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Statement from Bob Baffert

“I unequivocally reject any implication that Scopolamine was ever intentionally administered to
Justify, or any of my horses. Test results indicating trace amounts of the drug were undoubtedly
the result of environmental contamination caused by the presence of Jimson Weed in feed, a
naturally growing substance in areas where hay and straw are produced in California. In
addition, I had no input into, or influence on, the decisions made by the California Horse Racing

Following the Santa Anita Derby, Justify raced in three different jurisdictions during his Triple
Crown run – Kentucky, Maryland and New York. He passed all drug tests in those jurisdictions. I
call on the relevant testing agencies in those jurisdictions to immediately release information
related to Justify’s test results.

Justify is the one of the finest horses I’ve had the privilege of training and by any standard is
one of the greatest of all time. I am proud to stand by his record, and my own.”