the exception of a few

Simply put, the scientists discovered that Shungite receives its healing power from one of its
elements, fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon.

Even though to this day scientists remain mystified about how these unique molecules were able
to form, they are believed to be THE MOST POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS that shield cells
from the affect of free radicals.

Now, scientists around the world are researching these molecules, which are being used in many
technological applications in material science, electronics, and nanotechnology.
Fullerenes are a special form of carbon. And carbon, as we all know, is the foundation of life on
the Earth.

So what makes scientific researchers so excited about Shungite and why is it called Stone of

Russian scientists confirm that, in addition to being a natural antioxidant, it can improve immune
system function. It also actively interacts with various electromagnetic fields (anthropogenic
high-frequency, solar, geopathogenic, biofields) and neutralizes their negative impact.

Russian scientific research also shows that because of Shungite’s unique structure, it grabs onto
many different things including chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride,
and radioactive particles. It also kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, phages and other

And there is more:

- it has exceptionally high resistance to chemically aggressive environments

- it has a high electrical and low thermal conductivity

- it attenuates electromagnetic emissions, counteracting the harmful effects of electromagnetic

fields and radiation from computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices and

- it purifies water and enriches it with beneficial minerals


Not all Shungite is created equal. It comes in different grades or classes, based on its carbon
content. The more carbon it has, the stronger its healing qualities.

Regina Martino, a French Bioenergetics researcher who has been conducting experiments on
Shungite since 2006, puts it into 3 categories:

Type I Shungite (aka Elite or Noble Shungite):

Purest form of Shungite with carbon content at least 98 percent; shiny silvery black semimetallic
luster; does not lend itself to cutting and shaping; accounts for only one percent of all available

Type II Shungite (aka black Shungite):

50-70 percent carbon; because it’s easily shaped and polished, this is the type typically used for
sculptures and jewelry; black in color with a semi - dull luster (unless polished)
Type III Shungite (aka gray Shungite or Shungite rock):

30-50 percent carbon; gray in color with a dull or matte luster

Fullerenes are not abundant in all grades, they are found in their highest concentration in Elite
Shungite, and to a lesser degree in Black Shungite.

Elite Shungite is the most scarce form - it accounts for only 1% of all Shungite that is found,
making it most rare and most expensive.

So now, when we know a little bit more about this wonderful mineral, how can we incorporate it
into our everyday life?


For centuries this mineral has been used to purify and energize drinking and bathing water.

On March 20, 1719 Peter the Great has opened Marcial Waters Resort in Karelia, here is why in
his own words:

"...Because this waters cure various cruel illnesses, in particular: scurvy, morbid depression,
gall, stomach weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea, stones, kidneys; and have the great power against
other illnesses..."
This is actually one of the oldest recorded historical evidences of Shungite’s amazing properties.
Scientist now know, that the healing effect of the Marcial water is created by it passing through
Shungite deposits, being enriched by fullerenes as a result.

Drinking Shungite water helps the body to function at its best

It is proven now that Shungite can neutralize a significant number of toxins because it holds a
massive quantity of hydrogen, making it very effective for water purification.

Beneficial qualities of Shungite-infused water are well-documented in Russia. They are derived
from its unique chemical composition and physical characteristics - carbon's naturally porous
structure - that result in extremely high filtering capacity.

Here is a quote from a respected scientific source, Science Direct:

“Shungite is an effective sorbent for removal of organic and inorganic substances, pathogenic
bacteria and heavy metals from contaminated water.”

Plainly speaking, it kills pathogenic bacteria, and purifies water.

Numerous studies confirm that adding Shungite fills water with oxygen, calcium, magnesium
and other essential mineral components, while killing bacteria, and removing pesticides,
chlorine, and heavy metals. Bad taste and odors disappear too!

Another good reason to drink Shungite water is because it contains natural antioxidants that
neutralize free radicals, which makes it beneficial to our cells and tissues. It is totally safe to put
Shungite directly in your glass, or carry in your water bottle. Just make sure your stone is not
fake and is of the higher grade.

Modern ŌM sources Shungite directly from the mine in Karelia to make sure it is the real deal.

Many energy practitioners believe that Shungite not only purifies water, but also charges it with
healing energy, helping to keep the body healthy and balanced. If you decide to drink Shungite
water, use the most powerful grade - Elite Shungite to make it. It is the purest, comes in a raw
form and is not polished or modified in any way.

Drinking one/two glasses a day will keep your body energized and in balance.

According to Martino, Shungite will keep indefinitely, but if the water is really polluted, the
pebbles will pick up such impurities as chlorine, nitrates, and fluoride, so she advises cleansing
the pebbles every four to six months.

An extremely potent mineral, Shungite is often called the Ultimate Bodyguard, for its ability to
provide protection from electro-magnetic frequencies as well as to absorb toxic energies.

We are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation constantly - at home, at work, traveling or

just walking around, we are practically swimming in the sea of electromagnetic waves.

According to scientific research, it attenuates electromagnetic emissions providing protection

from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Shungite appears to transform harmful man-made EMFs
into wave forms that are more compatible with our biology. And it does it not by eliminating, but
by changing the properties of harmful radiation.

Modern ŌM Shungite jewelry is worn by highly sensitive people for both physical and spiritual

This protective characteristic is present whether the Shungite is in direct contact with your body
or just nearby. That makes it one of the simplest, most effective and inexpensive personal EMF
protection solutions - you can use it as jewelry, and carry it in your purse or a pocket.

It is a great idea to keep Shungite around the house and in the office, especially in places with
lots of electronics. Put it next to your computer, TV, or electrical outlets. And it is really
economical - you can use a PYRAMID in your dining room for as little as $15, or
a SPHERE next to your bed, starting from $27.00.

Our unisex Sterling Silver Shungite BRACELETS are very affordable, starting from $49.00.

As research shows, this mineral modifies harmful influence of electromagnetic radiation much
better than other stones because it does not become saturated and does not take on a negative
charge. AND, while blocking EMF, Shungite keeps signal intact.

Another big benefit of Shungite is that you can use and re-use it for as long as you want, making
it an efficient, inexpensive and practical protection solution.

Within the spiritual field, Shungite is considered to be a very powerful tool of transformation. It
is often called “a catalyst for positive changes and growth”, for its ability to help heal lower
Chakras while preparing the body for higher energy work.

Regina Martino, who has developed a highly reliable, reproducible way to measure fluctuations
of the human energy field, has found that "Shungite, more than any other rock, is able to realign
the chakras and optimize the vital field. In particular, shungite greatly increases or concentrates
of the vital field in the first chakra,or “root chakra.”

Aiding each Chakra individually and as a system, Shungite seems to affect most powerfully the
1st Chakra, 2nd Chakra and 3rd Chakra. It is believed to support physical and emotional balance
and increase mental clarity, dissipating destructive thoughts and spiritual imbalances.

Powerful grounding, centering and protective energies make Shungite one of the best choices for
balancing the lower energy centers of the body.
With so many beneficial properties going for it, you can understand why we are so excited about
Shungite – it is a perfect fit for Modern ŌM: it carries ancient energies and has been used for
centuries, and yet now it is being utilized in the most modern technological applications. It is
practically "timeless", unique, functional and beautiful.