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EC_2 Activity 3: Unit 2: Lifestyle and Academic Life
2 hours
Strategy MICEA

After reading the text “Are grades at postgraduate level irrelevant?” be ready to
answer the following questions:

1. Mark true or false according what you read in the text. (1 point)

True False
At undergraduate level, a lot of emphasis is put on V
the grades.
At postgraduate level, a lot of emphasis is put on F
the grades.
Postgraduates’ grades are important for employers F
in order to give you a job.
Chanrai thinks that what matters is where your V
master's is from and what subject it's in.
Jamie Pett believes that to get a job it doesn’t V
matter the reputation of the university and the
experience you have.
Rob Fryer considers that doing a master's shows a V
good motivation to work, and candidates holding
one tend to have more life skills.
To have a master is mandatory to get a job. V

2. For those answers that are false, write the true information taking into
account the text. (1 point)

At the graduate level, there is not much emphasis on grades.

The qualifications of graduate students not important to employers in order to give

them a job
3. Find the exact information in the text and answer the following questions: (1

What is Kaammini Chanrai studying?

a) A master program X
b) A Ph.D. program
c) A specialization

Where does Jamie Pett work?

a) At London School of Economics

b) At a humanitarian think tank in Zanzibar, Tanzania X
c) At EDF Trading

Who is Rhys Griffiths?

a) The head of student recruitment X

b) A Ph.D. student
c) An employer

What is Deloitte?

a) An enterprise X
b) A university
c) A student

Who said “my dissertation gave me the most to talk about, not my grade”?

a) Jonathan Higgs X
b) Rhys Griffiths
c) Rob Fryer

5. Write the main idea and the 3 most important supporting details. (1 point)


In postgraduate studies, grades are not important to obtain a job

SUPPORTING DETAIL (1) The experience you have and the location in the media

SUPPORTING DETAIL (2) It depends on the reputation of the university and the
experience you have
SUPPORTING DETAIL (3) The skills are more important than the general

5. Write about what you are currently studying, where you are studying and
in what institution or Company you would like to work. Use the article as a
guide for your writing. (80 word minimum). (1 points)

Currently I finish finishing the specialization subjects of quality management and

health audit of the cohort 19 in the cooperative university of Colombia Neiva
headquarters and to complement this specialization I am doing the certification of
verification of qualification conditions, my aspiration is to alternate my profession
as a dentist and get to work as a manager of a social enterprise of the state (ESE)
in the department of Tolima or as an auditor in the departmental health secretary of
Tolima to be able to apply in the practical exercise all the knowledge obtained and
acquired in the course of specialization and diploma.