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Introducing Adobe XD CC

Design, prototype, and share engaging user experiences for your customers and your team.

Give your designers the power to go from concept to prototype faster with Adobe XD CC, the new
end-to-end UX/UI solution for designing modern websites, mobile apps, and more. Count on smooth,
powerful performance to deliver experiences that feel as good as they look across devices and
platforms. And because XD is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you get new features and updates as soon
as they’re released.

Key features

Repeat Grid Tools to quickly demo different experiences

One of many timesaving tools in XD, Repeat Grid lets you select XD makes it easy to show colleagues and stakeholders how your
design elements such as a contact list or photo gallery and replicate multiscreen experiences look, feel, and work. Switch from Design
them horizontally or vertically as many times as you want—all your mode to Prototype mode with a single click.
styles and spacing stay intact.
Mobile preview on Android or iOS
Fast, versatile artboards Make sure your experience works the way you want by previewing
Pan and zoom in and out of your canvas with zero lag time, whether your prototype on the actual screens you're designing for. Changes
you're working with dozens or hundreds of artboards. With XD, you you make on your desktop will be reflected on your Android or
can customize artboards for any size screen or device and copy iOS device.
between them without losing placement of your design elements.
Faster feedback for faster iteration
Powerful tools that are easy to use Share prototypes with teammates and stakeholders via the web
Draw, reuse, and remix design elements faster with measuring and directly from XD. Reviewers can pin comments on a specific area of
positioning tools, typography, and masking tools that work the way your prototype, and all the feedback is consolidated in one place so
designers think. Import Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC assets you can quickly revise and republish.
into XD, and bring in colors or character styles from your Creative
Cloud Libraries. Smooth and speedy on Mac or PC
With XD, you get the same power, precision, and performance to
Reimagined layers and symbols create prototypes no matter which system you prefer.
Work faster and stay organized with a modern, contextual Layers
Prototypes you can review from anywhere
panel that displays layers only for the part of the document you're
Your interactive prototypes can be viewed in desktop or mobile
working on. Turn commonly used elements like buttons and logos
browsers, so it's easy to share with stakeholders and have them
into symbols you can drag and drop onto your artboards and reuse
provide fast feedback from wherever they are.
throughout your doc.
Learn more at:
From static to interactive in minutes
Turn your comps into interactive prototypes complete with
transitions, and then test your experiences—all without having to
upload, sync, or jump back and forth between apps. Changes you
make in Design mode will appear in your prototype, so you're always
working with the latest version.

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