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In this training, you will learn to create professional-quality publications that use many of Adobe InDesign powerful features. You will
learn to create single page documents like flyers and business cards as well as more complex multi-page documents like brochures,
newsletters, magazines and books. You will work with color, delve into typography, flow text across pages, round trip to Adobe
Photoshop to get the most out of your images, output files to PDF and learn about a host of other features that will ensure you leave
this training ready to create publications with confidence in a real-world environment.

Course Objectives
The Adobe InDesign track will impart the following knowledge and skills:
• Design personal items such as simple greeting cards and postcards
• Design professional items such as flyers and brochures

Prerequisites Adobe Illustrator (Advanced)

Audience Profile
Beginners in Desktop Publishing
Graphics Artist
Layout Artists

Course Outline
Getting To Know InDesign
Viewing the lesson document Working with Objects
Preflighting as you work Working with layers
Viewing guides Creating and editing text frames
Adding text Creating and editing graphics frames
Working with styles Adding metadata captions to graphics frames
Working with graphics Changing the shape of a frame
Working with objects Wrapping text around a graphic
Working with object styles Modifying the shape of frames
Exploring on your own Transforming and aligning objects
Review questions and answers Selecting and modifying grouped objects
Finishing up
Setting up A Document and Working with Pages Exploring on your own
Creating and saving custom document settings Review questions and answers
Creating a new document
Switching between open InDesign documents Flowing Text
Working with master pages Flowing text into an existing frame
Applying master pages to document pages Flowing text manually
Adding sections to change page numbering Creating text frames while owing text
Adding new pages Flowing text automatically
Arranging and deleting pages Creating threaded frames automatically
Placing text and graphics on the document pages Adding a jump line page number
Overriding master page items on document pages Exploring on your own
Changing the size of pages Review questions and answers
Viewing the completed spread
Exploring on your own
Review questions and answers

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Editing Text Working with Color
Finding and changing a missing font Defining printing requirements
Entering and importing text Creating and applying colors
Finding and changing text and formatting Working with gradients
Checking spelling Creating a tint
Editing text by dragging and dropping Creating a spot color
Using the Story Editor Applying colors to text and objects
Tracking changes Using advanced gradient techniques
Exploring on your own Exploring on your own
Review questions and answers Review questions and answers

Working with Typography

Adjusting vertical spacing
Changing fonts and type style
Fine-tuning Columns
Changing paragraph alignment
Creating a drop cap
Adjusting letter and word spacing
Setting tabs
Adding a rule above a paragraph
Exploring on your own
Review questions and answers

Course Path for Digital Design Track

Elements and Adobe Adobe Adobe Adobe

Principles of Design Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Acrobat

Duration 16 hours


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