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Reaction Paper

Human Resource Development

Module 2: Organizational Design

Submitted by: Mrs. Leonaida A. Jardeloza

An organization should have an organizational design. This design will shape into
the attainment of the vision, mission and goals of the organization. All the people in that
organization will be working into the same direction because they are all guided by the
With this, I believe that this is one of the important roles of the heads of the
organization, to come up with a design and be able to cascade it properly to all the
stake holders of the organization so that all the people that will be working in that
organization will be guided.
I believe that in order to come up with a good organizational design, a clear
vision, mission and goals are very necessary because these things will dictate on what
design will suit the needs of the organization. A thorough analysis and understanding of
the vision, mission and goals is needed in coming up an organizational design.
There are a lot of things to consider in coming up with In the design, a clear
picture of the kind of people that will be working are clearly specified meaning, the
qualities of the person that will be placed in a position should be very clear including the
responsibilities. Having these, will help attain the vision, mission and goals easily
because human resource provides the creative spark in any organization. ((Corpuz
Aside from taking into consideration the human resource in coming up with a
design for an organization, the flow chart on how the information be disseminated in the
entire organization so that a clear outcome of the expectations are achieved.
In an organizational design, a clear structure of the organization is visible that if I
am an outsider, as I take a look at the organizational design, I could right away see the
whole picture of the organization because all the essential things of processes
happening in the organization from the vision, mission and goals are clearly stated.
Therefore, I could really say that an organization ought to have a clear
organizational design anchored on the organization’s vision, mission and goals so that
an organization would run smoothly and be able to grow and last.
Reaction Paper
Human Resource Development

Module 3: HR Planning, Recruitment, Selection and Staffing

Submitted by: Mrs. Leonaida A. Jardeloza

In every organization, planning is very important. Prior to getting the right

persons in the position, a clear plan on how to attain the vision, mission and goals of the
organization should be set. The HR manager should have a view picture of how the
entire organization will work, of course with the help of the upper administration, so that
they will be able to identify the number of staff needed, the qualifications of the persons
that should just the organization. This plan should be clear to all the people that are
involved in the recruitment process.
After the plan is already very clear to all the persons involved in hiring people,
recruitment follows, There are a lot of strategies in recruiting personnel. In charge can
post it on line. This kind of strategy is the fastest, simplest, and most convenient or most
effective way to reach hundreds of thousands of qualified candidates, Responses occur
instantly and the results are measurable. There are a lot of recruitment sites that could
help the hiring personnel see how many persons are looking at the advertisement.
After receiving the curriculum vitae of several applicants, the task now is on
choosing or selecting the right person that would fit the position. A selection process
should be stablished beforehand because choosing the right person requires a lot of
angles to consider. The first to consider in selecting the right person is the match of
skills the applicant has to the skills needed for the position. If this factor will not be given
importance, failure of good output will definitely happen. The objectives set by the
organization is better achieved when the persons hired are qualified for the position,
meaning, he has the skills right for the position and much better, the best skilled
applicant for the position. Before hiring officially an applicant, the job should be defined
clearly to him. The vision, mission and goals of the organization should be discussed
with him and how he could contribute to the attainment of those goals.
Once all the right persons are already in the position, staffing follows. In here,
supervision is needed in order to detect the needs of the personnel and with that be
given the right training to help the new personnel in accomplishing the job given to him.
Aside from guidance, in staffing a right compensation to the personnel are also
considered. These processes is a continuous process.
I could say that a good process on recruitment, selection and staffing contribute a
lot on the attainment of the organization’s vision, mission and goals.
Reaction Paper
Human Resource Development

Module 5: Job Evaluation and Job Pricing

Job evaluation is a systematic and orderly process of determining the worth of a

job in relation to other jobs. Its’ objective is to determine the correct rate of pay, (Corpuz
Reaction Paper
Human Resource Development

Module 6: Employee Compensation, Benefits and Assistance

People work in order to get salary. Many do their best so as to be recognized and
given monetary equivalent to their hard work is an additional happiness to them.
An organization should have a clear structure on this matter. The pay given to a
worker should compensate the work load or responsibilities given to him. There should
be proportion of the salary and work load because if not, dissatisfaction comes in and if
a worker is not satisfied, output of his work is affected.
An employee compensation has to pass through a job analyst because there are
a lot of things to consider in giving the right compensation to a worker. The nature of the
work should be given consideration because this matters a lot. If an employee is
exposed to hazardous chemical, a higher compensation is given to him than a person in
a good environment. This is an example of what I said that the working condition should
be considered.
Aside from that, a salary increase is always expected to be given, This is to cope
with the changing economic demand. Increases may vary on every organization. Before
agreeing on the increase, the income also of the organization has to be considered.
Employees cannot demand for an increase that is higher from the income of the
organization or else the organization will collapse.
Aside from salary increases, employees’ benefit/s is also needed to be given to
the employees. It is the right of the employees to be given this. There are benefits that
an employee may receive that are mandated by labor law. Example of these are,
maternity leave/ sick leave, vacation leave, emergency leave, 13th month and others.
There are companies that give benefits beyond what the labor law mandates like bonus,
travel and others.
Assistance also to the employees should be given by an organization. In case of
emergency, the employee should have a program on how to help their employees.
Not following what the law requires regarding these matters can be basis for
closure of the organization.
Reaction Paper
Human Resource Development

Module 7: Employee and Labor Relations

Unionization and labor action have dwindled. According to the Bureau of Labor
and Employment Statistics, one of the department bureaus of the Department of Labor
and Employment or DOLE.
These two entities should work harmoniously. On the part of the workers, having
a union would guard them on the mistreatment and malpractices of some company
owners. With the presence of union in their workplace, they will be supported by the
labor in cases as these. Unionization aims to unite the workers on their stand and
whatever action they will do should always be for the good of both the management and
the union members.
For me, there is nothing wrong with having a union in an organization, as long as
they will always communicate properly to the management. Aside from that, an open
heart should also take place. They should know how to balance their demands to the
situation of the organization. Understanding in both sides is the key to harmonious
relationship of the employee and labor union members.
Labor will protect the rights of the workers. The purpose is to guide the employee
on how they should deal with their employees and to consider always the welfare of the
workers. Just and fair dealings is what the employee should always remember.
Sometimes, having a union is being abused. There are a lot of union groups that
will not consider the side of the employee thus may result to closer of the organization.
At the end, still the workers are left helpless because there will be no more work.
Therefore, whatever decision these two will do, a time to talk and agree halfway that will
benefit both the employee and the employees for a good relationship.

Reaction Paper
Human Resource Development
Module 9: Organization Development & Quality Management

Everyone should always adopt to change. An organization has to adopt also to

changing world in order to cater the needs and demands of the stake holders and
costumers. There are a lot of things to be developed in an organization as time passes
by. The purpose of these change is to develop the system, the people involved, the
purpose sometimes and many other factors.
Before changing whatever is in the system or design, an intensive research,
analysis, study on the new system/ approach/ procedure that will be implemented
before implementing it in order to more or less get a positive result because if not doing
the things mentioned might lead to destruction of the organization.