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This is to certify that the Minor Project Report on “Online voting system” which is
being submitted by Chanchal Tamrakar for the partial fulfillment of B.Tech (CSE)
6th Semester at A.K.S. University, Satna (M.P.) has been approved under our
supervision and it has not been submitted elsewhere for any other course.

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Prof. Hari Mohan Gautam

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Introduction

3. Background

4. Problem domain

5. Traditional System vs Online System

6. Modules

7. Module Specification

8. Hardware and Software Requirement

9. Tools

10. Future Expansion

11. Conclusion


The main aim of the online voting system is to create a website through which the elections should
be done in fair manner. Now a days the voting is done by ballot paper and the counting of the votes
is done manually which is a time consuming process and it also involves human involvement as
well as efforts. As the counting is done manually there is a possibility of invalid votes, counting
mistakes etc. This project online voting system saves the time and minimize the chances of errors
and the elections is done fair.

This project minimize the human effort and make the voting easy and fair. We have to develop a
website which is easily useable by the user and develop a healthy communication between user
and the candidate. This web page used by the college for mini-election in which voters who have
registered by admin can vote for their favorite candidate. It is a very use full projects especially
for the colleges and schools. It builds a healthy relationship and trust between the user and the


The online voting system is a user friendly website and it is designed to count the votes and choose
the winner among the number of candidates. The candidates those are stand in the election should
follow some rules. This system is designed in such a way that it also checked the duplicate and
invalid votes and hence decide the winner due to which the election is done faster and easier

In this project there are different modules present in which the first module will be administrator
module second will be the candidate modules and the last module will be user module. The main
work of the admin is to registered voters who wants to vote and to manage the list of candidates
who are standing in the elections. Only admin have a authority to check the results and do updates
like adding the candidate, register the users, update the information regarding to the elections,
delete unwanted information and eliminate the candidate if there is any issue created by his/her.
The age of the users who wants to vote should have the age of 18+.

For voting, it is compulsory for the user to fill a registration form in which all the personal details
of the user should be taken. After registration the user gets a login id and the password (of users

choice) through which the user give vote. It is very important for the user to keep their login id
and password private because there is a chances of misuse of the system. This project is very
flexible as it give the facility to vote from any place. All the entries filled by the user should be
correct then only the user is eligible to give the vote. The vote given by the user will be stored and
after completing the election it will be counted later.


To make the communication strong with the candidate and to provide the easy way for voting. To
increment the voting percentage. As many people have their physical issue that they cannot go to
voting boot so this system gives facility to voters that they can vote from any place or any location.

The casting of the online voting system from virtually from college building and display voting
results for the administrator to analyze and provide a most secure and user-friendly online voting
system. In the old voting system the power full candidate misuse their power to get the votes from
the peoples which is not fair. As the voting is online all the information and names of the candidates
should be private through which the election should be done fair.

Problem Domain

The problem with the old system is that it uses ballot to cast the votes in the election which
increases the human effort. The ballot is a small piece of paper which is used in the secret voting
in an election. The voter who want to give the vote were receive one ballot and the ballot should
not be shared. Each voter who want to give the vote marked his/her favorite candidate and that
ballot paper were posted in the ballot box. A ballot box is a small sealed box in which the votes a
collected and then counting is done manually.

After the completing of this process counting of the votes was done manually by the peoples
which is time consuming and have human efforts. This method also have chances of counting
mistakes which may cause unfair result. In some cases the power full peoples misuse their power
and get the votes which is not good for the elections and the peoples. This project helps to solve
this problem. Some peoples who have physical disability due to which they are not able to go the
voting booth and give vote this problem are solved by the online voting system. Giving vote in

the old systems is very time consuming and the people have to stand in the long lines for giving
the vote.

Traditional System vs Online System

Traditional System

 Voting is done using ballot (small piece of paper).

 Counting is done manually.
 Time consuming process.
 Peoples have to come voting booth to give vote.
 Chances of counting mistakes.
 Result are not accurate.
 Limitation of time.

Online System

 Voting is done anytime anywhere.

 Accurate and fair result.

 Less human effort.

 Fast and easy to use.

 No chance of counting mistakes or duplicate votes.

 No limitation of time.

 Less time consuming.


There will be a home page where there will be a registration form for the users who wish to do

There are following types of users in the project:

 Administrator
 Candidate
 Registered Users

Module Specification


 Manage Admin User

 Manage candidates
 Manage the votes
 Counting the total number of votes cast
 Manage the registered users
 View results


 Number of peoples standing in the elections

Registered Users:

 Login to the portal

 Give votes
 Manage Profile
 Send query

Hardware and Software Requirements

Server Side Requirement

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Processor Core i3
Main Memory 4 GB RAM

Minimum Software Requirements

Operating System Windows
Database MySQL
Server WAMP
Browser Google Chrome / Internet Explorer 9

Client Side Requirement

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Processor Pentium IV
Main Memory 1 GB RAM

Minimum Software Requirements

Operating System Windows XP or higher
Browser Internet Explorer 9 / Google Chrome


This Project is developed by using the tools, which are important for the development of the
project. The tools which are required are as follows:-

1. For front end

 Visual Studio 2010
2. For back end
 MySQL(for database storage)

Future Expansion

This project is online so the user can give the vote from anywhere. It saves the time and make the
election faster and easier. This project helps to make the elections fair. Online voting system is
very useful for the college elections, president elections, monitor elections etc. This system gives
the facility to give vote from any location. Now a day everything is getting online so this will be a
better option for our rights. It also reduces the violence against the peoples only the right candidate
will be win. This project is very useful and solve a big problem of ours.


Using this project online voting system it is very easy for the users to vote their favorite candidate
without any fear. With the help of this system people will vote from different places and without
any fear. Some peoples have the physical disability from which they are unable to go in the voting
area and vote. This voting system is very secure and there is no change of any duplicate vote and
errors. This system decreases the human effort and make voting system easy. Overall, the online
voting system is very flexible and user friendly and it is very easy to operate.