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Verb ‘to be’ Exercises:

1) Complete with the full 2) Complete with the

form of the verb ‘to be’. contracted form of the
verb ‘to be’.

a) I ___ a student. a) I ___ young.

b) He ___ a teacher. b) He ___ handsome.
c) She ___ a journalist. c) She ___ beautiful.
d) It ___ a book. d) It ___ a pencil.
e) We ___ mechanics. e) We ___ friends.
f) You ___ pilots. f) You ___ students.
g) They ___ policemen. g) They ___ happy.

3) Complete with the correct form of the verb ‘to be’.

a) It ___ cold today.

b) I ___ at home now.
c) They ___ Korean.
d) There ___ a pen on the desk.
e) My name ___ Nikita.
f) We ___ from Ukraine.
g) That ___ right.
h) I ___ OK, thanks.
i) Clara and Steve ___ married.
j) She ___ an English teacher.
4) Complete with the correct form of the verb ‘to be’.

a) I _____a singer.
b) You ______ an animal.
c) He ______ a receptionist.
d) She ______ a nurse.
e) It ______ my book.
f) We ______ not musicians.
g) You ______ a shop assistant.
h) They ______ taxi drivers.

5) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb ‘to be’.

a) ____ Jane and Alice sisters?

b) ____ this car yours?
c) ____ I in your way?
d) ____ Maria John's sister?
e) ____ you twenty-five years old?
f) ____ the Smiths divorced?
g) ____ this your new bicycle?
6) Complete the gaps with the negative forms of the verb ‘to be’.

Example: She isn’t from France.

a) This _____ book mine.

b) Jane and Peter _____ married.
c) That _____ right.
d) My brother _____ here at the moment.
e) We _____ in England.
f) It _____ Monday today.
g) Jennie's surname _____ Peters.
h) I _____ a hairdresser.
i) My name _____ Alexander.
j) There _____ many people in this class.

7) Make the positive sentences negatives.

Example: I am a student. >>> I am not/ I’m not a


a) This exercise is difficult.

b) We're from Spain.
c) My grandmother's name's Adelaide.
d) The kids are in the garden.
e) You're English.
f) My car is very expensive.
g) This is my student's notebook.
h) These photographs are very nice.
i) Alex is twenty-five years old.
j) I'm fine.
8) Put the words in the correct order to make interrogative/
affirmative sentences:

a) hot? Are you

b) this Is your book?
c) Mr. from Unites Peters States? the Is
d) they married? Are
e) I Am right wrong? or
f) Is name your daughter's Sandra?
g) Mr. you Are Mrs. and Jenkins?

9) Put the words in the correct order to make positive sentences:

a) am old. twenty-five years I

b) Venezuela. We from are
c) and My I'm name student. is a Anton
d) This book. is my
e) today. It's day nice a
f) brother's name Her is Paul.
g) is John engineer. an
h) My Johansson. husband's is name
i) students class. my in twelve There are
j) address letter. new of My top at is the the