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Lesson Plan in Arts

September 13, 2019

Grade 7 - Mars (7:15- 8:15)

Grade 7 - Venus (8:15- 9:15)

Grade 7 – Mercury (12:10- 1:10)

Grade 7 – Sun (1:10- 2:10)

Grade 7- Earth (2:10-3:10)

I. Content Standard
The learners demonstrate the philippines are having a rich artistic and cultural tradition
from pre-colonial to present time.

II. Performance standard

The learners create artwork showing the characteristics elements of arts MIMAROPA and

III. Objectives
1. Identify Arts Crafts from visayas
2. Analyze the different arts and crafts from visayas
3. Create artwork using cardboard oil pastel or coloring materials through etching.

IV. Subject Matter

Topic: Arts and Crafts of Visayas
Sub-topic: Ambahan Script Arts

V. Materials
 Laptop, Monitor, and Powerpoint Presentation
 Pictures, and Videos
 Learner’s Materials (page 206-207)
 Cardboard 2x5 inches
 Oil pastel or crayons
 Pencil or empty pen

VI. Procedure
Teacher’s Approach Student’s Response
Mapagpalang Araw Class Mapagpalang Araw po Ma’am!
How are you today? Great Ma’am!

Well, I’m glad to hear that

Before we start our class let us pray (One of the students will lead the prayer)

(A prayer will be played)

Before you take your sits please pick up

the pieces of litters and kindly check the
alignment of the chair.

Okay class you may take your sits. Thank you Ma’am!

Is there any absentees for today, (The secretary will check the attendance)
secretary please check the attendance

I. Motivation
The students will watch a
video about color etching

II. Activity
Group activity
The class will be divided into 5
groups. One member of the
group can answer the
Note: No repetition of


III. Application
Writen on bamboo is one of
the famous art pieces from
Mindoro. For this activity let
us create a bookmark using
cardboard with ambahan
Step 1. Look for an ambahan
script as you can see on the
video that you want to etch in
your bookmark.
Step 2. Cut 2x5 inches pieces
of cardboard
Step 3. Using your oil pastel or
crayons, color your whole
cardboard with different
Step 4. Apply another layer of
black oil pastel or crayon over
the colored surface.
Step 5. Using pencil or empty
pen, start etching the
ambahan script on the colored
Step 6. Laminate your
bookmark or cover with
plastic cover.

IV. Analysis
What can you say about the Ma’am ambahan scripts is very creative
video? artwork.

Very Good!

V. Abstraction
What is the importance of Ma’am because it is one of their art form, a
ambahan to mangyan people? rythmic, poetic expression with a meter
seven syllable.

Vey well said!

Do you enjoy the activity Yes ma’am because we are more artistic
ambahan? Why? design that we know.


VI. Assessment
The students will be having
based on their artwork

VII. Assignment
Bring the following materials:
 Plastic bottle 1.5
 Yarn
 Scissor