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Coaching Challenges

1. Gaining Clarity

- Converse with your client until you have complete clarity regarding the clients . . .

 Current situation
 Future commitments and goals
 Real and perceived obstacles.

- Practice releasing your ego - be transparent. It's okay to not know the answer!
- Questions - Keep asking questions. Ask client to say it another way. Use
analogies. Keep 'drilling down' until you get absolute clarity, then “parrot” back
(in your own words) what you think was said. “Client, what I think I’m hearing
you say is . . ."

2. Fear of Failing

- Notice when you're feeling this way and use this feeling as a trigger for
redirecting your attention back to your client’s goals and aspirations. During the
coaching session remain laser focused on the client’s needs, and not on any
insecurities you may feel.
- Hire a coach yourself and dedicate time to working through your fear of failing.

3. Remaining 100% On
- Schedule regular 'self-care' time in order to re-energize yourself before meeting
with clients.
- Find ways to refuel yourself in-between clients.